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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I am very surprised at how the WCW in Crisis segment went over, as I recieved hardly any critisism for it. I figured hardcore WCW marks would murder me with comments, but they agreed. Good thing I tried to be nice doing that segment instead of being a meanie and totally rip WCW apart. I'm hoping someone from that organization reads my column. :) Maybe I have all the answers. Nah, it's just my opinion. Anyways, I figure I could shake things up again today. Why not? Also, I'm testing a new design for the column. Tell me if you like. On to the PDC.

Why not start things off with an intro to new ECW section on the PDC?


Raven has signed with ECW!!! That's right, Raven must have finalized his WCW release, as he has immediately signed with ECW once again. For those who didn't see Raven back in the day in ECW, he was evil and tormented, and he was the top heel back then. With Raven coming back to ECW, they can strengthen their roster, and bring back the old Raven which was lost in WCW. No more 'what about me, what about Raven' B.S. anymore. Just pure hardcore Raven, which wasn't afraid to take shots and wasn't afraid to give them either. I welcome him back, especially now that I can see ECW again! Last I saw ECW was when Raven just left the organization.

ECW's TNN debut tomorrow night!! Well, tomorrow night, ECW makes it's television debut!! That's right, the wait is over!! It will start at 8 PM Eastern Time. It will be an intro to Rollerjam, a show which TNN has tried to get over for a few months now. Anyways, I'm pumped! I've been told by many that this show will be somewhat of an intro to their characters, so if you haven't seen ECW before, you better catch this one. I've seen many matches with Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Taz, and Tommy Dreamer, so first time viewers can expect one hell of a show. Just so everyone knows, YES, I will be doing impressions, grades, and Phat Stats© for the ECW show. Note though, I go out on Friday Nights, so I gotta tape the show. It could be late.


No More Musical Performances on Nitro. According to Curt Creighton, WCW has decided, since the recent music performances haven't drawn any or better ratings, that they should drop the musical performances done on Nitro by the musical acts that WCW pays big $$$ to do. That's good. WCW has better things to use to attempt to get ratings for their show. No need to waste their money on musical acts that everyone can see elsewhere on another television network. Fans want wrestling, not musical acts since they have different tastes in music. They only way it works out, is if the performers can wrestle. (Example: ICP)

Buff is also unhappy with WCW. According to Slam! Wrestling, Buff is considering leaving WCW when his contract is up in 5 months. He's another wrestler angered by the lack of pushes he recieves, and he's probably tired of being held back. Add him to the list of wrestlers who are young, very talented, but misused by WCW, and they want out of WCW!! This can't be good for the future of WCW wrestling. They need these guys when their current main eventers, pushing 40 or over, finally retire.

Bischoff taking a stand? Many people have wrote me, saying that Eric Bischoff is showing that he is a strong president of WCW by having that recent Nitro meeting. They claim that he'll now take the company in the right direction now that he supposively has his wreslters under control. I tend to disagree. I feel it was a HUGE mistake by Bischoff to have that meeting. Sure, he could have talked to them about problems, but not telling all of them 'if you want a release from WCW, I'll give you one'. How stupid is that? Especially after Chris Jericho makes a GIGANTIC debut on RAW, which made many WCW wrestler's mouths water. Hell, just imagine if the majority of the WCW talent walked out of that room..completely screwing Nitro and WCW. He could have really messed up there.

Note: Didn't feel like watching Chunder for Nitro replays tonight.


HBK and HHH together again. Since I read the spoilers because I can't see F'N Smackdown, I knew this was coming since Wednesday morning. I was like wow! But it tends to make me think a little. Was it a last minute decision from the WWF because they felt that Triple H's recent craziness wasn't getting over? Was it that they needed something to spice up Smackdown to get it great ratings? Or was it the WWF's wanting for HHH and HBK to be together since the two of them are simply great together?!? I think all three. Triple H isn't all that mean in real life, since he is rather funny. He tries to damn hard to be evil on WWF shows to get over as a heel. With HBK again, they can have those classic interviews which had me on the floor laughing again. With HBK, Triple H will get over as a champ again, because HBK usually gets over no matter what he does. As a heel, he can draw tremendous heat!

Tammy Sytch NOT returning to the WWF. That's right. Everyone keeps asking me if Tammy Sytch will be returning because of Stevie Richard's and Blue Meanie's Blond Bytch Project. It's not true!! Tammy Sytch would most likely NEVER return to the WWF, and she would only return for the right amount of $$$. Her final days in the WWF weren't very pleasant for her, since a certain Bad Guy took a dump on a plate and handed it to her on a plane.

Note: Since I don't get UPN, no Smackdown Impressions, Grades, or Phat Stats©!

Ah yes, one of my favorite segments of the PDC. I've only done this segment twice, and I usually do it when I keep seeing a repetition of questions. So I present to you:

Mr. Tito's Questions and Answers 3

How long will you be doing Phat Daily Columns? I'll do them until it gets in the way of my personal life, and/or it gets in the way of my studies. So far, it really hasn't been hurting me, but it could once the Fall Quarter at college begins. Lately, I've been writing longer columns. If I can keep that up, I will. But if it gets in the way of my personal or school life, then I'll cut back or retire.

What is the current streak for consecutive daily columns? This column is #153 in a row.

What are your personal feelings about WCW, ECW, and WWF? WCW: I think they could either be in real trouble, or they could get better. ECW: They better make the most of the TNN deal, or they will be in trouble. WWF: Needs to stop having repeating main events. Other than that, they are very solid.

Who do you personally hate on the net? I don't personally hate anyone to the point where I would rip them apart in a column. I don't like to take my aggression out on people on the internet, simply because yelling at someone on the internet is easy because they aren't here in person. I'll save that for others to bash each other in columns.

Do you have anyone you are working with as a an apprentice? No, but I do give advice to whoever e-mails me.

Would you like to do an interview for our site? Sure, no problem. Please tell me in advance. I'm not afraid to tell it how it is. :)

What do you think about the Scotsman vs. Internet Reporters thing? Easily, one of my favorite things done ever on the net. Some people should understand that it's nothing to get pissed off about. I think it's rather funny how many reporters are threatening Scots with lawsuits. All they had to do was check their sources, and they wouldn't have been made a mockery on that scoreboard. I'm totally for it, because reporters are now stronger because they fear that board. Besides, I've always enjoyed Scotsman's works, so I have no problem with what he is doing, even if I someday end up on his scoreboard.

What happened to Phat Chat? Right now, I am struggling to find a time to have one, plus a place to have the chat as well.

How do you answer your e-mail? Well, I try to answer every question possible. As for everything else, I do read it all. Some people might wonder why they never get a reply. When I get sent a column like e-mail, what can I say? Besides, I get hammered with e-mail daily, so I need to cutback somewhere. So I do read everything.

What current wrestlers do you really mark out for? I would have to say D-Lo, Stevie Richards, Perry Saturn, RVD, X-Pac, Kane, I respect Sting, British Bulldog, and the Great Muta.

Do you know if any federations read your column? Nope. I've never been contacted by any of them either about some of my opinions either. Oh well.

Questions Re-answered

Can you get me a job at Lords of Pain or Top-rope? no
Can you plug my site on your column? No
Can I write a segment of your column? NO
Will you work for my site? NO!!!
-For those, that I keep getting: When will anyone realize that I can't hook anyone up with a job, I plug what I want, I write all of my column because it's my column(besides my good friend Frank on Tuesdays, and that I'm EXCLUSIVE to Lords of Pain and Top-Rope? Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Please understand.

@That's all for this beast of a column. Thank you very much for reading, as I appreciate it very much. So until tomorrow, just chill..till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, a proud columnist, signing off!

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