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Welcome back to the ONE and only Phat Daily Column. The ratings are in! Did RAW get affected by the Monday Night football game? Did Nitro grab any ratings from having KISS perform at the end of Nitro? Let's find out! On to the PDC.

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 3.3
Secone Hour: 2.7
Third Hour: 2.8
Composite: 2.9333333333333(never ends!!) Yes, I could round it, but what fun would that be?


First Hour: 5.6
Second Hour: 5.7
Composite: 5.65

Head to Head

Nitro: 2.75
RAW: 5.65

-Looks like Monday Night Football put a small dent in the wrestling shows. Also, it appears that KISS wasn't the ratings draw that Nitro was looking for. Too bad. Nitro did decent with Hogan vs. Sting, but I'm sure that ending which I failed Nitro for will drive away a few fans. Yesterday, I recieved hardly any hatemail,and many true WCW fans actually agreed with me, instead of telling me off. That surprised me, so that means WCW truly did screw up Monday with that run-in. Too much Sid, and too many screw ups really turned me off, as well as other fans that I have talked with. Hey, isn't RAW live from now on. Uh oh, no predictability anymore with those damn tapings. Anyways, ratings will be slightly lower since football is truly America's sport, and since Monday Night Football has the best games, they will always grab some ratings, but wrestling always effects them as well. Anyways, I'm wondering how Nitro does next week in the ratings after this week's stupid and disappointing ending.


-I was truly shocked when I read Notes from Bob Ryder today saying that Kidman has also requested for his release from WCW. I was like what the hell?!? Wasn't he involved with some good angles on Nitros recently? Didn't he defeat DDP last week, and wan't he in a push now? I'm baffled, I truly am. Why is he upset? Now I can see Raven since he has never been used properly, but Kidman? I thought he had a great working relationship with WCW? Something must be up. If he is released, wherever he goes, he will be a huge asset. I see the WWF knocking on his door very soon.

-As for Raven. I thought he showed a lot of guts by walking out, and becoming yet another wrestler to take a stand against WCW. He practically threw his whole career, moneywise, away. It shows how miserable he was there. He was always promised 'We're going to make you a main eventer' all the damn time, but it never happened! Sure, injuries did affect that, but there were plenty of other times he was promised it but he didn't get it. He was actually promised a lengthy US title run, but he was immediately defeated by Goldberg the next night. He has expressed his wanting to go back to ECW, so I expect that is where he's headed. ECW could use Raven right now to make them much stronger.

-I'm wondering. With that meeting held Monday, why a few more disgruntled WCW wrestlers didn't walk out. Raven walked out, and Kidman later asked for his release after Nitro. Why not others? I figured someone like Konnan would have walked out, since he has asked for a release so many times. You'd figure other pissed wrestlers would have as well. I was thinking Benoit or Malenko would do it, but I think they are happy with the way the Revolution is going. Oh well, Bischoff just lost two very talented individuals Monday Night, so I'm wondering who will be next.


-Well, Austin not on RAW this past Monday made his time off official. I figured he would limp his way back to RAW, but he didn't. He's probably going to film his lovely episodes of Nash Bridges, and take time off to rest that banged up knee, as well as his neck since it's sore again. This time off comes at a perfect time when Stone Cold is kinda uneasy with WWF booking. Maybe this time off will allow things to cool off, as well as maybe give Austin a chance to think about his recent actions. He needs to realize that he gets paid 6 million to wrestle as scripted. No need to become an headcase now Austin.

-As for the WWF without Austin? Will it survive? Well, all you have to do is center the show around the Rock, and you are set. Austin is still the biggest draw in the WWF, but the Rock will easily carry the popularity. The crowd really responds to his great mic work. Besides, Austin does take up a good chunk of the show with his interviews and matches. Now this will provide a few wrestlers to step up, and be able to shine. I'm sure wrestlers like Jarrett and Mr. Ass are happy now that he's gone. That way, they won't need the WWF to beg Stone Cold for a match during a program.

-Well, Smackdown starts Thursday, but do I care? NO! Wait a sec, I better hold my anger from not having UPN back. Anyways, I think this show will either be HUGE for WWF future superstars, or it will drag the WWF down. What I mean by that is that people will now get lots of WWF to watch. Notice when Chunder, doh, I mean Thunder came out, the WCW kinda watered down. It could happen to the WWF, but it could be a success considering it has so many young wrestlers to use on it. Oh well, it would be nice to watch it. I'm hoping that has it online so people like me without stupid UPN can watch it.

-Holy smokes! Doesn't US Open start this Monday or the one after that? Pre-empted RAW. That can't be good.

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow to continue the legacy known as PDC. So chill till then! :)

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