Ain't nothing but PDC baby.... too many people taking opinions seriously. Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look at the Ratings, which are amazingly condensed to 3 shows now, as opposed to 4. Amazing how things change sometimes.

If there's anything to do for the rest of this summer or something to skip school over, I suggest you go see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back at the theaters right now! That's a damn great movie, and on first viewing, I might say that it's the BEST Kevin Smith movie yet. Notice how I said "first viewing". Also, if you think it looks lame in the previews, let me just tell you that most of the GREAT scenes involve a ton of swearing, which they obviously can't show in the previews. In other words, SEE THE MOVIE!

Yeah, I know I shouldn't put non wrestling stuff in my intro, but when something this good comes along, I'll talk about it, mmmmmk?

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-RAW is WAR-

First Hour: ??
Second Hour: ??
Composite: 4.8

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Mtv Heat: 1.6
WWF Excess: 0.9 (!!!)

With another ratings slide, the Quarter hour and hourly composites won't come out. Hmmm, I wonder why, especially with a big 0.4 decrease in the ratings. The WWF is in total denial of any decline, therefore, they'll bury stuff. We still haven't seen the official buyrates from Backlash, Judgment Day, or King of the Ring, which only proves my point. This week is just another case of that, as there's something within the hours that they do NOT want anyone to see. Like a low drawing Undertaker match, for example.

The WWF enjoys hiding the problem, that way they can allow for backstage politics to continue to run their shows. That's just how it is today..........

In other rating news, the WWF can be at least proud of Mtv Heat. It's found a regular audience at the 1.6 rating, which seems to be the consistant rating nowadays. With Heat, I'm agreeing with Observer's Nilton Fernandes in that the WWF should return Heat to its format before it went on Mtv. You know, when the focus was actually on the matches. Anybody remember that?

Excess was a bust in its first night. A 0.9 rating is hardly a good rating for a debuting show with Triple H on it. 2 hours of non-stop WWF crap isn't going to draw as well as a show with actual wrestling matches. Shane McMahon and Stephanie better do an angle to take over this show and fast to feature Alliance wrestling. I'm sure it could be very cost effective, too, if they just simply travel to smaller arenas, like for example, the Wheeling Civic Center, which the WWF doesn't come to anymore. But with Excess, the Grand Ole Opry, who had the timeslot, scored a 0.7 in the same timeslot before the WWF took over. How pathetic.

-Wow! It's amazing how correct I can be sometimes. The Undertaker was a tad disturbed with jobbing in a match, last night at the Smackdown tapings. This only proves my point. The Undertaker is nothing but a no selling, refusing to job, old damn dinosaur. He's unwilling to be a company man, and it's very evident by his matches when he makes himself look invincible. His arrogant attitude has made wrestlers, such as Diamond Dallas Page and Mike Awesome, get in trouble with WWF management because of false attitudes. Since the Undertaker is displaying an attitude himself, why not punish him? It won't happen, just like WCW never did anything to Kevin Nash for attitude problems.

-I haven't commented on the "half speed" comment by Jim Ross about WCW wrestlers. My question is this: how can the WCW wrestlers look good when they are always jobbing to WWF talent? And whenever they whip out a spot, they are looked upon as trying to show off or make other WWF wrestlers look bad. The WCW guys are now in a no-win situation, even Booker T. Booker T isn't allowed to defeat any WWF wrestlers, now, ever since his win over Angle (not including the shitty Lights Out win against the Rock). I think if there's anyone to comment about being half speed, it's some of the WWF wrestlers. They know they can slack off, which they do it, and then they complain about the WCW guys having attitudes or whatever.

This whole situation of WCW and ECW wrestlers in the WWF would be presented much better if a lot of guys didn't play politics backstage. Too many wrestlers dictate too much power within the WWF, which doesn't allow for long match times for Alliance members, nor does it allow for them to shine as well. Even when an Alliance member has a title, they are made to look extremely bad, whether it's jobbing to a Main Eventer in a "non title" match or whatever else. Vince McMahon is wondering, right now, why the Invasion hasn't been hotter than it currently is. What a dumbass. If he would put his foot down and not let any of this politics bullshit occur, then the product would be much better.

-Did you see the recent cable news?!? TNN has increased 67 % in viewership since last summer! That's insane!! But yet, all TNN can do to reward the WWF for this is a shitty 10-12 timeslot for Excess, in which they had to give up Livewire and Superstars just to get. How much do you want to bet that TNN will be able to throw the WWF around once they decide that a 0.9 rating isn't good enough for that timeslot? It's sad when a channel, who claims to have "Pop", can tell someone, who practically saved their cable station, what to do. Very very sad. USA Networks wouldn't express that kind of treatment.

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