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Welcome the place where Mr. Tito does his PDC. Ha, welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. I bet you are all excited for my Summerslam predictions! Well, anyways, I have those along with the usual suspects in today's PDC. So, on to it!


-I love this situation with Macho Man. He's pissed off about Hogan so bad, that it seems that he's refusing to wrestle..kinda like a strike. I suppose he's just frustrated after all of these years of losing to Hogan every time they fight. I suppose this also could be the first of a power struggle in WCW. With Macho taking somewhat of a stand against Hogan with more to come, wrestlers like Sting and DDP beginning to job to wrestlers to help get them over, and Bischoff's career in jeopardy, we could be set up for a major shake up in WCW. I'll have more on this in the future...maybe even a long segment.

-Good ol' Vampiro's contract is set to run out in the near future. WCW officials are already scrambling to get him signed quickly. I highly doubt he'll go elsewhere, since according to Wrestleline's interview, he was very happy with WCW, even though those top wrestlers with power in WCW were trying to kill his thunder. I think if used right, Vampiro could truly become huge in WCW. He's already proving he can make it because he's supposed to be a heel, and the crowd cheers for him.

-Ack!! Lenny Cruiserweight champ?!? Hey, I suppose it pays to watch Chunder, oh I mean Thunder. I wonder why he won it? Hmm..maybe to spice up the first hour of Nitro since he always fights in it. Whatever the case may be for Lenny, I hope he kinda leans away from that angle where he's 'brothers' with Lodi. So they can be a tag team, but please save all the hugging for the backstage. I don't and we don't need to see that. Yecch!

Side Note: I only call Thunder, Chunder, just to joke around. My brother calls it that, so I'm used to calling it that. Nothing to go crazy about, thank you. Sorry if it offends any Thunder viewers.


-This heat for Stone Cold is getting greater and greater by the day!! Apparently, Jesse the Body and HBK are upset with Stone Cold recent altering of matches. They feel that he runs the WWF, and not the McMahons. I agree. The WWF needs to set Stone Cold down, and tell him that it's their show. They don't pay Stone Cold 6 million a year to be an asshole about angles or matches. Maybe Stone Cold taking some time off to film 5 episodes of Nash Bridges will be great.

Summerslam Predictions

=Tag Team Termoil...too crazy to call for that match.

=Ken Shamrock vs. Steve Blackman in a weapons filled Lion's den! Shamrock all the way! I am wondering, however, when Shamrock is leaving the WWF. I doubt he'd lose to Blackman, since Blackman can't win any big matches. Winner: Ken Shamrock.

=Jeff Jarrett vs. D'Lo for the IC title..and the Euro Title too I'm told. Ja..double R, e, double T, Jeff Jarrett will win this match, because my opinion is that this break up is just a tease in order to screw D'Lo. Winner: Jeff Jarrett.

=Kane and X-Pac vs. Big Show and Undertaker. I see Big Show and 'Taker winning this one, just because the WWF truly wants them over as a dominant team. They won't lose those titles for a while..until they break up down the road. Winners: Undertaker and The Big Show.

=Al Snow vs. Bossman and maybe vs. Road Dogg for the Hardcore Title. I don't know, but since their recent segments were the worst parts of RAW recently, I don't really care about the Hardcore division, as it truly isn't sucks!

=Test vs. Shane McMahon...I have a feeling that Shane will somehow keep his winning streak. Maybe a Stephanie heel turn? We'll see, but I say Shane will win! Winner: Shane McMahon...who never loses.

=Rock vs. Mr. Ass in a kiss my ass match. Billy Gunn will definately put up a great effort in this match, but I highly doubt that the Rock would have to kiss ass. Besides, Mr. Ass got the best of the Rock that always means that the other will win the week after in the pay per view. Winner: the Rock.

=Ivory vs. Torrie. Torrie all the way!! Winner: Torrie.

=Triple H vs. Mick Foley vs. Stone Cold. Triple H has this one won, but I feel this match's thunder has been taken away with Mick Foley entering the picture. Too bad, because Triple H will pin him to win the title. I'm hoping the WWF shows some 'balls' and makes Stone Cold get pinned. Winner: Triple H.

And finally...

Yesterday, from the MTV commentary, I kinda went on speculating about Chyna and Triple H. Well, I didn't see the end of the special, where Chyna and Triple H kissed at the very end. Doh! Anyways, I got lots of e-mail about the two, and I even asked those who are very good with wrestling news. The general consensus is that they are married, engaged, or an item...not just close friends. That's very good, as I am happy for them. Especially, since they spend a lot of time working, but together. They truly do make one heck of a team!

@That's all I have lined up for today. Be here tomorrow for some more of the PDC, because I'm not stopping anytime soon. So until the next column, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, daily as daily can be, signing off!

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