Welcome back, everyone, to the column that's Phat and Daily. Today, we'll take a look at the RAW ratings, and you want to know something? The quarter hours were actually released and not buried like the previous weeks. I take it that someone saw the quarter hours, first hand, and probably bribed Nielsen to never release the numbers. Hey, that's probably exactly what the WWF did with the Pay Per View company's for the buyrates of Backlash, Judgment Day, and King of the Ring. Wow.

Usually, when I write the Tuesday Phat Daily Column with the RAW is WAR review, I do NOT look at other columns or message board posts to see how they thought about RAW. So after I wrote the PDC yesterday, I surfed around and found that the majority of the columnists or message board users shared my same views about the lackluster RAW Monday. I was shocked. So a word of advice to those who always target Mr. Tito: look around, for other columnists are writing the same thing. At least with the PDC, I clearly stated why I disliked the show, whereas others were very negative without backing their argument up. But does that ever get noticed? Nope.. just anything that I do gets noticed and the hypocritical columnists are always sure to aim at me.

I never knew, in my life, that I'd be a source for cheap heat. On to the PDC.


First Hour: 5.1
Second Hour: 5.2
Composite: 5.15
Composite Last Week: 5.2
Composite Last Year: 5.9

-WWF Weekend Shows-

Livewire: 0.7
Superstars: 0.7
Mtv Heat: 1.7

Well, we are about at the same rating as we were last week, despite the RAW being the show AFTER Summerslam. Again, I thought it wasn't the WWF's best effort, therefore, the curious fans about Summerslam made this show look much better. I bet if the WWF tried this show at another date, the rating would clearly be lower. But, you know, that's the risk the WWF seems willing to take, and if they continue to head down the "sports entertainment" loaded shows, then they'll end up losing more fans again, and what kind of angle would be used to bring back the ratings again? The WWF has already blown any great attempts at the WCW/ECW by screwing up unification matches and putting more emphasis on WWF wrestlers joining the Alliance than the new talent of ECW or WCW.

Like the previous two weeks, we don't have a clear report of the Quarter hours. The only things mentioned are the high spots, like the highest segment (the Rock and midget interview) or the overrun. Those are two things that the WWF will gloat about, and Jim Ross will probably jack off about it in his latest news report. But we aren't allowed to see the WWF lows. Oh no. Everything is hidden and protected now.

The last editions of Superstars and Livewire didn't really fair well. These shows were just going to waste, so I am glad that the WWF negotiated with TNN to make the Excess show. I suggested this idea months ago, and it finally comes to pass right now. I still don't see why TNN can't shell out the 8-10 slot instead of the 10-12 one. But hey, it's TNN showing continued disrespect to the WWF even though the WWF practically saved TNN from a lot of trouble. USA Networks wouldn't give the WWF such treatment.

Mtv Heat scored a 1.7, which is its average rating anymore. That's a good thing, because certain shows were really dropping in the ratings recently. Speaking of Mtv, I see they are having a Tough Enough marathon on an upcoming Saturday (or it was this past Saturday?). But anyway, the point is that Mtv seems to be using a lot of the WWF material on their channel, over and over again. However, when it comes to giving up television time, Viacom says NO FUCKING WAY to TNN whenever the WWF asks about a new show or timeslot.

-With the ongoing court decision between the Worldwide Fund for Nature (the original WWF) and the World Wrestling Federation, I'm surprise that there hasn't been an internet backlash yet. What am I talking about you ask? Well, if the Worldwide Fund for Nature REALLY owns the WWF trademark for the letters, then shouldn't many website owners be allowed to strike back at the World Wrestling Federation for the threatened lawsuits concerning using the letters "WWF" in a domain name? I'd think so, and if I was one of those webpage owners who got the shaft recently by the WWF, I'd really look into this if I was in that situation.

-Diamond Dallas Page, who has really been under-appreciately lately by the WWF, is now suffering through a few injuries that MAY put him on the shelf for a while. DDP suffered a knee injury a few weeks ago, which he was working through, and he suffered a shoulder injury in the cage match for the many times he sold the Undertaker tossing him around the ring. So let me get this straight.... so for allowing the Undertaker to kick his ass, DDP gets a shoulder injury in return. Diamond Dallas Page is 47 or 48 years old, and look at how hard he's working in that ring by taking such a beating. Oh wait, that doesn't look like an egotistical wrestler to me.

Shall I prove my point one more time? How about DDP's Time Warner/AOL contract? He was guaranteed MILLIONS under that deal, for which he didn't have to do anything. However, he received a buyout for a lot less money and then proceeded to sign a WWF contract for a reported $300,000 to $400,000, which is FAR LESS than his Time Warner/AOL contract. Keep in mind, with the WWF, it's a pressure filled job with the amount of dates the wrestlers now have to perform, etc. But allow the WWF to forget anything of this nature since a few wrestlers find DDP obnoxious.

-All I can say is THANK GOD the Chyna Larry King Live appearance was cancelled. You just know what she was going to talk about. First, it would be about her life, and how she was disrespected as a child. Then, she'll talk about her bodybuilding experiences, and how she was considered a freak for lifting. Then, she'll expose some dirty secrets about the WWF product for the several years she wrestled there, even though it made her a nice mint in terms of $$$. Then, we'll go into her personal life, where Triple H and Stephanie will get blamed for everything again. You know it will happen. She might as well go on Oprah to tell her story, and become an Oprah lover 4 Life. Maybe she could get some personal life advice from that bald dickhead that's always on the show, Dr. Phil. Maybe he could yell at her to get over the fact that Chyna was the one who dumped Triple H, and that was NOT for cheating on her with Stephanie, as stated in her very book.

Here's an idea: maybe Chyna could tell Larry King about all of the extra money she made that other wrestlers or personalities weren't able to gain through special appearances, television roles, Playboy issues, autobiography, and many other ventures in which Chyna made a killing on? The WWF made her quite the rich vixen, but that goes unnoticed by Chyna, who, right now, is only concerned with her image and lying about how or why she got out of wrestling. What a stupid bitch.

Always ending a column on a Chyna note is quite fun.

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