Ah yes, good old Sunday, home of NFL football and Wrestling Pay Per Views. However, one of those isn't true, with preseason ending yesterday, whereas we have a Pay Per View to discuss today. Summerslam has been a pretty historical event for the WWF, ever since it was invented. Oddly enough, the last two years are the ones looked at in this new age for the WWF. In 1998, many praised the WWF and the Undertaker for the cleanly won main event with Stone Cold, and for a very solid undercard. BUT in 1999, it was deemed 'worst WWF PPV of the year' by many for it's weak undercard matches, and the political battle with Stone Cold REFUSING to job to Triple H, hence adding Mick Foley to the match to win the title. So what will happen at this year's Summerslam? Will it be a blast to watch, or will it be the 2nd straight flop. We'll see tonight, but before then, let's discuss the matches in my Predictions. Also, the Show of the Week is primed and ready. On to the PDC.

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6. WCW Thunder- Ugly, ugly, ugly. Even Kevin Sullivan produced better Thunders than this one.
5. WWF Sunday Night Heat- Not a bad show, but not a great one. Typical Heat without any standout matches.
4. WCW Monday Nitro- It was a good show, despite having Chuck Palumbo pretty much winning the World Title.
3. ECW on TNN- I guess if you like highlights of shows, then this should have been #1. But noooo, we were treated to only one good match, and lots of hype for other shows. I guess that's what you have to do when you'll have no Cable show coming up.
2. WWF Smackdown- This show was pretty decent until they did the finally with Kurt Angle kissing Stephanie. Let's call that smart of the WWF for tonight's PPV.

Show of the Week

WWF RAW is WAR- This show was all around better than Smackdown, with an equally great ending, probably better, with Stephanie losing to Lita in an actual great Women's match. Also, Kurt Angle and Triple H actually got the win over the Acolytes in a good match. All in all, the best show of the week IN MY OPINION.

-Summerslam Predictions-

Shane McMahon vs. Steve Blackman
Slam! Wrestling was reporting a rumor of Raven possibly helping Shane to win this match. Now that would be a good way for Raven to enter the WWF, but it keeps the title on Shane when it could be continued to be of good use on Steve Blackman. Besides, McMahons receive too much criticism with titles, except the Women's title(who cares?), so the best thing is to drop it back to the Lethal Weapon so he can continue his good hardcore run.
Tito's Pick: Steve Blackman

X-Pac vs. Road Dogg
Some are even reporting that Mr. Ass will show up here, but he won't be able to do any in ring action until September. I doubt he'll show up. Hopefully, a quick match here so that the WWF won't bore us to tears. I bet one guy will come out on top.. ***flips a coin*** and whoever wins, will be controversial, setting up a rematch to bring back Mr. Ass next month.
Tito's Pick: X-Pac

Kat vs. Terri
Wow, these two have feuded for several months....with not that much airtime. Well anyway, this feud won't carry further in this match, so Terri will lose cause she's NOT on TV guide for last week. I think the WWF has something in store for Kat. Besides, when you are with Perry Saturn, you lose.
Tito's Pick: the Kat

Tazz vs. Jerry the King Lawler
This could be a very surprisingly entertaining match. Some say that there will be a rematch of this for the next Pay Per View, but I'll agree there. Besides, I think the WWF wants to torture Tazz, and get his attitude in check better by making him lose and continue the feud.
Tito's Pick: Jerry Lawler

Hehe, I remember when the WWF, or at least Lawler, invaded ECW with Rob Van Dam and Sabu. I remember a cage match where Rick Rude turned heel, and Lawler showed up. Taz(no extra Z then) showed up and slapped Lawler in the Tazmission, where Lawler was tapping out hard. Ironic that they are feuding now.

Right To Censor vs. Rikishi/Too Cool
Something is up for this match. Too Cool haven't been used as much lately, and Rikishi has been flipping around on feuds. Right To Censor also seems to lose a whole lot of matches as well lately, so for that, RTC should win. However, I have this feeling that someone is turning in this match. Whether it be Grandmaster Sex-ay, Scotty 2 Hotty, or Rikishi, it has a foul smell to it. But then again, nobody could turn, but I'll stick with the RTC getting the win, via screwjob.
Tito's Pick: Right to Censor

Val Venis/Trish Stratus vs. Eddie Guerrero/Chyna
The WWF wouldn't have added the 'lose the IC title' stipulation if someone wasn't going to win it here tonight. I'm hoping that the WWF makes the right decision here by stripping the LAMEST IC Champ of ALL Time. In fact, I'll go on record to saying that the original Rocky Miavia was better than Val's second run as IC Champ. Now that says a lot. I'm predicting that Chyna will win the title, and that Eddie will get jealous down the road.
Tito's Pick: Chyna and Eddie Guerrero

Kane vs. the Undertaker
Gee, have we seen this match of feud before? I'm calling for the screwjob win by Kane since the WWF seems to be trying to push him as a monster again. Raven is also RUMORED to be involved with this match, hence starting the RUMORED stable with Kane. Or so we think, but I'll go with the BIG RED MACHINE anyway.
Tito's Pick: Kane

Dudleys vs. Hardys vs. Edge/Christian
We don't want Edge/Christian to become the next lameduck champs like the New Age Outlaws, so it's fitting to give the titles to the righteous ones, very due for the titles. The Dudleys are the best team in wrestling today, but they don't need the titles since the CROWD LOVES THEM! They now have Rocky syndrome, where titles aren't needed to get over more. So it's time for the Hardy Boyz to finally get the gold after not having the titles for a long time now. Besides, wouldn't it be perfect to split over? This will be the MATCH OF THE NIGHT!
Tito's Pick: Hardy Boyz

Chris Jericho vs. Chris Benoit
Ah yes, the WWF is trying to capture magic that was during the Clash of the Champions in 1989 when Ricky Steamboat fought Ric Flair in a classic 2 out of 3 falls, that lasted a good hour and a half(I believe). Well, they won't have the time for that(I wish they did), but this whole set of falls will be great! I'm calling Jericho for one, Benoit for two, and Jericho for three since Benoit holds more wins over him(I think), mainly on PPVs. I just wish these two would start their pushes to the VERY top of the mountain, instead of killing each other. Maybe fight for the World Title against each other too?
Tito's Pick: 2-1, Chris Jericho

Triple H vs. Rock vs. Kurt Angle
Typical WWF here, as Angle and Triple H will somehow make up during the show, saying it was a "misunderstanding", although Angle seemed to enjoy it. Then, the Rock will get pounded, and the wounds will reopen with Triple H and Angle. Plus, I don't see their feud ending anytime soon, so one will screw the title out of the other, and you'll SMELL what the Rock is cooking.
Tito's Pick: The Rock

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