Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yes, I did take Sunday off, but oh well. I just stared at the computer screen on Sunday morning, without any ideas to write about. Sure, I had some, but I just couldn't really develop them into a good column, at least for my own standards.

I did think about whipping out a history, but I usually prepare for those instead of writing those on the fly. Histories, you should note, take me at LEAST 2 hours of typing, and can get up to 5 hours of typing at times (NWO column, for example). That's time of my life that I can never get back, although I do enjoy talking about wrestling's past.

The only histories, though, that I really want to write are ones about the Four Horsemen, Sting, among others. I've already beaten the 1990s and late 1980s to death for both WCW and WWF, the main two federations that I've watched. I'll have to think, long and hard, on a good history that I could write without spending way too much time on. When I was away for college, the histories were easier to write because I could spend all Saturday morning (since I wasn't recovering from a hangover) whipping one up. However, I don't have the luxury of having all of that free time now.

Ah well. Last night, I caught E!'s True Hollywood Story about Married with Children, and they mentioned the fight against Terry Rakolta, a mother who became extremely upset at an episode of Married with Children while her kids were watching it. It was the episode where Al Bundy and Steve were shopping in a lingerie store, and Mrs. Rakolta let her kids watch it because she thought that it would have been family programming. However, it wasn't, and she soon became focused on attacking FOX to get this show off the air.

But how? She formed a parental group called the "Americans for Responsible Television", which actually began threatening advertisers....... just like the "Parental Television Council" does with WWF Smackdown. And do you know what the producers kept responding to Rakolta? If you don't like what you're kids are watching, then turn it off. The funny thing is that she doesn't understand that and refused to give up her fight to cripple the show out of advertising dollars. The same ignorance runs for the PTC, who just doesn't "get it" either.

Maybe if the PTC or Americans for Responsible Television would spend more of their donated money, which they beg for and become rich off of idiots who think they are saving the US from violent people, on educating children to maybe understand that violent television is NOT real life and also, maybe educate the parents to you know, become better parents to not allow for their children to watch something that might not be good for them.

But instead, it will always be an ongoing problem because these parental groups believe that they can end the violence or sexual content by eliminating a show. Little do they know that another show will soon be on its way to pick up where the eliminated show left off. But I guess if they weren't greedy and flat out stupid, then maybe they wouldn't resort to the garbage that they always end up trying.

I really hope that the WWF wins something against the PTC in the lawsuit that's still pending, I believe. It would really put the screws to those who don't understand what being a good parent is in terms of watching what their children are viewing on television. It would be a great wake up call.

Wow, I nearly have all of today's column whipped up already. Let's see here.... I've got Mtv Heat to review and RAW to hype, therefore, on to the PDC.

Yay! I actually caught this show. By the way, I completely forgot to tape or even watch WWF Excess the other night. Oh well, nothing I missed other than a decent Triple H interview and the "From the Vault" segment. Good thing JARO is ALL OVER IT when it comes to results these days, so that I become caught up on what I missed.

First match of the night was Hugh Morrus (Get it?!?!?) versus Prince Albert (Get it?!??!). Wow, two names that would make Vince Russo laugh. The best quirky name for a wrestler, by far, is Justin Credible, but too bad he's not that. I have no clue to why the WWF rebooked this match for Heat again, but then again, I don't sign the paychecks for the wrestlers every week. What did that last phrase mean? Thank God this match was short, or I was about to jump out the window. It was rather odd to see Albert trying to play the face in this match. Of course, who would cheer Hugh?

Next, it was O'Haire/Palumbo vs. the Hollys. Oh yuck, Sean O'Haire looked HORRIBLE in this match. I don't know what it was, but whenever he was in the ring, he just didn't look like he had a clue what he was doing. He just stood around and hit a punch, and then he would tag in Palumbo. Palumbo and O'Haire didn't quite look good as a team, either, which makes me wonder where the offensive spot machines went after WCW was bought out. The Hollys looked solid, though, and I'm sure they were questioning what they just wrestled once they got backstage after the match. Crash and Hardcore should have been the ones going over after Palumbo/O'Haire (especially O'Haire) really stunk up the place last night.

Spike Dudley vs. Chavo Guerrero was next, which was a decent Lightweight match. By the way, Molly Holly was looking as good as ever tonight. Anyway, Spike won the match, cleanly, and you know that the WWF writers are just dying to get Eddie Guerrero back for the storylines. That's probably why Chavo hasn't done much lately.

Another repeated Heat match in Lance Storm vs. Scotty 2 Hotty was up, as I wonder how the WWF can repeat Heat matches with a HUGE roster of midcarders lying around. Good match, as the last one was, which is expected from two solid workers, especially Storm. Good ending spot to finish the match, by the way.

We had some craziness from William Regal and Tajiri, which I really tuned in for. The WWF NY crowd was really hot for Tajiri and Regal, as both guys were somewhat shocked to hear such loud chants of their name (they also chanted for Rocky, too). Both Regal and Tajiri had that look of appreciation while the chants were going on, and were actually speechless at times. Regal and Tajiri just basically talked about the current state of the WWF and how they got together as a couple.

LAST WORD: Ehhh, not a bad show, but I could have used some matches not done in the past few weeks with the same ending result. The performance of O'Haire/Palumbo really left me dry in a match that I thought would be fun to watch, and Morrus vs. Albert is just death everytime I see it. The other two matches were good, and Tajiri/Regal are always funny. We'll go with a C+ (C plus) for this week's show.


Well, no official preview to laugh at yet today...... However, we at LEAST know one match. Hardcore Champ and Alliance Member Rob Van Dam will be taking on Alliance Member Raven. With Raven's, at times, ability to sell and RVD's ability to dish out offense, this should be a good match. However, I have a very bad feeling about the outcome. I sense that Stone Cold Steve Austin will come down and attack both wrestlers to show what a "great" leader he is for the Alliance. Boy, I really can't wait to see that.

Also on the show, we can expect more of Booker T and the Rock to interact with each other, possibly leading to their rematch at Unforgiven. If you'll recall, Booker T's Alliance team beat Rock's team in a 6 man on Smackdown, in which Booker T taunted the Rock afterwards. They'll probably get a match at Unforgiven, which will be the Main Event of that show as well, just like Summerslam, even though the Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin rematch will blow it out of the water, again.

Again, no official preview to laugh at discuss, and I have no insider sources, so that's all we have for RAW Hype for this week.

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