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Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. I didn't get any comments about my grades, but my tag team partner, Frank, did about the Monday Night Impressions. But hey, they are just our opinions, and we do live up to them. The good old Ratings are in by the way, and I'm ready to serve up the Ratings Analysis for ya. So without further ado, on to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.6
Second Hour: 2.4
Third Hour: 3.1
Composite: 3.0333333(repeating)


First Hour: 5.8
Second Hour: 5.9
Composite: 5.85


RAW: 5.85
NITRO: 2.75

-What on earth do these lovely ratings mean this week? Well, getting a 2.4 in your second hour, Nitro, versus RAW, which is coming on, is horrible! Damn stupid match to open the second hour..that is why Nitro got hammered this week. Nitro must realize that they need to attract viewers, and @@##$%# Disco vs. Evan Karagias isn't going to do the job. What the hell is WCW thinking? Are they trying to purposely scare viewers away to watch RAW. BUT, notice RAW. Nitro had horrible ratings, so that means RAW is pulling massive numbers again, right? Well, not exactly, as RAW didn't have ratings in the sixes, but don't get me wrong, 5.85 is a great rating. This week showed that Nitro needs to book a good match at the start of hour two, and that there could be a steady decline in viewership. Hey, maybe decided after last week's subpar shows to take the night off and read the great Monday Night Wrestling results by Anu/Chill-N/Coolbeans/Elliot. That's what I'm thinking. :)


-HAHAHA, I love the stuff going around about what Chris Jericho will be named in the WWF. Ok, here's the deal. Chris Jericho, believe it or not, owns the rights to the name Chris Jericho. If he didn't damn it, then when he signed with the WWF, and his name was on the webpage about it, wouldn't you think that WCW, who for some reason everyone thinks owns the name Chris Jericho, would have sued the WWF about it? Think! I'll say it again. Chris Jericho OWNS the rights to the name 'Chris Jericho'. So don't be stupid and think otherwise. I also love how some claim his name will be Excalibur or something. It's crazy on some of the stuff that people think up. Besides, he's on RIGHT NOW about his first appearance in Titan Towers...with the headlines saying Chris Jericho. Duh.

-Wow, WWF is now officially going public, now offering anyone, whoever wants it, stock in the WWF. I'm sure many diehard WWF marks out there will buy a whole bunch of those stocks, thinking they will be come rich from it. You can earn a profit off of it, but just think about that investment if the WWF starts losing steam. That would hurt. Nah, I think it will do good on the market, and I suppose it now gives you a reason to look closely at the scrolling stock market numbers on CNN Headline News. Looks like that's another thing benefitting from wrestling.

-Many keep asking me who on earth is that new talent that Jim Ross was talking about?? Well, I don't know, because in WWF's case, it could be anybody. The WWF has great scouting in the independent ranks, so it could be any independent star. Who knows, they could also be talking at some disgruntled WCW talent who are about to leave WCW. Well, I have no answer, but the WWF is getting great talent if they sign Stevie Richards..let me tell you that. Keep tuned in for the Ross Report to see who on earth Jim Ross is talking about.


-Well, WCW is in love with Vampiro now. Vampiro and company has really impressed WCW on three straight Nitros, and WCW is willing to put the early differences aside. Notice, I'm saying they are over with the fans, and Vampiro is doing a great job. I'm not being a hypocrite because I say they are over and that Vampiro is exciting to watch in the ring. Geesh. Anyways, look for WCW to have him continue on wrestlers like Uncle Eddie and Konnan, two wrestlers who WCW management has never gotten along with.

-I hear that Booker T isn't too thrilled with being in Harlem Heat. That's right, but it's not that he hates tagging with his brother, it's the fact that he enjoys singles wrestling, and being a part of a tag team will ruin his chances of becoming really big on his own. Along with my homeboy Coolbeans, we agree that Booker T is getting the shaft on this one, and it is holding him back from becoming a true singles superstar. This shows what WCW does with great young talent...always keeping them down from becoming big.

-Many suggest that the Outsiders will be reuniting in a couple of weeks. Oh joy. You know, I truly am sick of Kevin Nash. He's annoying, he's slower, he's boring, and his character is confusing about who he's teaming with. I don't really care if Scott Hall reunites with Nash, because the Outsiders were cool a few years ago, not now. Besides, when Scott Hall comes back, you know he'll take a few months off to clear something else in his life. I'm getting tired of it, because I enjoy seeing Scott Hall wrestle, but I hate when he's gone for so long!

Get This! The other day, I was at my mall(Ohio Valley Mall to be exact, which I only live 10 minutes from), and I went to a collectables show that they had in a part of the mall. I was looking around, and I saw something that made my jaw drop. I saw someone selling a Jakks figure of the Blue Blazer. The Blue Blazer figure is EXTREMELY rare, since it was recalled when the Owen tragedy occurred. It never hit shelves in most stores. This dude somehow had it, still fresh in the package, and he was selling it for $59.99. I didn't have the cash on me at the time, and then I asked the one who was selling it "why on Earth are you trying to sell this because it's so freakin' rare!!" I suppose he's just doing it to get paid, but still, that's a rare collectable. If I owned it, I would never try to sell it.

@That's it for today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow. Ha. So until then, why not chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, the man with 129 consecutive columns in a row, signing off!

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