It's SUNDAY!!! Well, actually, it's a Sunday without a Pay Per View to predict about. Oh well. We do get to have the "Show of the Week", and if you already read the Saturday "ECW Day" column, then you know the spoilers very well for that. Doh! Well, let's get to the PDC.

-Show of the Week-

ECW on TNN- Easily the show of the week, since the Big 2 decided to become lackluster this week. Good six man match between the FBI and Tajiri/Mikey/Psychosis. Credible, the ECW World Champ, wrestled better this week, after many weeks of "lazy" wrestling. RVD was the main event here, as he fought the slug Rhino to a decent match. Good job this week ECW, and shame on the other shows.

-Random Opinions-

Yikes! WCW Saturday Morning is said to be getting the axe already! Congrats Russo, you took a decent rated show from a Saturday Night, and with your "smart" mind about making it a Saturday Morning recap show, you've buried it. Yes, this Saturday Morning RECRAP show was Russo's ideas, so let's give him props for such a decision. I say bring back WCW Saturday Night so that the Power Plant guys can get focused once again.

Since we are on WCW, it seems that the talk of contract buyouts is "just talk". Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page seem to have a cushy position right now, as WCW wants to cut costs, and NOT gain costs by buying out their HUGE contracts. WCW also seems to hope that the WWF will just come around and purchase the contracts. Sure, the WWF is now a Billion dollar industry, but they won't waste millions to purchase these insanely high contracts for someone with a few more years left. I hope WCW does buyout DDP's contract, because a run in the WWF against the Rock and others would be a good one. Same with Kanyon.

Many e-mailed me about Macho Man Randy Savage appearing on the X-Games this year. He was said to be in great shape still, and so forth. So where exactly is he going these days? Well, it's still being said that he wants a HUGE contract from WCW, and even the WWF or whoever wants the Macho Man on their show. He seems to be leaning more towards WCW, but since Russo is there, a heavy blocker of Macho's, it doesn't seem Macho will get into WCW again. Again, with his huge asking price and at a time where WCW is cutting costs and not gaining them, Macho could be out of the job totally unless he lowers his price. WWF doesn't want him because of his asking price as well, and they don't want any "veteran problems" to contend with in the locker-room as well. It's hard to say if Macho will appear anywhere in the Squared Circle anytime soon.

Feedback that Ass up!

Let me rip open this mail bag, full of frequently asked questions.

ECW on TNN has repetitive interviews too! Why not rip on them?

I have, and many times at that. I used to rag on how the "Network" theme was WAY overused at the beginning of the show. This week was the first time in a while that they had Cyrus come out for an interview. Cyrus has been held off ECW recently due to cost cutting by Paul Heyman.

Do you ever think WCW can pull themselves up from the hole they are in?

Yes, but with drastic measures. Obviously, someone needs to take control backstage and actually enforce what the contracts do say. Also, maybe involve more writers for WCW's storylines. In the WWF, it was a team effort of writers and creative guys, which Russo was a part of then. Now, Russo only has Ferarra, Banks, and Taylor. Russo has a greater chunk of control, whereas before, he had some great help. I think with more writers to help out, the storylines could be much clearer to understand.

Again, I also say that certain talent needs to wake up and join the team. Bill Goldberg, especially, needs to cooperate to make WCW that much stronger. No more "me, myself, and I" stuff going on here. It's the solid fact that solid locker rooms make for a better wrestling product. WCW's is still in disarray, hence problems all over WCW right now.

Still not promoting the Anti-PTC sites?

Yes. The cause is nice, but it won't get the PTC(Parents Television Council) off the WWF's back anytime soon. Sure, they've lost many sponsors or donors, but they won't go away anytime soon. What says another Parental group doesn't start up anyway? Should I support them too?

These parental groups will always be around no matter what happens. It's a never ending struggle that I don't want to bore myself in supporting. I'll just continue to support wrestling by watching everyweek, and that's as much as I will do.

Any spots open on the Phat Pharm?

No, not right now. I'm finally operating at full capacity, with columns on each day of the week, including 2 on Sundays. I feel that I've hired a great group of writers right now, and I will continue to work with them each week.

For those of you who are wondering how to send me a sample to get on the Pharm for future references, please send your samples, now, to In case I get an opening, I'll will look in that account to scout some columns.

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