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Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, this is the first column for me with ECW impressions. I just got done watching the tape, and I must say...well, I'll save that for the column. So on to the PDC.


-I must say, that ECW has a great opening sequence. Last I saw the ECW program, they had that thing where it would switch from color to black and white. They still have portions from that intro that I used to see.

-I truly have missed out on Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn matches. Everyone keeps telling me that those two can put on a tremendous show. I was truly impressed by the shots those two gave and recieved. Those two aren't human. I loved those froggy splashes. Damn I missed seeing the Whole F'N Show, or should I now say Mr. PPV in action.

-Damn, Taz is f'n powerful. He tossed that Rhino guy around like nothing! He has fans like the rock chanting his usual phrases.

-Spike Dudley...last I saw him, he always got his ass kicked. Now, he's beating huge wrestlers. I love the Acid Drop.

-What got me the whole night was ECW trying to rub popularity off of showing their current wrestlers beating former ECW wrestlers who are now big. They are trying to grab viewers that way, which I wasn't too enthused about. Especially Taz. He talked big stuff on choking out Jericho, Bam Bam, Franchise, and other wrestlers now in greener pastures.

-Overall, a great intro to many of ECW's talent. That Kid Rock video helped show a few wrestlers that I've never seen since I last had the ECW informercial before Pittsburgh WB took it away from me.

ECW Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0
Wait a second...there is no Disqualification in ECW!!!!

====$$Well, I really enjoyed the first installment of ECW on TNN. I suppose I've become an ECW mark again. Never thought I would see the day ECW finally made it to a network, but it's finally arrived, and I'm loving it. I wish they wouldn't have tried to rub off the current WCW and WWF superstars that were formerly in ECW, but that will probably grab some attention. Great show, so I'll give it a PHAT


for a job well done.

-Incidentally, I already caught the spoilers for next week's show. What can I say, it will be another great show! Something HUGE happens, but of course, the PDC is SPOILER FREE. As for this week's I think it will get enormous ratings? I don't think so. Since it's on a Friday, at 8 no less, plus everyone goes out on a Friday, and most are at High School football games. Friday is a horrible spot to attain ratings, so it might be hard for the ECW show to get super ratings. I'm sure everyone, like me, taped it!

Lots from the Ross Report
Wow, I was impressed to hear that now Mick Foley is now attempting to lose weight. I figured he would be allowed to be out of shape, since he takes bumps like no other. Mick Foley doesn't work out very much since he usually spends his off time recovering from hellish matches.

Good ol' Undertaker is once again wrestling injured. According to Jim Ross, he is nursing a torn groin(ouch!). Even though I'm not the biggest supporter of his recent angles, I will say he truly is one of the most ballsy competitors ever for wrestling though the injuries that he has had.

Oh my, Road Dogg won't be back for quite some time now, since Ross stated he would be out 6-8 weeks. Is he injured? I'm not sure, but I hear he'll be taking time off to work on some kind of music project. If he's not injured...time off for that is ridiculous.

It's Evolution Baby!!!

@Well, that's all I'm doing today. I'll be back tomorrow, so you better get ready. This is Mr. Tito, it's just a nickname, signing off!

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

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