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Welcome the one and only Phat Daily Column... Ha, welcome to yet another edition of the PDC. It seems that WCW is in an interesting situation. I'm wondering what is truly going on back stage. It seems that these recent shake ups in WCW could really affect WCW's future? How you ask? Let's find out in today's PDC!

WCW Headline: WCW wrestlers Konnan, Kidman, Raven, and Rey Mysterio Jr. have all asked for their releases in WCW. Now if they go through with their releases, then that means they can't wrestle for the WWF, but they can wrestle for any other federation. Just remember, last Nitro had a meeting where Eric Bischoff lashed out on complaining wrestlers and stated that if any wrestler wanted a release, he would personally grant them one. Raven ended up walking out of the meeting, while the other three asked for their releases afterwards. So this, along with many other shake ups leads me into......................

Note: Since I'm a Conan O'Brien mark, I decided to do something just him. He, during the Clinton scandal, would have those President in Crisis segments. So I said why not make a.......

WCW in Crisis

Another Note: I am not saying that WCW is going to shut down or anything. They have a few things wrong, so I am going to address them, or maybe analyze what is going to happen. This is NOT a column bashing sit back, relax, and just chill....

The Center of the Problem: Eric Bischoff

Ah yes, all of the rumors keep flying around saying that his job security isn't as high as it used to be. Now back in the day, he really impressed the Time Warner fellas when he attained higher ratings than the WWF, although he was spending lots of their money on the talent. Well, now the money is still being spent on talent, but now they are behind in the ratings war. They are really behind now, and it seems that Eric Bischoff is making a little effort to get back on track. He should do what Vince did when he was down, and that was make his federation a brand spanking new product. Nitro now seems the same ever since it started.

Eric Bischoff has no control over wrestlers at all! Hell, he has his wrestlers run the shows. Nash booked himself to win the title, without Bischoff disagreeing. Bischoff lets Hogan run the entire show. Hogan strikes down any pushes or angles he doesn't like. Bischoff is in Nash's, Hogan's, and DDP's back pocket, letting them run WCW however they please. No wrestler should have any power in WCW, but he lets them have it. They get paid to lose when told, not to refuse to lose for a million dollars a year. WCW doesn't pay those wrestlers to do as they please, but Eric Bischoff still lets them do as they please.

Besides, what the hell was Bischoff thinking the other night at Nitro? Does he understand how many wrestlers could have walked out that night? Hell, he probably lost 4 great, young superstars. Sure, Konnan and Raven he didn't care about, but Kidman and Mysterio I know he does. Also, he has wrestlers like Savage and Ric Flair totally pissed at WCW now. Since he has no control, those wrestlers are saying screw it because they feel it's not worth putting up with anymore. Hey, just imagine if more than half of WCW's talent left that room before Nitro.

Undeserved Pushes

That's right. How about an example. Sid!! Sid has only been there a month or so, but WCW is pushing him to become the next best thing! Millennium man my ass. All they are going to do is push him for Goldberg to run him over. What made me extremely mad is that they made Sting lose to Sid. Now I honor Sting for putting him over, but Sid isn't what he was during his great WWF run. Sid has lost a lot of wrestling skill. What the hell am I talking about, he just came in the WCW a few months ago. That should be enough to make him have an undeserved push.

There are so many wrestlers deserving of a massive push. Benoit is finally getting some recognition, but it seems that it came way too late. Sure, the Revolution will get television time, but who will they defeat that is big? Nobody, because WCW will hold them back. Other wrestlers have suffered from this, and even left because of horrible or no pushes at all. Chris Jericho and Paul Wight, both young talented superstars that WCW eventually misused, and now loving life in the WWF. Why did they leave? No satisfaction in their status in WCW's rankings.

Older Wrestlers are too Powerful

Ah yes, the most touchy part of the segment. The older wrestlers are way too powerful in WCW. Now sure, they paid their dues. They have busted their asses to make this sport what it is today, and I truly am grateful for what they did for wrestling. WCW thinks the world of them, since they left the WWF to come to WCW. BUT, WCW gives those older veterans way too much power and influence on storylines. Also, those older wrestlers take way too much time off. Also, they don't give a damn about younger talent. Truly, everytime a young wrestler gets going, they tell Eric Bischoff bad things about that wrestler, or since they book the shows, they put them in a horrible angle or a match which they could lose. Some of those wrestlers absolutely refuse to put another wrestler over. Now, recently Sting, DDP, and Flair a few months back were nice enough to put a few younger wrestlers over. Also, Nash lost to Mysterio, and he recently lost to Hogan(just to take some time off). But hey, do you see Hogan clean jobbing for anyone anymore? Didn't think so. He let Goldberg beat him, just so that he would be the first to defeat Goldberg..but he retired then. The booking power is the main problem with the older wrestlers. They give nobody an opportunity to shine but themselves.

It's All About ME in WCW

What do I mean? Well I mean that WCW has wrestlers that are out for themselves. Want an example? Bill Goldberg. He's only lost once, and that was a screwjob to Kevin Nash at Starrcade. Another example of who's out for themselves is Kevin Nash. He books himself as the messiah, and he is involved in every major angle and wins whatever he wants. I like how when Hogan comes back, Nash's thunder somehow dies. Hogan is another. Face it, remember those long Hollywood interviews that never made any sense? He's just taking time to showcase himself. He's always involved in the title hunt, and the reason is because he says so!

WCW Doesn't Listen to the Fans!

They don't. They truly don't care what you think. They don't care if you bash them, nor do they care if I present their problems in this very column. Good example...their website. Easily, the most boring official website I have ever seen. No updates, or hardly any great news. Just look at It's easily one of the best sites, period, on the net. They have exclusive news and rumor killers. Heck, they have an e-mail address which you can mail your comments in about, and believe it or not, they read them( WCW has this hard to find feedback section, but I'm sure those comments go unnoticed. They should listen to the fans, after all, we do give them their ratings, buy their merchandise, and buy their Pay Per Views.

Lack of Fresh Ideas

What I mean by this is a few things. One, recycling old angles. Example, the New World Order. When they reunited the NWO in January, it became a complete flop. Sure they jumped everyone like back in the day, but it wasn't interesting. Two, they can't produce much shock value anymore. When someone switches sides, it seems so ridiculous. Most of the time, enemies side, and it's annoying. Three, can't they have a hyped up match without a run in? Why not try it? It can certainly do wonders for the federation.

CONCLUSION This is all I could think of for the moment. I watch WCW. I like many wrestlers in WCW. I watch everything they put out, because there are a few parts that I really enjoy. It just frustrates me when I keep hearing about internal problems with wrestlers and management. I mean come on, having a closed door meeting saying any wrestler who wants a release can have one. Please. That's no way a company should be run. If they had order in their federation, it could do wonders. Wrestlers would do what they are supposed to, and then the programs would put up a mean fight against the WWF. Something major is going to happen in WCW, I can feel it. If nothing is done, continued downfall will happen, and like Cody Monk stated, a certain Extreme Championship Wrestling might overcome them. I have faith in WCW, but the recent events have really made me wonder how stable WCW truly is.

WWF Stuff

-Alright, the US Open is coming up! Yipee, I truly am a tennis fan, as I played in High School. Wait a second, it's taking over wrestling!! It's bumping RAW is WAR to a later spot!! My one addiction, defeated by something I like. Doh! Anyways, it will be pushed back 11 pm (I THINK!!!). That hurts, because school is starting up and many younger fans won't get to see it. Opportunity knocks for WCW this week, and next week too!

-Well, I read the spoilers for Smackdown, and damn it, why can't I have UPN? Geesh, something HUGE happens, and I can't F'N see it! Argh! Looks like I'll have to force myself to watch Shotgun Saturday Night or Livewire to see what happened. I have seen the set for Smackdown, and it was a rather interesting design. Anyways, I'm hoping that my damn cable company can get rid of one of the two worthless WB channels to replace it with a UPN.

@Well, that's all the trouble that I can cause for today. Remember, my column is very opinionated. :) So, until the next column, unless I get hammered with mail, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the most electrifying daily columnist on the net, signing off!.

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