Welcome folks to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll have a healthy serving of Daily Apples, and we'll probably hype some Smackdown as well. The fun there is just too much to describe.

Again with Chyna.... she's out of the wrestling business. Why does anyone even care about her? It's not like she really cared for the business, or she wouldn't have been the greedy bitch that she was. It's plain and simple. I can't believe a few of you just don't see that. Do I have to firmly rip your heads out of your asses to make you understand that. All I can say is to read her book and just listen to what she has to say on the recent interviews, and you'll see how clearly she's lying.

But oh well. When people can't see what a terrible individual Chyna is, I really wonder about those who surround them in real life. Someone is probably taking advantage of them as they send me the hateful emails. Ha, someone is cracking the whip on them.

On to the PDC.

-In EXCLUSIVE PDC NEWS, I'll have you know that WWF Unforgiven in Pittsburgh, PA at the Mellon Arena is FAR from being sold out. That's right! Apparently, the Ticketmaster Outlet that I went to that one day for tickets was totally acting stupid to me. Back then, I was told that only Section F tickets are available, as the Mellon Arena claimed the event was "nearly sold out". That is not the case at all. In fact, if I wanted to shell out the money, I could purchase tickets in Section B. Section B?!? That's one level up from the floor!! The whole Section C area is open all the way around, which means that none of the upper level seats have sold out, either.

But what's worse is that the WWF jacked up the prices by 71% for Unforgiven, as compared to the Smackdown I went to recently. 71 fucking percent! The WWF might have filled 3/4 of the arena for Smackdown in the Mellon Arena, so by jacking up the price for Unforgiven, do they expect to get a sell out? I'll tell you what, the WWF better book a quality main event, or they might get embarrassed, come September 23rd.

-Reading Robert Fallon's Opie and Anthony Report, I'm so amazed at how Jerry Lawler can quickly go from standing behind his decision about leaving the WWF and then becoming nothing but an ass kisser to get his job back. On the show, he clearly said he was wrong with what he did and that's only because his wife left him! But hey, we all make mistakes. Lawler's mistake was simply doing business with the WWF, which can be very ruthless at times. I'm sure he could get his job back, if he wanted, but a lot of apologies would have to come to certain people, like the ones he's criticized since he's left, like Paul Heyman.

-Major props to Chris Jericho for toughing it out with his concussion. You can tell that he really wants to get noticed in the WWF, or he would have pussied out once the doctor's prognosis came out about his concussion. Speaking of Jericho, many savages are predicting that an angle will occur where Stephanie will leave Triple H for Jericho. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Stephanie enjoys the power backstage, and using Triple H as a tool, she can remain powerful. Trust me, that angle won't happen.

-That's just great that Vince McMahon really enjoyed how RAW went down. I take it that we'll be seeing more of this absolute crap from now on. I guess Vincy-Poo is desperate to get his casual viewers back, who will only stick around for a few months. Vince would be better off doing a mix of sports entertainment and good wrestling matches, to you know, NOT piss off the longtime WWF fans who have been watching for years now. Ya know, I'd think those fans are more important to the longevity to the business, especially right now.


Wow, isn't it amazing that X-Pac is at WWF NY for Smackdown tonight? I guess he doesn't feel like wrestling since he's already buried his competition. What's even funnier is that X-Pac has been doing a lot more for WWF.com lately, making such comments like this: "In my opinion, I'm one of the top wrestlers in the world still, regardless of what some people might think". God, what arrogance that is. Nope, deny what power he has in the WWF.

Tonight, we'll probably see Steve Austin totally squash Kurt Angle for his milk attack that we saw on Monday. When I mean squash, I mean squash, even though Angle escaped losing to the stunner 3 times at Summerslam! But we can't give that belt to an overall better performer, like Kurt Angle. Instead, we must save it for the Rock, who wrestles the same match nearly every time.

Speaking of the Rock, WWF.com is somewhat hinting that we MAY see Booker T vs. the Rock in a rematch. It might not happen tonight, but it could be built up for Monday night. Who knows? I'd much rather save it for Unforgiven, because it's somewhat evident that we are NOT seeing Rock vs. Austin for the title unification at Unforgiven (especially since it's not sold out yet).

I was just thinking of this the other day..... does anybody actually want to see a Rock vs. Austin rematch right now? I mean, their match at Wrestlemania was decent, but what else can these two do together? I just don't see myself jumping up and down once their match is finally announced to happen.

This is the second installment of Smackdown Live, so nothing is really booked for this week's show. That's right, the good old Stephanie McMahon booking-on-the-fly will determine this show. I'm sure the booming committee is scrambling for ideas on how to make more comedy 20 minute segments because Vince gets off on them. You have to impress him, instead of millions of fans who pay his bills.

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@That's all for today. I'll be back, tomorrow, to have a FULL Smackdown and Tough Enough review, unless I become totally stupid and forget to tape both shows. There's a good chance of that happening. So until the next PDC, just chill..........

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