Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, we have yet another Monday Night tonight. What will happen? Will WCW put on a main event without Rick Steiner or Sid running in? I certainly hope so, and the WWF will be strong after what happened on Smackdown. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-Well, tonight we have RAW is WAR, and they will definately follow up on what happened on Smackdown. I'm loving it that they are live on RAWs now, and this week we could see if Smackdown will take any of RAW's thunder. Remember WWF, you still have to pump out great RAWs since you are still in competition with Nitro. If you start to show that you can't keep the momentum up for both shows, WCW could seize the opportunity to climb on Monday Night Ratings. I'm pumped to see Triple H and HBK back together. Even when the WWF was losing the ratings, the duo of HHH and HBK was always fun to watch. I used to be in tears from laughing at their interviews, which truly started the WWF's adult themes. I'm anxious to see if they do interviews again! But hey, it will be on later this week! 11 pm Eastern for me.

-Wow, the WWF wants Stone Cold to hurry back to WWF programming. Apparently, the WWF is stressing already from the recent lower ratings from RAW. The WWF, I feel, is doing just fine for the moment without Stone Cold. The WWF needs to realize that Monday Nights are theirs alone during the summer, and with the NFL coming back, they will lose a little edge. The WWF shouldn't stress, as they should leave the stressing up to ABC and the NFL for attempting to gain viewers which wrestling took last year.


-Doh! A little screw up from the other day. What I said about Scott Steiner maybe never returning, turned out to be false. According to Bob Ryder, who happens to work for WCW.com and their hotlines, Scott Steiner is set to return soon, and maybe this Monday! No word officially if he'll actually wrestle though. If he's been out forever recovering from surgery, expect the biggest arms in wrestling to be much smaller. Oh well, I just want to hear him get on the mic and tell everyone he's our hook up again.

-This week's Nitro has to be big this week. They need to do something fast before Monday Night Football comes back. It seems that Nitro is below a 3 rating when the NFL is on an opposite channel. This week the WCW needs to show everyone what they can do. They are unopposed this week, since the WWF is getting slapped around by the US Open. Take this opportunity!! Don't blow it!! You will have some of the WWF fans, who are waiting for RAW to come on watching. Impress them. Also, have a main event without stupid Sid and Rick Steiner interfering. I'll keep the promise going from last week, and that is if either of those two interfere in the main event, then it's an automatic F. Show everyone what you're made of WCW!!

-Also tonight, look for either Konnan, Rey Mysterio Jr., or Billy Kidman. If they wrestle tonight, then they are probably staying with WCW, but if they don't wrestle, then obviously, they are gone. Konnan has already been rumored to be gone from WCW, but the other two at this point is unknown. Kidman and especially Rey Jr. are usually in some kind of match on Nitro, so if they don't wrestle tonight, odds on favor is that they are gone. Keep your eyes open for tonight!

@That's all I can muster up today. I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night impressions, grades and Phat Stats©. Just chill till the next episode.

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