It's just another Manic Monday....I wish it were Sunday...that's my Funday. Actually, yesterday was. I really enjoyed participating in the Wrestlepalooza Audio show for the Summerslam Hype. Then, of course, Summerslam. Well, you'll see my thoughts on that, along with a Video Game review. While at the Wrestlepalooza studios for the audio show, I had a chance to play Royal Rumble for Sega Dreamcast. Yes, indeed, review time! Also, a big slab of Monday Night Hype to go with all of this today. On to the PDC.



I went a good 7-2 on my predictions, with the Undertaker/Kane match thrown out, thanks to no contest. Not saying I'm God for picking a good Pay Per View this month, but that it's nice to FINALLY get these damn predictions correct for a change. I've been getting killed on WWF ones lately.

Oh, where to start? Chyna, as I predicted, is your new Champion. As Bill pointed out on the Audio Show yesterday, she does have her issue of Playboy coming out, so for those of you who diss her slow wrestling talent, just think of it as a great publicity move. I think it's a good move to have here feud with Eddie Guerrero as a couple. Steve Blackman won the hardcore title back, in a good move by the WWF, to continue his Lethal hardcore run. NO Raven showing up, as I reported the rumor earlier. Remember, it was just a rumor.

The Rock retained the title, with expected troubles with Kurt Angle and Triple H. Now, who will the Rock face? Maybe Benoit again, who defeated Jericho in a match that should have been given more time. I don't know if Kane or the Undertaker will fight the Rock either, as their match was rather odd. Isaac Yankem has returned!

Look for repeat feuds with Lawler and Tazz going at it some more, and the same with Road Dogg and X-Pac. Very expected, but the ending of the Lawler and Tazz match was done before with good old JR's candy jar. Ugh, more Xpac and Road Dogg feud. Oh my God! Also, how about that Steviekick! RTC welcomes Stevie Richards to the group. Nobody turned though(ugh).

The ladders, tables, and chairs (oh my!) match stole the show once again. Nuff said, as I'm slightly disappointed in Edge/Christian retaining, because we don't want that New Age Outlaws syndrome hitting. Hardys need the titles for some kind of direction in their careers.

As for the whole Pay Per View. It reminds me very much of this year's Wrestlemania, only slightly better. That's all I really have to say on this, as many things that were expected to happen, did.

-RAW Hype-

Expect more dissention between Kurt Angle and Triple H over Stephanie. OH MY GOD, expect a LONG opening interview, especially since the WWF is on a later time tomorrow. I better get out the caffeine for tomorrow night to stay awake for that crap.

Rumors were going on that Raven and possibly Steven Regal would show up at the RAW after Summerslam, but I don't know now with the US Open taking the precious 9-11 spot this week. Let's hope we get at least one to show up to stay awake tomorrow.

Actually, I'd expect something more to happen on Smackdown with the later times for these two weeks of RAW. Just expect some of the feuds from tonight to continue, and the major stuff should happen on Smackdown for the WWF during the next 2 weeks.


-Nitro Hype-

This week on Nitro! More HUGE Roided up guys beating up women!! HOLY COW, I can just smell the ratings with that ABSOLUTE CRAP.

Bill Goldberg is now mad since his "actor" girlfriend was beat up by Steiner. So let me get this straight. Goldberg KILLS Steiner's valet 2 weeks ago, and since Scott Steiner killed Goldberg's "actor" girlfriend, Steiner is now a heel? Yeah, I believe that. I just want to see these two wrestle on Nitro, because their last match was spectacular. Big Poppa Pump doesn't take any of Goldberg's no selling crap, as he makes Goldbore sell everything.

WCW, or shall we say Vince Russo, promised a familiar will return. Bret Hart has been mentioned for showing up, but is he the one actually returning? All I can say is if Hulk Hogan is that familiar face, I'm watching Tennis! (Note: I'd do the same for the Dog Show too)

Paisley, Tygress, and Major Gunnz, each managing either a worthless wrestler or a terrible stable, will wrestle each other in a 3 way dance. Ok, at least ATTEMPT to wrestle. I don't know about you, but WCW just doesn't know how to make their T&A look good during matches. They put these babes together in the ring, and their stupidity kills a good segment. Oh well, it's still a sight to see.

Oh God, Kronic, those no selling, stiff shotting, ego filled, and lame excuse for a cheap pop team will be facing the Harris Boys. You know, I actually liked the Harris Boys as Creative Control, but I hate them when they rehash their old DOA gimmick. Plus, they must have a decent team to work with to even look good, and Kronic isn't a team they are looking for. But hey, I'll be cheering for the Harris Boys since somebody needs to enforce Kronic to actually lose when asked.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Game Review

Thanks to Bill and Shawn from for this one, as I got the chance to play Sega Dreamcast's Royal Rumble after the Audio Show we did yesterday. So here's the review!

WWF Royal Rumble on Sega Dreamcast

First off, the options. NO create-a-wrestler, not many special matches, and from what I saw, a very limited amount of wrestlers. For such an advanced system, as it's hyped, Sega Dreamcast didn't really bring much to the table. Menus are pretty easy to use, however, and the game set up is too. Still, this game lacks stuff already.

Graphics are pretty good, and they are on par with WWF Smackdown for Playstation. The graphics aren't choppy during action, and that's a good plus. Sound is good, but there isn't much of an entrance for wrestlers, as with the other games. That's odd, because this game seems to be living off memory restraints, when it shouldn't be.

Onto the action. It's fast paced, hard hitting, and so forth. Control is rather sloppy though, and confusing with the strange Dreamcast controller. Strange button configurations for certain moves if you ask me.

The best part of the game was the Royal Rumble. Other games suffer from bad loading times or just memory constraints on wrestlers in the ring, but not this game. Good God, many wrestlers, sometimes duplicate of some, can show up at a time for a great fight. It's like a fast paced brawling Royal Rumble, and I enjoyed that part of the game. If the control was better for this game, then this would be a total blast.

Last Word: I can't believe how limited this game is, considering the Technology. I guess I just don't understand the Sega systems, and never will, as I've never owned a Sega product in my life. That doesn't matter, cause we are reviewing a game, so blame THQ for not beefing it up like the others. I'm sure there are some hidden characters, as I would really hope so. Let me see here...if you are a Sega Dreamcast owner, and you LOVE the WWF, then get this game. If you are a dual system owner, maybe rent this one. I think it's sort of limited, compared to the great Smackdown and Wrestlemania 2000. I'll give this game a solid


for good graphics and the great Royal Rumble action. Believe me, I've played worse wrestling video games **cough** ANYTHING ACCLAIM **cough**.

CLICK HERE to Listen to the Audio Show Recapping Summeslam!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the MONDAY NIGHT IMPRESSIONS, which will cover the Monday Night shows, giving them grades and Phat Stats, and possibly US Open Tennis if Hulk Hogan just happens to be the familiar face for Nitro.

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