Welcome back...to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yes, it is indeed WCW Day, as we will look at Thunder, and other various issues in WCW right now. WCW was hit hard by the ratings this past Monday, as the path to greatness, to maybe some day get on top of the mountain. Depending on their own politics backstage, the willingness of wrestlers, and the decline of their competition, it could be a while. I don't know, on to the PDC.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Awwwww, no Russo "shoot" interview. Do I care? Not really. They are NOT shoots! I'll agree with Shawn Valloric that if it's on television, it's ALWAYS a work. Why would people like Brad Siegal or any upper brass guys at Time Warner allow any such nonsense that is uncontrolled on television? It's all a work. Vince Russo at the Bash, Nash on Thunder two weeks ago, and Goldberg on Thunder last week.....all a work!

Just shut the hell up with this garbage and just wrestle! If Russo is soooooooooo smart, then he'd write up actual storylines, and NOT let the wrestlers make up their own "shoot" interviews. Those shoot interviews are NOT gaining any new ratings, so why keep them going?

Oh wait, aren't we talking about Chunder here? It was a good Thunder this week, and better than the one I attended last week. So what happened of relevance?

Don't you just love seeing the professional that Mike Awesome is? I never thought I'd say this about the man, as he sort of left ECW in a bad way, but he's taking this Fat Chick Thriller thing with a smile. Reports are that Mike Awesome isn't really "thrilled" with the gimmick, but he's sticking it out in the interests of the company. Ha! And ECW said he wasn't a professional. Sure, Mike Awesome has the Mullet and the look for the gimmick of getting more lovin', but the fact that he's a super-talented wrestler still is being overlooked by WCW. It's funny, because the announcers hype that he has the ability of a cruiserweight.

Lance Storm is the elite in WCW right now, as he retained ALL 3 of his titles last night, even though the Great Muta helped him with his US title. It just shows you the great confidence in Storm right now, and it also proves that Lance Storm made the right business decision for not only his wealth, but his career.


So what's the deal with Hulk Hogan? Well, the reason for the Russo "shoot" interview NOT airing was that Hogan's lawyers filed some kind of order to prevent the interview from airing. Is this a work? Well, I don't really see it in the national headlines anywhere, although internal troubles of wrestling aren't considered news to the rest of the news like other things. I don't know, I just find it rather odd that it would be held back because of Hogan when the Thunder crew was hyping it for a possible Nitro airing.

I guess we can just burn Sting to death and rest assured that he can come back without a scratch! This isn't headed towards Sting, but any creative person who decides these strange things. Why don't they just come out and say that it was a stunt double that was on fire, and why don't they just say that the casket was gimmicked???? Might as well, that way, more credibility can go into the product, and not out.

Lex Luger jobbing to Hugh Morris, or General Rection...whatever his stupid MIA name is?? Yes indeed, as Luger is now the "bitch" of the Houseshow circuit. I guess that's what you get for not wanting to do any crazy angles by Vince Russo. Sorry if Liz didn't want to wrestle a physical match as demanded, and sorry that Luger had to put over an untalented no-name wrestler at the time in Chuck Palumbo. I don't think it's Luger with the headcase here.

Well, WCW continues to struggle with attendance. It's funny, especially in my area, we've been screaming for wrestling to come our way since the WWF was here in 1998. We finally get televised wrestling in Thunder last Wednesday, and it didn't sell out. This problem has occurred not only in Wheeling, WV, but in each and every arena that WCW travels to...even the Southern venues, in WCW country. Tickets for a WCW event are rather cheap too. You'd figure with a lower price, the demand would go up right? I guess that's what they mean by "preferences".

NEW Feature!!!!!!!

The Jackson 5

Do you get the joke....Tito....Jackson. Tito Jackson..a member of the great Jackson 5 group that ruled the 1970s? Ok, even if you don't get it, this is a top 5 wrestler list, IN MY OPINION, for WCW right now. I will now do this for each DAY, so enjoy. I hope to keep this feature running everyweek in the column. By the way, this is somewhat inspired by Cody Monk of DallasNews.com who does his rankings in his wrestling column.

By the way, it goes by weeks, and NOT previous week performances. So what is covered is from this week and this week only.

1. Lance Storm- He may be from Calgary......Alberta, Canada, but he's really proving himself, each week, on WCW programming. From wrestling 3 tough matches on Thunder, to winning his 3rd WCW title on Nitro, this perfect Storm is red hot!

2. Jeff Jarrett- Proving to be a better heel in the best weeks, as getting the world title off Jarrett and onto a face was the best thing to do. Now, Jarrett can be the hunter, and that makes him a much better wrestler and actor in the storylines.

3. The Great Muta- Muta is proving that he can not only still wrestle at his age, but wrestle great in the American style of wrestling. He still has it over these years, and he's actually bringing the best out of Vampiro. Now that's scary!

4. Booker T- He's wrestling great as the champ, but his same moves as the Rock could be dangerous to his credibility, especially when trying to gain new fans. At least make the "Book End" a regular move instead of a finisher like the Rock. Might as well let him give an opponent the Harlem Elbow. Why not?

5. Sting- A good "wrestling" return, as he fought Jarrett to a good match on Nitro, then fought a decent one with Booker T. He did put Booker T over, although there was stupid interference by Demon to make Sting "tired". Sting also made an appearance on Thunder, which is a rare thing for Sting. However, he's not higher this week because of the fact that WCW insiders hyped a new look from the burns, but yet he still looks the same.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with WWF Day, filled with Smackdown thoughts, federation thoughts, and of course, the Jackson 5. Better know your ABCs...

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