Little Guido on Wrestle Palooza! recently conducted an interview with former ECW superstar, Little Guido. Guido, if you'll remember, was a cornerstone member of the classic stable, the Full Blooded Italians (FBI), and he was a great team player in ECW for years on end. Little Guido was a former Tag Team champ with Tracy Smothers and Tony Mamaluke, wrestling in some of the most entertaining tag matches in ECW history. Guido also wrestled opponents, tough, in singles matches as well.

In this candid interview, Little Guido gives some highlights of his great ECW career. Also, Guido gives some thoughts on the current Independent scene today and he discusses his possible involvement with the new upstar MECW federation. Guido also goes in detail about his RAW darkmatch, which WWF officials were reportedly not impressed by because it resembled too much of a ECW arena like style. He also discusses his plans for the future.

To check out this interview, as well as others, such as Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, current WWF Superstar Spike Dudley, Kid Kash, Madusa, Dr. Death, Dusty Rhodes, Lenny Lane, and much more, go to

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Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Yeah, sure, the PDC is late today, but so what? I was so burned out of my mind, yesterday or Thursday, that I had to delay Friday's column. To help clear the mind, I went up to the wonderful city of Cleveland for the day. I haven't drove there in a while, and I was intrigued that the distance wasn't too bad for future travelling (120 miles).

Hell, I'm in a decent geographical center for wrestling events. I'm about 60 miles from Pittsburgh, 115 from Columbus, and 120 miles from Cleveland, so I should have been at a lot of events, right? Yes and no. Before recently, those events would sell out quickly or the non-nosebleeds would sell in a matter of moments. Plus, add to the fact that the WWF charges hideous prices for the Cleveland and Columbus shows. After watching Smackdown from Pittsburgh, it lit a fire under me to watch WWF events live, no matter what, now. Unforgiven, here I come!

I've had a long day to think about both Smackdown and Tough Enough, so let's review them! On to the PDC, sucka.

Opening interview with Kurt Angle, which was a hundred times better than anything from a McMahon, etc. Want to know why? Because Angle is ORIGINAL each interview and can cut a promo without making it sound like the same interview over and over. He's very multidimensional. Lance Storm comes out, as he's offended by the Pledge, and draws on Angle's face response. Excellent booking right there, and Storm would then challenge Angle to a match later in the night. See, is it that hard to set up a match? The match would get the crowd backing it, which was my point from my RAW review, damn it!! To add to it, Storm attacked Angle before the segment ended, making him a monster heel coming into the match later. It baffles me that the WWF can get it right sometimes, but act so stupid otherwise... like this past edition of RAW is WAR.

The first match of the night is Palumbo/O'Haire vs. the Hardy Boyz. Where's the build up? It's like the old Wendy's commercials with the old lady, where she'd say "Where's the beef?". This match perplexed me, and not because there was something wrong with it, but just for the fact that Palumbo and O'Haire were using in ring psychology, like working-on-the-arm, instead of their usual flashy and high flying style. Good finish, with Palumbo/O'Haire getting the big win. Now let's build up this rematch at Summerslam, and we'll be in business. Apparently, O'Haire is battling some injuries, which is why we saw nothing high risk from him. I'm sure Ms. Turtle2Hug, from the LoP Message Boards, was having a heart attack during this match.

I just love the trash talking chemistry between Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon. This week was just another example of their hatred, as it's rather strange that the WWF doesn't do this more often..... oh wait, it's that really big guy that Stephanie dates (Triple H). Oh, my bad. I'll never question that again. Anyway, Edge/Christian came in and made the segment *that* much funnier. Too bad that all 3 Canadians don't receive more mic time. Damn shame.

What on earth was going on with Steve Austin, Debra, and COOKIES???!?!? It's about nearly as stupid as the Degeneration X bus, if you remember that one. Because Austin didn't feel like getting the shits from eating Debra's cookies, she gets mad at him, and then feels resentment about Austin enjoying Kiebler's cookies to which Debra drilled Austin with a cookie sheet later on in the show. If you are going to hint their break up, at least write something better than personal preferences over fucking cookies. Blah!

Hmmm, I don't know what to say about the Diamond Dallas Page segment, where he was kissing Sara's picture. Ha, why would he be obsessed with that when he has something very incredible at home? Speaking of that, I'm wondering if the WWF has ever considered bringing in Kimberly into the fold? But back to the segment, I'll say this once and I'll say it again: one big FINGER OF SHAME will occur if the WWF turns Sara on the Undertaker, in favor of DDP. It's an originality test for the WWF to hopefully pass.

That darn Nick Patrick. He's become the thorn in Kane's side, just like Pete Rose was for 3 consecutive Wrestlemanias. It could have been 4, by the way, had Rose not been such a dickhead about money. Anyway, the second Kanyon touched Patrick, I immediately knew Nick would call for the bell. I'm wondering where the WWF will take this, and if they will just make it Kane's problem or not.

I'll tell you what, the Rock was very good and crisp on the microphone on Smackdown. I guess not seeing him cut a promo for the longest time makes you realize how good he truly is on the mic, and that before he left, the Rock was just too overexposed on WWF programming. Now, Rocky is fresh and he was very entertaining to watch when he ripped a new asshole on Booker T and Shane McMahon. Man, he made Booker T look so silly on the mic. Booker T vs. the Rock is a dream match of mine, and I'm very interested in this feud and how it will shape out. The Rock should be able to help Booker T grow into an even bigger heel than he currently is. But anyway, good stuff by the Rock during this whole segment.

Our next match was Rhyno/Dudleys vs. Edge/Christian/Jericho. Blah. How many times will we be subject to a match that resembles this magnitude? These guys are all great workers, yes, but they are so burned out on facing each other. Ah well. I liked the ending of this match, with the Gore on Jericho while he was applying the Walls of Jericho. Pat Patterson, who is said to be the man who creates the finishes for the matches, was really on for this night. This match did decent with the crowd since it had some build up with Stephanie McMahon, earlier in the night.

Storm vs. Angle was a solid match, as predicted, and the crowd was fully behind it. See what happens with some build up from earlier in the show? Angle wins the match, making Storm look like a legit competitor, and getting himself over as a wrestler who can beat anyone cleanly at any time. Aside from the run ins and screw jobs, the WWF is building up Angle to be a tough competitor against Austin at Summerslam. I have the feeling that Angle just MIGHT win that night, because I think that the WWF will put Austin on the sidelines to heal, only for a Rock vs. Austin match to headline Survivor Series 2001. But we'll see. Austin's tough, and it takes a crippling injury to really put him off television or out of the ring for some significant time.

Ah yes, it was nice of Booker T to bump around for the Undertaker. For the Undertaker, I respect his longtime loyalty to the WWF and for his ability to wrestle through injuries during the years of 1997, 1998, and 1999. But for today's wrestling, the Undertaker is looking horrible out there! His body is breaking down, and add to that, he's NOT selling a damn move for anyone who isn't named Triple H, Steve Austin, or the Rock. It's hideous and ridiculous at the same time. If he didn't have his long-time loyalty to the WWF, he'd be forced to job and elevate younger talent. But nooooooo, his seniority allows him to stink up the product instead of actually helping it. What an old fart.

One more gripe to end this review: Nice of 2 guys to eliminate a gang of Alliance wrestlers. In 1997, I could believe it when Sting would beat up a gang full of NWO wrestlers because he had a baseball bat, but here's one guy who got drilled with a chair, not to mention very ring rusty right now (the Rock), and another who just finished wrestling a match (the Undertaker). Ah well. At least they attempted a main event, and they hyped 3 big matches of Summerslam quite well.

LAST WORD: You know, I really enjoyed this week's edition of Smackdown. Storyline wise, it made a hell of a lot more sense than RAW. Most of the matches had some angle or build up towards them, and Summerslam was actually prepared weeks in advance! You don't see that often with the WWF! Holy cow! I'm satisfied enough with this show that I'll give them a slick A for this week's edition. Could we please have some build up for the matches on RAW? Pretty please, with cherries on top?!?


Want to know when I'm actually mad or being "negative"? When you see Mr. Tito curse like a truckdriver, that's when I'm actually pissed at something. For example, I really hated the piece of shit that was Tough Enough this week!

What the fuck was with this week's edition?? If I wanted the Real World, I would have wasted my fucking time tuning into a stupid all day marathon of that shitty show. What the hell is with the WWF taking these contestants to the Bahamas? That just totally shits on any independent wrestler who has ever worked their way up to the WWF, or is currently doing so in like OVW or whatever else. Independents would give an arm or a leg to have a few days to relax at the Bahamas while in training to become a wrestler. What a damn joke. I'm sure many developmental wrestlers felt very low when they watched Tough Enough, Thursday night.

But on the Bahamas, we had nothing but Real World bullshit. Oh, this guy is a bully to this loser. Oh, this guy comes home drunk and acts like an asshole. Oh, let's get on camera and discuss our feelings. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TRAINING TO BECOME A PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER!!!!! What a bunch of shit. I was really enjoying the show and tolerating some of the weaker Real World stuff until this Bahamas thing dominated the show. Argh, FINGER OF SHAME to Mtv, the WWF, and whoever else is responsible for the show for this week's Real World wannabe show.

*Nurse hands Mr. Tito some medication* Ahhhhhh, thank you. There were some interesting occurrances or plotlines thickening for this week's show. First off, Pauline left the show because her knee was badly torn up. Give her mad props for working through it all of these weeks. Her knee was broken and had some slightly torn ligaments in it, as well. She was "tough enough" to keep going. It's rather funny, though, that she first injured that very knee wrestling in pigslop for the day that Tazz needed to make an example out of the contestants. After her knee heals, I wouldn't doubt that she'll press foward into wrestling, full time, under another camp and maybe show up, somewhere, in the future. She definitely has the "look" to make it. Now that Pauline is gone, it opens up a one on one match between the women, Nidia and Taylor, for the last spot. Oh man, that should be good television, especially if they attempt to remain friends. They are already hinting their showdown in the next show!

Secondly, we had the situation with Chris from Harvard. He was acting a bit uptight, probably agreeing with me about my feelings on coming to the Bahamas, while the rest of the contestants were having a good time. I have a feeling that the contestants MIGHT collude together to make Chris from Harvard hate all of them so that he'll throw a tantrum during training. For that reason, I spell doom upon him in the next few weeks. I don't feel bad for Josh, though. He looks like a little 14 year old kid, and his stupid ass playing that instrument showed his immaturity. I have a feeling that Josh or the other Chris is next to leave, unless Chris from Harvard throws in a stiff move for next week's show.

LAST WORD: Argh, you know my thoughts on the Real World like parts of this show, so nuff said there. I'm still going with my choices of Greg and Taylor winning it all, with Maven and Nidia coming in at a close 2nd. I really wish this show would show more of the contestants in ring action instead of the Real World bullshit. You know something... the Real World attempts are NOT shooting up the ratings, so what the fuck does the WWF and Mtv have to lose? It's better to get the hardcore wrestling fans, who WILL watch, addicted to the show with good wrestling content than to attempt to attract the stupid short attention span teeny boppers, which the WWF has been aiming for on their Sunday Night Heat Show. Use your heads, WWF.

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