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Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Summerslam is upon us. What will happen? Who will walk out as a champion? It should be rather interesting, as I'm wondering who Triple H will pin for the title tonight. Oh well, we'll find out tonight no matter what! Ha. On to the PDC.


-Two nights ago, WCW had a house show in San Francisco which had, from what I hear, an excellent Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan match, until...yes you guessed it, a run-in ruined the match!! Good old Rick Steiner and Sid ran in to break the match up. How stupid. Why on earth does WCW have stupid Rick Steiner involved with those matches anymore. He's not cheered, nobody cares about him, plus he only gets heel heat when he runs in and ruins matches, which pisses off fans. If Steiner or Sid runs in on this Sting vs. Hogan match at the Las Vegas Nitro this Monday, I'm going to flunk Nitro, GUARANTEED!!!

-I'm loving this! Insane Clown Posse and KISS have legit heat! Yes, that's right. I suppose it's jealousy over who has the better paintjobs. Anyways, this will add to the massive tension to the WCW locker room, which is already having problems with wrestlers truly hating each other. Hey, maybe during KISS's performance, ICP will run out and attack KISS as a ratings ploy! Yeah, that would be cool, but then KISS would send Big Bryan Adams after their asses. Please.

-You know, I really wonder who will be the next wrestler to take a stand against WCW, and refuse to wrestle. Already, two key wrestlers which WCW loves to use are holding out. It seems Macho has crossed the picket line and gone on strike, and it seems that Ric Flair is truly milking his injury because of frustration with the company. Who will be next? What if one night that most of the WCW wrestlers decided to strike during a Nitro. Of course, Nitro has all of those promos and highlights from last week they could use just in case.


-Well, Chris Jericho made his wrestling debut last night in Winnipeg during a House show vs. the tough Big Bossman(haha) in a nightstick match where a nightstick was on a pole(if you remember those darn silverdollar matches in WCW). Anyways, Chris Jericho got the win after the nightstick fell off the pole, and Chris Jericho cracked Bossman with it to get the win. Not bad, as I'm wondering what on earth will he do at Summerslam, because odds are that Jericho will do something there. (thanks to Scott Zieba through the great Nick Evanish for the results)

-It's strange to hear things like Steve 'Dr. Death' Williams coming back to the WWF. I say it's bluff. The WWF tried so damn hard to get him over, since they risked putting Jim Ross's reputation on the line just to get him over. I truly think the ass kicking done by Bart Gunn in the Brawl for All truly ruined Dr. Death's reputation which was huge. But oh well. Now he can go back to Japan and never lose a match, because he's the man in the land of the Rising Sun.

Blah! Nothing much on the WWF, since all news is centered around Summerslam. I just love this kind of situation. Oh well. Tonight could prove how tough the WWF can be. That's right. Their toughness will be in having Stone Cold take the pin. It will show that the WWF has absolutely NO wrestlers influencing the show. It would just be a lesson to Stone Cold and anyone in the WWF if done. I'm cheering for it.

@That's all I have for today. Enjoy Summerslam, and chill till the next episode!! This is Mr. Tito, trying to think up more catch phrases, signing off!

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