Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today, we're going to hype Smackdown, since there's a preview to make fun of refer to because Smackdown is taped this week. Also, I have a VIDEO REVIEW as well of one of the most recent WWF videos. Oh, you don't want to miss that one!

With video reviews, many are asking why I'm not doing more of them. Well, the current selection of WWF videos, to put it this way, suck. There's just nothing really good out there, despite having some good wrestling in the year 2000 to possibly recap. I would go out and get Lita or Foley's new video, but those two don't seem worth my while to even look into.

I am, however, going to try to step up my efforts to catch up on the wrestling books. I still want to read "Foley is Good" and the Kurt Angle book, whenever the hell that one comes out. There are others that I want to read, like the Capetta one or the Moolah one. I'd really love to read the Ric Flair and Bret Hart autobiographies, if they EVER come out. Those two have the most storied careers around.

And I finally have some good cash flow from working to keep up with buying all of this shit. On to the PDC.

OH WAIT!! Before I forget again......

Thanks to the inviduals who held up signs at the past two RAWs. The first sign is from last week's show, and the second is from the latest RAW. As always, it's very much appreciated!


Will Steve Austin beat down Kurt Angle again? Probably.

The main event for Smackdown, as hyped by WWF.com, is Rock/Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno/Rob Van Dam. Booker T who? This match, if given the right amount of time (which it will) should be a fun main event to watch, despite receiving a dose of right hands. The interaction between Rock and Rob Van Dam is worth watching this show, I'd say.

Also on the card..... The Dudley Boyz and Test will take on Acolytes and Big Show. Again, Big Show is one big and fat sloth, who shouldn't even deserve to be on the show. However, since he's thrown around guys who are about a 1/5 of his size, he somehow impresses the very stupid and ignorant WWF officials in staying. You know the Empire (WWF) is going down when they blindly allow stuff like this to go on.

Then, we have a rematch between Albert and the Undertaker. This was supposed to be a handicap match with X-Pac/Albert actually picking up a win against the Undertaker. However, Undertaker wouldn't have that and used his seniority to get the match changed into a stupid rematch of the RAW match. I keep telling everyone that the Undertaker is nothing but a big ol' Dinosaur who isn't helping the company's future by putting over other wrestlers. Nobody will fully believe me until it's too late....

Next, we'll see Spike Dudley/Molly Holly take on Hurricane Helms/Ivory. You know, I wonder if the WWF would dress up Ivory like a really sexy Lois Lane? Anyway, this should be a decent match up, although I doubt it will last past 3 minutes, if that.

With only 3 matches listed on WWF.com, it's safe to say that we may see a lot of interview segments again. OH JOY!!!!!

-Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review-

It's baaaaaack!! Since Best of RAW Volume 2 was very satisfying, I quickly picked up Volume 3 when I saw it in my local Suncoast Video, thinking that it would be really good too. Did I get that impression? On to the review!

Best of RAW Volume 3

This video spans from the famous Stephanie-Test Wedding all the way until the "Who Ran Over Stone Cold?" angle. We start off with the wedding, which made me laugh. Then, we go into how Stephanie did her little heel turn, yadda yadda yadda. Next, it's the feuds with Mick Foley and the Rock against Triple H, and we then witness the Foley vs. Rock "Pinkslip on a Pole" match. I don't know about you, but I found this match to be very boring when I watched it again. Foley lost this match, which set up the whole protest, where all of the WWF wrestlers came out to the ring in Foley's honor.

So we are smack in the middle of the Foley and Triple H feud in January 2000, heading into February 2000. Then, the Radicalz are introduced, and then the heel turn on Foley is shown. Now you'd figure, at this point, that one of the GREATEST RAW matches, ever, would have been shown. Yes, I'm talking about the Mick Foley/Rock/Too Cool/Rikishi vs. X-Pac/Triple H/Perry Saturn/Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko match. You know, the one that had the whole crowd into the match?

However, it was left off the tape, to my amazement. DOUBLE FINGER OF SHAME. This video would discuss all kinds of bullshit, like the whole Right to Censor concept, and they showed extensive clips of other Rock and Triple H matches. Simply embarrassing that a great match was left off. It's a crying shame, and I don't see any other videos where the WWF could stick that match on. Are they trying to hide it or something? Screw you WWF!

The video shifts into a lot of early Kurt Angle stuff, which soothes my wounds of not including one of the BEST RAW MATCHES EVER, although I was still pissed. Then we go into the long feud between Rock and Triple H, then the Undertaker's return, and eventually into the "Who hit Stone Cold with a car mystery", which is one of the most poorly booked angles ever.

LAST WORD: What crap I just witnessed. The WWF showed way too many crappy segments, that nobody will ever remember again in their lifetime, and they left off the one match that many remember from 2000. But the WWF is stupid, and for anyone who purposely bought the video in hopes of reliving that match, they are going to be extremely pissed, as I was. I'm giving this video a big old


for leaving this match out and paying too much attention to other Triple H or Rock matches or storylines. Way too much attention, as many clips of very boring or bad matches were shown. Leaving out this disappointment, I'd give this video a D+ (D plus) because it's somewhat of a boring video anyway. The tape seems to rush through some things, while going very slow for others. Highly recommended to avoid, unless you're a programmed mark by the WWF. This is the last WWF video I buy unless it has better potential than this one, like say a TLC 2 video. I want my money back!

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    @Yuck, what a bad video Best of RAW Volume 3 was. Hopefully, my anger towards the WWF, right now, will be calmed down by a good Smackdown tonight or a good edition of Tough Enough. I really hope so, because there are lots of things in the running for "Finger of Shame of the Week" in terms of what's coming for the Week in Review column. Is that negative enough for you?

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