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Thank you for choosing the Phat Daily Column, how may I help you? Ha. Welcome back... It has been somewhat slow week in wrestling, but hey, it will pick up real soon with Summerslam coming up. It has a good card, but it's hard to say what will happen. I'll have the predictions probably tomorrow, but until then, on to the PDC.


-Wow, everyone is reporting what a swell guy Diamond Dallas Page has become for letting wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Billy Kidman beat him. Wait a sec, he used to be the most hated wrestler backstage because he was too self centered, but now he's respected and loved for his efforts to get deserving talent over? Please. It's funny how the wrestling world works. One day you're hated, the next day they hand you a trophy for your generosity. I do hope he keeps it up so that it rubs off other wrestlers. (*cough**cough*Hogan*cough*Goldberg*cough**cough*)

-People keep wondering why Sting did a clean job to Sid? No punishment for Sting, it's just doing his job and losing when he's told to. Did he bitch about losing to Sid? Nope. Sting could win the title this week, as long as Hogan's backstage politics or Rick Steiner don't get in the way. A few morons have suggested that this will be Hogan's last match, but Hogan won't retire until that leg falls off. He needs surgery, but it seems he won't do anything soon. I agree with what Calvin said the other day about Sid...they are only building him up for Goldberg. Notice, that stupid streak he will be built up to face Goldberg(even though Sid lost to Booker T and Sting at houseshows[Isaacs]). Then Goldberg will smash him, because Goldberg wouldn't do a clean job to Sid.

-Many might think that Chris Benoit might hold the title for a while. That's probably not the case. He only won that title to serve as punishment for Ric Flair not showing up at the Nitro where Benoit won it. Apparently, WCW already feels that the Crippler isn't really over as a United States champion. Of course, if WCW didn't hold Benoit back for so damn long, then maybe he could get the crowd reactions that he needs. Kinda sad to see wasted talent...


-Lucas busted this rumor up earlier. Stone Cold and Rock did NOT fight each other at a house show. Just for you information, there has NEVER been an altercation between the two. I'm sure they have 'butted heads' on creative views a few times since they are the two top stars of the WWF, but nothing physical ever happened. They both want to be on top so bad, people can make up rumors of them fighting one another, and someone will believe it.

"True Life: I'm a Pro Wrestler" Impressions

I think that is what that MTV special was called. Anyways, this was a rather powerful show, that if you get a chance to see it, do it!! I finally caught it last night, and I was shocked at some parts of it. The biggest part is what has become of Tony Atlas. I figured he would be living a decent lifestyle, but instead he's living alone in his apartment..maybe a house. He scrambled for cash to attempt to fund an independent event. That was sad. Also, it showed many independent wrestlers who travel lots of miles only to make a few bucks for wrestling. Also, it had a fellow trying to become a wrestler. Too bad he lacked desire. That trainer didn't take crap from him at all. I'm wondering how that guy who received a paper boy gimmick will get over. A paper boy!!! Damn, that's worse than the Repo man.

Also, since this was WWF involved, it was rather interesting to see Chyna and Triple H always spending time together. Chyna was talking about something wondering if she'll get married in the future. Hmm..I keep hearing rumors on her and Triple H. I want conformation!! I have heard many times that they are in fact married, but I've heard that they are just engaged. Triple H is the reason Chyna is in the WWF, and they trained together at Killer Kowalski's wrestling camp. During this show, Triple H and Chyna always were together. Also, during the segment where they were lifting, Triple H was kinda emotional when he was saying how proud he was of her. Hmm..I'm wondering, and I want the answer. Is Chyna and Triple H in love? I think so. I'm hoping I can find out, because I've heard so many rumors on it, and I want the truth!

Anyways, the show deserves a solid A+ just because it's a great documentary, plus it's on MTV, which you wouldn't think could produce a fabulous wrestling documentary.

@Thank you very much for reading. I'll be back tomorrow with yet another installment of the Phat Daily Column, which will have my Summerslam predictions. Joy! So until then, just chill....

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