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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yet another Monday Night just went by, and you know what that means! The classic Monday Night Impressions are ready to roll. Was this Monday Night better than last week's lackluster shows? In Tito's opinion, we'll find out. On to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

Monday Nitro

-Wow, Nitro starts off in a big way with the opening bout of Harlem Heat vs. the Triad. It's hard to see Harlem Heat winning, after all Booker T deserves to be in singles rather than tag matches, eh Beans? Nice to see Benoit take a stand and help out..and challenge DDP for later.

-I love the Cat..he's too funny. I hate Lodi and Lenny Lane..they are too flaming. Nice to see the Cat beat both of them in a lovely handicap match.

-You know how much I love dem Hogan interviews..

-I liked the Sting/Goldberg/Steiner/Sid segment. It really was brutal, and it helped set the tone for the rest of the night.

-Oh cool, have a good segment, but flush the electricity down the toilet with a Disco vs. Evan Karagias match. Not a bad match though, but have something else open up as the first match opposing RAW. Duh.

-Decent match with Douglas/Malenko vs. Morris/Flynn. Hopefully the group of Douglas/Malenko/Saturn/Benoit can really establish themselves in WCW.

-Damn it...Scott Hudson layed out. Damn more good announcing on Nitro for us!

-Decent match between Saturn and Duncum, with the Wild Texas Rednecks making the save. Damn, the team of Douglas/Malenko/Saturn/Benoit are trying to feud with everyone!!

-Great to see Benoit get a great win. It shows that maybe WCW might start respecting his talent for once!

-Damn I'm starting to love the Vampiro, Raven, and ICP stable. The fans are popping for them as well. Good match with Vampiro vs. Uncle Eddie. Vampiro is starting to become a force in WCW..I hope he beats the snot out of Konnan and Rey Misterio.

-Well, the main event ends in a fun No Contest, but it was enjoyable to see Hogan go through a table.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 1
No Contests: 1
Disqualifications: 1

=====$Well, this was a very solid edition of Nitro. I wish the main event would be a clean win, or at least a screw job instead of the run in. I wasn't pleased, however, with Scott Hudson being layed out. That sucks hard. Good edition of Nitro, but the need to start off the beginning of the second hour with a better match. I'll give it a very solid


for it's programming. Too bad Scott Hudson is leaving us. :(

Professor Frank McHone says: Let me say this right off. I don't like Hogan, and all you morons writing incomplete, uneducated, and totally thoughtless comments to me only make it worse. So as long as the neanderthalian e-mails continue, my bashing of the Bald One will get worse. This show was better than last week's. I love the Cat. Bagwell's racist impersationation of him last week was totally tasteless. Goldberg got a huge pop. I am happy to see Harlem Heat together again. Screwed up main event really degraded what was a very solid show. Oh yeah, and Hogan still sucks rapid goat nuts. This edition of Nitro gets a


for it's efforts.


-Strange beginning as the Acolytes open up with a challenge. Acolytes opening RAW? Usually it's a fun Corporate Ministry thingy.

-Good bloodbath match with Edge and Gangrel. Nice to see Christian helping Edge with the match.

-Good commentary by Shane. I loved the part when he talked about his dad making stars, especially the WCW comment. Funny stuff.

-I really enjoyed the Kane/RoadDogg vs. Big Show/Undertaker match. I was loving at the end when Kane was beating 'Taker's ass. Damn shame after all the asskicking on the Undertaker that Kane did, he got tombstoned like nothing for the pin. Damn shame.

-D-Lo the new IC champ!!!! I've been waiting all week to see this one!! Yes, I am a D-Lo mark.

-Bossman vs. Viscera was boring..god damnit, Viscera is a fat ass! Why doesn't the WWF ever get on him about losing weight?

-Gosh, when will the Test vs. Mean Street Posse/Shane saga end?

-Blackman vs. Val was ok, with Shamrock returning. See how dirty I am, reporting that Shamrock could have been gone after last week. I just don't want to ruin anything for those who don't read the freakin' spoilers!!!

-I really wish RAW had a match for a main event this week. But hey, if it really was a match, then it would be repetition, so it's good, right?

RAW is Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 3
Screwjobs: 2
No contests: 2
Disqualifications: 0

=====$Well, like Nitro, this was a solid edition of RAW. I wish that there could have been a main event, but hey, I can't get everything I wish for. D-Lo winning the title really did it for me. Very nice. I'll give RAW a


for a solid TAPED show and a nice crowning of a new IC champ, D-Lo. Damn, I mark out for him.

Professor Frank McHone says: Yes, this was a taped show. Yes, we still had UT and Austin. I don't care about all of that because the show kicked ass as far as building new angles and storylines. This was a very solid show for the WWF. HHH didn't get overused this week, UT and Big Show are one hell of team, Hardcore Holly is becoming one of my favorites, The Acolytes vs UT/Show is going to be great to see, and most importantly The Rock got some good airtime. The brawl at the end was great to see also. I love scenes like that for some reason, at least more so than run ins and no contest main events. Did anyone else notice the sign that the fan at Nitro had that read, "It's 9:00, time to turn to Raw." Good loyal fans WCW has. This edition of Raw gets a


for it's efforts tonight.

Overall, a very solid Monday night of Wrestling. I'm sitting on the fence this week.

Wrestling Stuff

-Of course, now that Jeff Jarrett dropped the strap to D-Lo, we can expect what Jeff Jarrett came back to the WWF for; to become a main eventer. Early rumors said that he would fight Stone Cold immediately, and quite possibly have the real life relationship of Debra and Stone Cold come to life in the WWF. It would be rather interesting if it were true, but Stone Cold and Debra would be wondering who's getting cheered?

-Oh darn, Master P is officially gone from WCW. No more annoying chants or no heat from the crowd for Master P to put up with. I'm sure he's very disappointed with how unappreciated he was from fans, since his records sell pretty good in the music industry. Oh well, Master P had no place in wrestling, as it made him a comic act, instead of a wrestling star. Now he can go back and do what he does best, and that's rapping. He should have never entered WCW in the first place.

-My dreams of having Stevie Richards in the WWF are starting to come true. Jim Ross stated it in his last Ross Report that Stevie is in talks, but good ol' Dave Meltzer stated that he's pretty much with the WWF now. Meltzer is the top news guy in this business, so if he says so, it's close to being right. I hope it happens, because I'm the biggest Stevie Richards mark on the planet.

@That's it for today. Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Ratings Analysis. So until then, why not chill..till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, daily columnist, signing off!

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