How many here want to read Dubya Cee Dubya(WCW)? Not bad, not bad. How many here want to read the P.......D.......C? Ha! No Scott Hall here, as will get both with WCW Day. I think it's very safe to say that any difference in Nitro's ratings will reflect on Thunder. We'll see if Nitro wet the appetite of wrestling fans who wanted WWF at an earlier time on the East Coast. The Thunder ratings will show up later today, but for now, let's discuss Thunder, along with some other issues, and the wonderful Jackson 5. On to the PDC


-Thunder Thoughts and Opinion-

Will somebody, like Vince Russo or someone, please give this Kwee Wee or however the hell it's spelled(it's changed everyweek) a NEW gimmick? He's showing everyone that he can wrestle! He proved it tonight with Jeff Jarrett, who faked taking this match seriously. He has talent, and like the rest of WCW, he's misused...but by a bad gimmick this time.

Wow, Kronic actually looked decent tonight against Team Canada. Then again, when you work with a 200 pound guy to toss around, and a guy who is like Chris Benoit in terms of making the other wrestlers look good, yeah, that will happen. Also during this match, more involvement with the Morons in Action or Morons in America, which makes me want to scream! Not with excitement by the way.

Gee, we won't call the band the "nWo", but deep down inside, it is. That evil Nash ran the show, his way, just like he did when he was in each variation of the nWo. Then again, the pressures or expectations of any group of individuals to out-do the original 1996 cast, well, that's hard to do. Maybe that's why the nWo of early 1999, and the one of late 1999 failed.

When you label a group the nWo, you put on heavy expectations for it to be just like the greatness of the 1996 nWo, which was the best angle ever in wrestling. How can you relive those days? You can't, and that's why any named group of the nWo will fail, no matter who it is. So, I'm hoping that WCW, namely Russo, doesn't decide to label these guys the nWo. Sure, they are about the same thing as they were in late 1999, but no nWo least for now.

Maybe that's why the 'F' will show up whenever it officially is mentioned. It's going to be an instant failure you try to relive the success in 1996. That's exactly why I thought it was a terrible idea for WCW to try in early and late 1999. Besides, why not try something new? You keep trying to grab the success of 1996, it won't happen. That was a special time for WCW, just right when the WWF lost two great talents, and they were actually par with the WWF at the time. Plus, again, I stress that it was NEW at the time.

I think that supergroups have outlived their times as well, since WCW has a ton of them now. Your best wrestlers, or at least the ones with the cushy main event positions, are on one side, and just Booker T and Bill Goldberg, who don't like each other, on the other side. Plus, factor in the Natural Born Thrillers, although they had their problems with the Russo group tonight. If you remember, it was only DDP and a few others here and there trying to fight the nWo in 1997.

Then you get supergroups like the Misfits In Action, 3 Count, Jung Dragons, and the Filthy Animals running around, clustering every match they are in. This is from WCW's loaded roster, filled with guys on the same level. Then you have guys like Nash, Jarrett, Booker T, Scott Steiner, and Bill Goldberg in the spotlight. Next, you have hard workers like Lance Storm or Mike Awesome waiting to get their chance, which they should. When Awesome is allowed to show his talents, he can do great things. Just look at his short-lived career in ECW. As for Storm, just look at how hard he works in the ring. Hell, he has a rib injury right now, and he's still taking chances in the ring.

Oddly enough, WCW has a roster filled of guys who may or may not come back. Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Scott Hall, and DDP are all making WCW's labor costs go through the roof. If they buyout their contracts...well, then they would make that loss on revenue for Time Warner go through the roof! Then, of course, you have guys like Chris Kanyon and Buff Bagwell. Kanyon is just frustrated with WCW, and Buff's attitude is WAY out of control.

Then you have others, like Sting, Demon, Vampiro, and Great Muta. Sting's own vacations hurt him and WCW, but then again, you would too if you constantly face Vampiro. With Vampiro, I feel that ever since he had his push to being a more regular character, he's slacked in the ring. Where was this Vampiro who busted his ass in the ring everyweek, with innovative moves? Demon is improving, but the politics from the KISS deal will always make him job. The wrestler and the gimmick could be used much better, but it won't be because Eric Bischoff made the deal. Muta is an old man, but he can still go. Let him show you!

Plus, you have a handful of Tag Teams in WCW, but that's for the great Krueges to educate you in Makin' the Tag.

Wow, I just went from a Thunder rant, to an NWO rant, and to an explanation of WCW rant.

Back to Thunder. Wow, Mr. Wonderful returned. That man is still in great shape, even at 52 years of age. I thought he couldn't perform when the Horsemen gave him that Spike Piledriver on Nitro a while back? Well, he's returned several times after that. However, if anyone could explain to me why his right arm muscle is sort of gone, I'd love to hear it. I must have missed that or forgot why it's like that.

Big Vito is GOD. He took on Chucky Palumbo, and gave him a good match. Anybody who makes the "Main Event" look good is amazing in my book. So he's made Nash and Palumbo look good, two workers who can't carry a match if they tried. Weren't these guys in the main event last week for Thunder?


From the hype tonight, it's very obvious that Ric Flair is going to ruin David Flair's wedding with Ms. Hancock, or Stacy, or whatever they may call her now. Gee, I guess we can throw out the reason that Flair somehow put something in Hancock's drink, and got married somewhere in Las Vegas since he's already married. Since he is married, I'd find it odd for Ric to even participate in the pregnancy angle, where he's the actual father. But hey, slick Ric will probably do it, since he'll do anything for the boy.

Major props to WCW and Vince Russo though for next week. Very smart move of having the 3 Cage match for Nitro. Now they must live up to the expectations here and make it a good match. It's going to be hard to make guys like Goldberg, Nash, or Scott Steiner take high risks to make this match excellent. Very hard, not to mention Russo. I have a feeling that Russo is going to take a MAJOR bump in this one, to you know, get that Shane McMahon effect.

But anyway, WCW must do well with this, and then keep building off of it. It's very needed at this point, and once the WWF jumps to TNN, there will be no more opportunities like this Monday. TNN doesn't have any contracts with Tennis, nor will they be airing any dog shows. Now is the time to get the fans, because the move from USA to TNN won't be very smooth. This Monday's booking is looking very good for WCW. Let's hope they pull through.

The Jackson 5

5. Mike Awesome- Please, somebody push him as just Mike Awesome. How can you put him in a leisure suit on Nitro? Good win over Reno on Thunder.

4. Booker T- Poor Booker T. He got screwed HARD by Nash's backstage politics, which is a damn shame. Booker is going straight downhill now, which is a shame. They won't let him in that cushy area with Goldberg, Nash, and Steiner, now matter what they claim or book.

3. Jeff Jarrett- You want to know why Jarrett looks better now? He's not being shoved to the main event as much! He fought a great match with Vito on Nitro, and made for an entertaining match with Quee Wee on Thunder. Jarrett is much better of an assett in a slightly lower position than top Main Eventer, or at least that's my opinion.

2. Big Vito- He fought a great match with Jeff Jarrett on Nitro, and he made Palumbo look good on Thunder. Anybody who makes Palumbo look good in a match deserves a good spot on the Jackson 5.

1. Lance Storm- I'm from Calgary..........................Alberta, Canada, and that's reason enough for #1. No, he's been busting his ass, through injury as of late, so I feel he deserves the top spot. I only wish he'd feud with someone other than General Rection.

Gee, Kevin Nash won the World Title this week, but yet he's not on this list. Hmm, how strange. Well, when you buy Vince Russo a pair of knee pads, and somehow get away with your backstage asskissing, you won't make it here. I thought this WCW was changed, but with Nash as champ, it remains the same. Might as well bring in Hulk Hogan while you are at it.

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