Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. This is column #155 in a row folks, as I have worked hard all summer on these columns. Anyways, oddly enough, I have recieved somewhat of a negative response to ECW's debut show. I thought it was excellent, but many didn't like it? Oh well, that's their opinion, and like I state it in this column, we are all entitled to it. Anyways, on to another edition of the PDC. Thanks for reading by the way.


-I appears that Konnan will now be released from WCW. I don't know if this is stemming from him asking for his release, but he can now end his WCW frustrations. He has had tons of backstage troubles with WCW officials, as well as troubles with wrestlers who were bookers, like Nash. This release should do wonders for Konnan, but I'm not too sure if the WWF is interested in him. I'm sure they have heard of his backstage troubles in WCW, and whether it was not is fault or not, it could halt him from ever coming to the WWF. Maybe an ECW reappearance would happen again, but he could jump back to being full time in Mexico to get away from it all. (thanks to Christopher Michaels)

-You know what wrestler I miss the most in WCW? Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. I do. I just realized that, right now! He was becoming a tremendous heel and he was generating some great heat with his antics and interviews. I miss hearing 'Big Poppa Pump is your hook-up'. Where is he nowadays? Well, his injuries, shoulder and back, seem to still be in horrible shape. Some have said that his career is over due to these injuries. That's a damn shame too, even though he was one of the most hated wrestlers in the WCW lockerroom for going too stiff during matches. I'm actually sorry for making those 'roid rage' comments about him in the past.


-Well, yesterday I was quickly skimming through the Ross Report, and I completely forgot something. Doh! In it, Ross mentioned that the Dudley Boys have officially signed!!! That's great news for the WWF tag team situation. Dudleys should add an excellent heel team to annoy face midcard teams at first, because they will have to work their way up. Too bad they can't taunt the crowd like they used to. That speech from Heatwave had me on the floor laughing. They will also be without Joel Gertner, who has always added a spark to the Dudleys. It's very hard to say if the WWF would want Sign Guy, since he's just a manager. I've seen lots of fan support though on getting Sign Guy in the WWF.

-Well, WWF Smackdown recieved a composite rating of 5.65 with the first hour getting a 5.4 and the second with a 5.9. Not a bad debut, since usually with debuts people tend to forget about them. Now 5.65 is an excellent rating, and I would be impressed if gets that during Thursdays once the good old Must See TV and crap begins. If they get great ratings then, then I would be impressed. But hey, I still can't see that damn show!!! I did catch it on Livewire though. Yay.


-It appears that some tension has already been caused in ECW. With ECW finally going to cable television and into homes across the USA, they are beginning to recieve an influx of talent. They already have Raven, who was a WCW deport, but there is a feeling that many are on their way. It's hard to say what wrestlers ECW would sign though, as before they signed wrestlers like Sid for complete shock value. ECW did however welcome Raven back with open arms, since he was always a friend of the company.

PDC Notes

Well, school season is just around the corner. That means less time to do the PDC. To tell you the truth, I'm really stressing for time right now. Lately, the PDC takes approximately 2 hours to do, when it used to take me around 1 hour to complete. So as of right now, expect some cutbacks. What you may ask? Well for one, and I've already started this, the e-mail situation is now cutback. Sorry to say this, but I'm cutting back on e-mail unless they are significant. I used to answer every question on e-mails, but lately I've kinda killed off the repeated questions. Sorry about that, but it seems anymore that all I do on the net is PDC related. Also, my ISP page with my column on it will revert back to the archive instead of the current PDCs which many of you are beginning to bookmark. Another thing, is that I'm totally giving up on the chats. Phat Chat is now DEAD, and I won't be hosting those anymore. Just doing some cutbacks because of time. I have two jobs, college, and Mrs. Tito to factor in my schedule, so it will be hard. I will say that I've contemplated quitting, but I'm doing these cutbacks to keep the ball rolling. All I want to say is that I'm very thankful to my readers. Thank you very much for reading. Oh yeah, people have mentioned to me how they enjoy me doing these columns late at night so that when they wake up in the morning, the PDC is there. Well, with school coming around, I won't be doing it late night as much. Expect some columns during the afternoon like it used to be.

@That's all I have for today. Thanks for reading, and chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, trying to keep my pride, signing off!

It's Evolution Baby!!!

Take Care, and Enjoy Life.

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