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Welcome back to the one and ONLY PDC. Summerslam went down, and that means some WWF news and views! Joy!! Anyways, big Monday Night Shows for tonight, as RAW will be LIVE following a Summerslam, and Nitro will be live from Viva Las Vegas! Check it out; on to the PDC.


-Oh my, Stone Cold took the pin. I'm impressed, and it shows what 'balls' the WWF truly has. They proved that not only can kill predictability by having Mick Foley win instead of the favored Triple H, but they showed that wrestlers don't run the WWF. I'm wondering if any of the WWF wrestlers are concerned with Mick Foley, who just came back a few weeks ago, coming in and just out right winning the WWF title? Oh well. I have a feeling Mick might lose that title tomorrow night to Triple H. Just got that feeling!

-Chris Jericho said DX sucks to Road Dogg. I love it!! That means 'how bout these apples' to the millions, and I mean millions of writers and fans that said Jericho will be in DX. Ha, DX my ass. He's his own man, and he doesn't need to be in DX, as wrestlers in DX, besides the tag team championship(which they lost last night), never gain any real accomplishments. Face it, Kane will always be a big jobber, X-Pac will always be that wrestler with a huge heart but small size, and Road Dogg doesn't have what it takes to be a main eventer. Jericho just needs to do his own thing, instead of jumping in the air and doing a crotch chop.

-D-Lo lost both the Euro Title and the IC title. That brings a tear to my eye...I suppose Jeff Jarrett will always be stuck in strong Midcarder range since no main eventers like Stone Cold won't wrestle him. That's prick.

-I highly doubt anyone will beat Undertaker and Big Show for the titles, until they break themselves up.

-I hope Stevie Richards steviekicks Al Snow into next year.

-What exactly will happen on RAW tonight? I sense some sort of World Title change, and Triple H is going to win it. However, I just know that Mankind and Triple H will have a series of matches, just like the Rock and Mankind did, switching the title back and forth. If that happens, I'll throw up. Anyways, what will Stone Cold do without the title now? Of course he's taking time off, but will he be at RAW for some parting shots? All this and more, and maybe, just maybe a Jericho wrestling debut, which is just a rumor. Notice I said wrestling debut, and that debut will be his first televised wrestling debut. Notice how I word that to save you from e-mailing me saying 'But Chris Jericho already debuted in the WWF' or 'But Chris Jericho wrestled in Winnepeg the other night'. Geesh.


-Well, according to Wade Keller through the man Kirk Huffman, ICP has verbally agreed to work with WCW full time. That's great news, as the WWF and ECW had a hard time getting along with ICP. I think WCW is using ICP well, since they were made fun of in the WWF, and took an ass kicking in ECW. I'm wondering how they will act when KISS arrives. They apparently hate the Psycho Circus that KISS did, since they thought they mimmicked ICP when doing that(thanks to many readers for sending that fact in). I just hope if ICP confronts KISS sometime, that nothing goes beyond being fake.

-Alright, what on earth will happen on Nitro tonight? Well, we have a hyped up show from Las Vegas. Will it live up to the hype? We have to see what happens in the Sting vs. Hogan match. I'm cheering for a match with a clean win, and no F'N Rick Steiner or Sid run ins. If that happens, instant F for Nitro. No lie. Ha, the pressure is on WCW to produce a clean fought main event tonight, in my mind. Also, what difference will KISS make tonight? Yes, I do mark out for KISS. Sorry for ripping on other music groups. I'm a hypocrite, and I love it. This and more (I hope) tonight on Nitro!

@That's it for today's PDC. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with the lovely Monday Night Impressions filled with views, grades and Phat Stats©. So until the next PDC, just chill!

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