Well, well, well....it's a little late for me, eh? Yes indeed, but I slept in a little today, and I had to watch BOTH Monday Night Shows this morning as well to make up for missing the shows last night. Besides, I throw up the column early all of the time, so it should be ok for me to have it a little late just once? Anyway, let's review the Monday Night Shows, shall we?


Could somebody please map me out who is on who's side please? Ok, get this: Scott Steiner is now on Russo's side. From the looks of it also, Kevin Nash is also on Russo's side as well. Both Steiner and Nash hate each other(in the storylines), but yet they are tagging up. Oddly enough, Booker T and Bill Goldberg were on alliance this week....well, on the receiving end, and it's very likely they will team against the newly formed team of Russo's Boys, Steiner and Nash. Now can you dig that?

I can't even look at that World Title with respect, at all, anymore. Just the thought that Chuck Palumbo actually got a title shot was a joke, let alone putting him in the position to where he actually won it. What a damn joke! It's bad enough that you throw him the Tag Titles, but to make him a world champ or make it seem like he's a world champ over guys like Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, and the REST OF WCW is a great reason why the ratings continue to be low each week. Bad decision making baby!

I was impressed with the Big Vito vs. Kevin Nash match. Vito actually carried Nash's big ass to a decent match! Vito continues to impress me each week, but God damn, someone get him some new tights!

The most impressive match of the night was the Filthy Animals vs. the Natural Born Thrillers. Are they Fat Chick Thrillers too? Anyway, Above Average Mike Sanders cut an awesome promo last night, and he also pulled an interesting finisher to win the match(What, Nova invented that first too????). Each participant in this match busted their asses to put on a great show. By far, the best match of the night! Juvy worked harder in this match than he has recently, as he's probably working to save his job at WCW. Jindrak/O'Haire continue to show why they are the "FUTURE OF WCW".

MY FAVORITE RAP GROUP IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD, the Insane Clown Posse, returned to WCW tonight. They joined up with Vampiro and the Great Muta for an interview and then interaction with Tank Abbott. Then later, it was Tank vs. Vampiro. Now I'm not a big fan of ICP's involvement in wrestling, but their announcing for Vamp. vs. Tank was hilarious! 3D and Guido...I've heard of them before, hosting the actual JCW events, but I never knew it was them. They had me laughing pretty good here. Maybe I enjoyed it too much since I'm comparing them to Shiavone, Madden, and the now terrible Scott Hudson. Oh, by the way, my SPECIAL ICP friend has his review of what happened:

Mr. Juggalo: I luved it soooo much!!! Shaggy and Violent are my heroes!!@#! I had my face all painted up, and I could not control myself when they were on! Someone get me a towel! (Lots of spellcheck involved on these few sentences)

Ewwww. Anyway, will someone give a new gimmick to Quee Wee or however you spell that ignorant name? He's obviously a good wrestler, but he has to have this lame gimmick. Oh, by the way, he gets Paisley now since poor Prince Iaukea was released....coming to a WWF near you! I guess Quee Wee or whatever is getting some sloppy seconds!

Anything involving the Misfits in Action is just total garbage. Nuff said!

Gee, how's your proof for the whole Russo-Goldberg stuff being a work? It's rather funny to see how easy Goldberg handled the security for Russo. Ditch the reality garbage and wrestle!

Odd tag match with General Rection/Mike Awesome vs. Lance Storm/Jeff Jarrett. Like I said yesterday, in the Monday Night Hype column, it could have been better with someone other than Rection in there.

And finally, Holy Cow, Kronic let Norman Smiley defeat one of them! Hell has just frozen over!

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Not a bad Nitro, but certainly, not a great one. Odd choices of matches for this show, but I guess that's ok when your top guys are either involved in skits or just are on vacation(Finger of Shame to Sting!). So with that being said, I'm giving this show a


for this week's show. Few odds and ends to be fixed, like where everyone lies in terms of sides. They will get CRUSHED once again the ratings, with a 2.3 head to head rating.


Opening interview....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....but wait! I taped it this week! Prepare to Fast Foward! Fast Fowarding Sir! HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh my, look at Jerry Lawler. He's so tricky! Let's just hope he still can wrestle to match that pop he gets every week.

Here's a real snore: Val Venis! Send him to Ohio Valley Wrestling or somewhere to give him a new gimmick! For the love of God! I only wish the match at Summerslam was with Eddie Guerrero vs. Val for the IC title...but noooo, more months of the true lameduck champion: Val Venis.

Hey, Kane somewhat returned to his evil roots tonight, as he bashed in Rikishi's head with a chair. I suppose the Undertaker had the night off, eh? No build up...with one week away. Not good here for such a recycled feud.

Wow, Kurt Angle and Triple H won, fair and square, against the Acolytes. Not a bad build up with Triple H allowing Angle to "take one for the team" after the match. Oh, by the way, the Acolytes is what Kronic is trying to be...yet the Acolytes don't mind losing to any teams and they are both very good to work with. Someone tell that to Kronic.

Hey, Steven Richards has to fight this Sunday. Of course, he'll wrestle like he has never wrestled before, but that's ok. The RTC will get to fight Too Cool and Rikishi. I don't know about you, but Too Cool just doesn't have that spark they used to, eh?

Argh! Nothing like a Pay Per View run-in to ruin a match! Perry Saturn and Chris Jericho were having a decent match, and if extended with a possible ending, it could have really helped Perry Saturn's cause. But nooo, Chris Benoit had to run in, and we get this little brawl with refs attempting to stop. Blah!

Yet another title to a McMahon. Ugh. Shane defeated Steve Blackman to become the Hardcore Champ, adding another title to the McMahon legacy. But hey, you gotta give credit to Shane, because he actually does wrestle in that ring. He also gives it his all as well, so it's not as bad as Stephanie, Vince, Arquette, and MANY others who are non wrestlers holding the titles. Besides, Shane is DEAD MEAT at Summerslam against his boy, Steve Blackman.

Oh my! Road Dogg and Xpac are having more problems! I can't actually wait until these two break up, because something new for both wrestlers will be VERY nice. Face it, DX is WAY past its prime...like 2 years past its prime! Road Dogg and Xpac both need something very new, especially since they are both young still. I guess the WWF is going to milk this until Mr. Ass returns in late September.

GREAT main event match between Stephanie and Lita. Hell, I was really impressed with Stephanie. She was taking it, and dishing it out as well. I guess that 30 minutes of foreplay training with Kurt Angle was well worth it, eh? I did predict that Angle and Triple H would be fighting by the end of the night. Good ending for this WWF show.

Finally, how many sites will report that the Kat was actually tossing Terri's salad today, when it was only an angle to further their feud?

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

Last Word: Pretty entertaining show for the WWF, and it was jam packed with action to hurry up and hype that Pay Per View coming up. The main event was a thriller, especially, and with the rest of the show, it gets a


in my book. I predict a 6.0 in the first hour, against Nitro. Notice how the first hour is never AS strong anymore in the ratings like it used to be...maybe that interview is really taking a toll.

Overall, a pretty good night of wrestling.....

HOWEVER, there is one topic that I really want to discuss tonight, especially with the federations making it a regular thing anymore. Yes, I've argued about this topic before, but it's time to mention it again. I'm talking about the domestic abuse on women in wrestling.

I'm tired of tuning into each show, whether it be Heat, RAW, Nitro, Thunder, Smackdown, or ECW on TNN, it's becoming a common thing to slam a lady into the ground. Take tonight for example. Goldberg's girlfriend was slapped in the Steiner Recliner. The Rock gave Stephanie a spinebuster(could be argued for self defense, however). Last week, we saw Midajah get Jackhammered through a table, and in ECW, women get destroyed!

When will this stop? ECW was the first to do this, and get away with it. Since they were an "adult" product, with their Infomercial show at 11 pm or later, it was accepted. Well, not be me, as any guy hitting a girl for whatever reason is unacceptable. Then it came to the WWF with their new "attitude", and eventually went to WCW, copying the WWF attitude.

I'm sick and tired of seeing it everyweek, no matter how hard, how violent, or awesome it looked. The little children will watch these shows and see that when a guy is mad at a girl, it's ok to powerbomb her through a table. They will then use that to take out aggressions over women when they have their problems with them, once they are older.

The federations truly wonder why ASSHOLES like the PTC chase after sponsors!

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