Welcome back..to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yes, it was Monday Night last night. I can't wait for this pre-emption of RAW to be over, cause late night wrestling is hard to do, especially when you have to watch Nitro still, right after it. Well, anyway, we have lots to cover here for today, so on to the PDC.

Note: I will be moving down to campus this weekend, so possibly be aware that there might be an absense.


Let's the band back together!!! If you didn't understand what it meant, well, it's a phrase Kevin Nash used when talking with Scott Hall, about you know, reforming the ancient New World Order. If you remember NWO 2000, it was indeed Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, Scott Steiner, and finally, Bret Hart. Well, Nash, Jarrett, and Steiner are together now, along with Russo, who really formed the NWO 2000. Bret Hart attacked Goldberg, as he just happened to be in that desert at the same time as Goldberg/Russo. So if Hart joins, that's a good 4 out of 5 wrestlers, so maybe we'll see another NWO incarnation.

May Doom come to WCW if they even try that recycling again. I know it's coming, but since they didn't actually say "New World Order" yet, I won't use the NWO rule of Phat Daily Columns. It states that any group of individuals declaring themselves the NWO will get the show an automatic F. I'll be watching real closely on each show from now on.

I find the Jarrett-Steiner-Nash alliance hilarious though. Just look at them....they've each hated each other's guts before, and now they are "boyz". I guess it's just for a common cause, and that's to beat Goldberg's ass. Don't worry, Goldberg will put his hand through a window real soon, so don't worry about that. Speaking of Goldberg, what's with this buried alive crap? How ignorant for a wrestling show.

Speaking of the fucking Band, Kevin Nash is your NEW World Champ. Yes folks, WCW politics is back, and Nash now has Russo shopping for kneepads. If you don't remember, it was reported that Nash was complaining about how not over Booker T was. I guess Nash is deaf, and VERY stupid for that matter, because the fans explode for Booker everynight. Booker T might look bad because of WCW's decision to push the feud with Nash, Steiner, and Goldberg more than they would for a World Title match. Nash is your new champ folks, so enjoy WCW while it lasts because that locker-room morale just sunk to a new low.

Sting and Muta fought....but in a horrible fashion! Why not let them get in the ring and fight? All they did was senseless brawling on the outside, until those darn Juggalos attacked. Speaking of Juggalos, Shaggy and Violent J really impressed me with their wrestling, but Vampiro sucked! Whenever he has his friends around him, he just totally sucks! He doesn't wrestle like he's capable, nor does he try as hard. Just watch that part where he comes off the ropes so slowly. ARGH!

Hey, since I get on the WWF about this, I must for Nitro tonight. What the hell was the point of that long, and terrible interview by WCW at the second segment of the show? At least the WWF ones are organized. This one was very half-assed, and just plain confusing. More or less, it was a set up for Goldberg, but it was still terrible.

Vince Russo had WAY too much airtime this week on WCW. I thought he said he was going to lay low? He came out many times during the show, and he was involved heavily backstage. Someone just loves themself WAY too much.

Natural Born Thrillers is now the reason to watch Nitro. Those guys are so damn talented, but now they will be formed into the NWO B team! Blah. I don't care really, as long as they get airtime to wrestle, I'm happy.

Oh my Gosh, how terribly booked was that 3 way dance with the women. How stupid is Tony Shiavone calling that match? Again, T&A used terribly.

Kronic vs. the Harris Brothers = UGLY. Gee, I bet Kronic refused to job to the Harris boys before the match too.

Somebody, please, get Lance Storm out of this stupid feud with the WORTHLESS Misfits in Action, or Made In America. He deserves much better! Wait, I'm betting that main event area, now consisting mainly of Steiner, Nash, and Goldberg, isn't worthy of him, thanks to politics. Also, just let Mike Awesome be awesome. Stop these corny gimmicks, just because he has the Phattest mullet on the planet. They talk about WCW New Blood, but how can it be New Blood when you have Rick Steiner go over Awesome?

Shane Douglas had a good heat drawing segment...but nooooo, we have to ruin that to put over Goldberg. Damn shame, cause Douglas had that crowd pissed off at him. Nice, safe bump by Crowbar, trying to steal a little heat from Blackman and Shane McMahon last night.

Big Vito is the man! He made Nash look good last week, and now he took Jeff Jarrett to a great match. But hey, he's not a Steiner, so we won't push him!! Speaking of Vito, how obvious was it that he'd turn in Vince Russo. Too obvious.

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 9
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 2

Last Word: Now, everytime the New World Order is hinted on returning, what happens? The NWO marks attack me. Last time, I failed Nitro when the NWO reformed, saying it was going to be the end of Russo. A month later, NostraTito was correct on his prediction. I'm going to say this again: bringing back the NWO is a BAD IDEA. Hell, any kind of group resembling the NWO is a bad idea. A group of former NWO wrestlers is a bad idea. I thought Russo was supposed to have innovative ideas and stuff like that?

Well, obviously he doesn't, and especially now that he's let the backstage politics get the best of him. Nash won the World Title because he whined about Booker T's crowd pop, or how he wasn't drawing ratings. Little did Nash know that Booker T was over, and that the ratings will never change when you have morons running the company! Argh! Some of the action, tonight, wasn't bad, so I'll give Nitro a generous


for this week's show. Go ahead and call yourselves the NWO, I just dare ya! I wouldn't say this was a great show for an absent RAW either. I predict an overall 2.8 rating.


Wow!!! A hot opener for the WWF! Jericho, along with the Acolytes took on Benoit and T&A. Thanks to Jericho and Benoit, this 6 man was pretty good. Yes, this was the opening segment for RAW, which hasn't been done for a while. See, change is GRRRRREAT!

Oh wait, we didn't change much. We had a nice, long interview this week, although Kurt Angle's promo on Triple H was pretty good. Still, it's too typical WWF, and change is better!

Ugh. Lame match with Chyna and Val Venis Mr. Wrestling 4( Wrestlepalooza Audio Show). Val Venis is already washed up, and Chyna is about as fast as Viscera! Oh well, at least Mr. Wrestling 4 didn't win his IC title back, and bore us for another few months.

PTC thing was lame. Lame, lame, lame!!

Wow, Eddie Guerrero is getting involved with Triple H. By the way, does anybody in the WWF check out the television monitors for instant replays? Triple H and Eddie Guerrero really need to start looking at those monitors so they can place blame where needed. DUH!! Otherwise, it was a good set up with Chyna and Triple H, old flings. Oh, I heard somewhere that Chyna and Triple H are actually back together. Just what I heard....

Hey, the midget thing with Edge and Christian. I guess E/C are stealing pages out of the DX handbook, where DX had a midget come out, acting like Bret Hart after Survivor Series 97. Good thing E/C are funny, or I would have ripped it hard for stealing ideas. Good God, someone get Jeff Hardy a doctor! That man was limping badly.

Yep, from the Code Red RAW report, I knew that Tazz would get attacked by Lawler and Jim Ross during his match with Blackman. One more month of this stuff, which is really one more month for Tazz to get his attitude in check before advancing.

Good match starting with Eddie Guerrero and Triple H, but evil Kurt Angle ran down to ruin it. Ugh. Besides that, I enjoyed the evil Kurt Angle tonight. He was really pushing the buttons of everyone, and he "claims" to forget what happened with Stephanie. I guess it was too quick to remember.

Paging Vince McMahon: Someone get Saturn and Al Snow off the good shows before they really stink up the place. Good God, someone give those two guys some good gimmicks! The women added can't even help them!

Props to the WWF for their match with Kane and the Rock. The WWF helped to build up Kane again tonight by making kick out of several lethal moves last night. They want the monster in Kane to return, and they did it great tonight. However, what's with the new tights of Kane? I thought the whole point of his old tights was to hide his burnt flesh from the world? If you weren't sick of 3 Way dances for main events at Pay Per Views yet, then look no further, because we're gonna see another with Rock, Kane, and the Undertaker.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Not a bad show following a hot Pay Per View. Good angles with Eddie Guerrero, Triple H, and Kurt Angle....besides the failure to look at television monitors. But hey, like Survivor, the wrestlers don't know those cameras are there!!! I liked the main event, although Kane and Rock struggled to carry it at times. I'll give this show a


especially since they really didn't have to try without that weak competition from WCW this week. Of course, the WWF doesn't really try when they are up against WCW anyway. Hmm. I predict a 4.2 for the overall rating during the late hours. That ratings prediction could be off?

Overall, a decent night of wrestling I guess.

Hey WWF and WCW, could we tone down this women violence any day now?

Tomorrow, a review of the new WWF Video, TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. It's not Oh My! yet, due to the video being created before Mick Foley made it a cliche.

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