Oh no, it's another installment of the Phat Daily Column. The 2nd to last ever, to be precise. I seriously wanted to write a column yesterday, but the lack of material caused a writer's block to occur. Oh well, what can you do?

Tomorrow's column should be nothing more than exciting, I guess. It will be the final official PDC, EVER, unless for some crazy reason I can find the drive and time to write daily again, which I can almost guarantee won't happen. Aside from school, I'll admit that I'm burnt out from writing about wrestling, all of the time. At times, things like SummerSlam and Smackdown every week make it worthwhile, but at other times, RAW sucks so bad and seeing the SAME guys in the main event just boggles my mind.

I mean, I just couldn't take seeing Triple H vs. Undertaker as a main event again. Why can't the WWE ever learn that Triple H is actually past his prime, and the Undertaker is beyond his prime. They'll never learn, and this will come at the risk of the talent that should be huge in years to come. Hey, maybe a few good young talents will get disgruntled and make NWA-TNA's roster *that* much better. It can happen.

Maybe I'll be a happier wrestling fan once I don't have to write about it every day? Maybe I'll look past the older workers once I'm "retired"? Maybe I'll quit questioning myself, knowing that I can see an old or shitty worker from a mile away?

Maybe I'll start the PDC right now?


Remember this joke? "If you hold your tongue and say "Daily Apples", it will sound like "daily assholes"".

-RAW's rating came in at 3.9, a shade lower than last week's 4.0 rating. If you ever take statistics, you'll learn that based on standard deviation, z-tables, t-tables, or anything of that nature, a 3.9 and a 4.0 could very much be the same number, and possibly from sampling error. HOWEVER, let's not forget that RAW was coming off a hot SummerSlam, in which everyone and their mother regarded that as the best Pay Per View of 2002 thus far. Why couldn't the ratings be higher? Viewers must have seen something early on to make them angry and not want to watch the rest of the show... maybe the hype of having Undertaker vs. Triple H didn't pan out?

Something. This rating SHOULD have been higher. It just goes to show you that RAW was indeed a crappy show, on the whole, and that the WWE should have did a hot show in front of the Madison Square Garden crowd, who are usually hot for every WWE event.

-I find it VERY funny that many claim that it's not Glen Jacobs underneath the Kane mask. So what? Kane ripped his bicep, thereby giving less time to work out on the massive frame he had before he left. Plus, having all of that extra muscle leads to more injuries. Kane just ripped a bicep, something that normally doesn't happen unless it's a freak accident. Well, unless you're bulked up, like Kane was and like the Patriot, Del Wilkes once was. He ripped his bicep when he was huge in his WWE debut in 1997, and the ripped bicep put him out of the business back then.

Kane probably doesn't want that to happen again. Plus, what's wrong with slimming down? He's still, with lifts in his shoes, roughly 6'7 - 6'9 in height, I think, and he still looks like a monster in my mind.

I actually thought he GAINED weight. The tights made him look like he was chunkier, in my mind. WHOOOPS!

-It's good that Shawn Michaels felt fine after his match with Triple H. HBK went hard, and you only have to wonder if that rang some bells in his head. Could he wrestle full time again? If his back didn't go out wrestling that way, with Triple H pounding on his back and HBK attempting high spots, what says he can't do that all the time? Well, you never know when a freak accident would happen in that ring. Remember his casket match against the Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1998 where he initially hurt his back? He was tossed over the ropes and nicked the casket with his back, and that was what caused the injury. He didn't expect that, and who knows what freak accident would occur if he would come back full time.


SMELL THE RATINGS! Brock Lesnar is exclusive to Smackdown. It's funny how the WWE is in panic mode for Smackdown with the Rock and Hulk Hogan not being on that show for a while. So what? Just create new stars and let them run wild. That's the intent of having Brock exclusive to Smackdown.

Evil Stephanie has announced that there will be some kind of #1 contender's match on her show, since you know, she has the Undisputed Champion exclusive to her show. Smackdown generally has plenty of upper midcarders to choose from, with Kurt Angle being the only one to hold the World Title. You could have anything with Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Edge, or any other upper midcarders who are just waiting for a break to possibly shine against Brock Lesnar. That would be nice, right?

WWE.com hypes something about Rey Mysterio having unfinished business with Kurt Angle. Good, now go produce another good match with him! I just knew that Mysterio would be big in the WWE and his early popularity is putting him above the Cruiserweight division.

Not to attempt to spoil anything, but I warn that something VERY BAD happens on Smackdown tonight. I was alerted of this "spoiler", and I'm frankly disgusted by it. You'll see it tonight and wonder what is wrong with the WWE to do a big change like this. Why, WWE, why? Why change a good thing? I'll be in Truckdriver Mode tomorrow for when it happens, so if you hate swearing, just note that you were warned.

It's THAT bad....

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