Welcome to the THURSDAY edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll discuss tonight's Smackdown, SPOILER FREE, and discuss whatever comes to mind. Mmmkay?

I had some good feedback on the Offseason in Wrestling column. It's an idea that I've seen floating around on the message boards for quite some time, and someone asked me to address it in my column one day. I figured yesterday was a good opportunity for that column. My overall opinion would be that the WWE would suffer drastic money losses from an Offseason, as they make money on a weekly basis, such as revenue gained from television shows or events.

I watched the Chris Benoit vs. Rob Van Dam match again yesterday, and I must say, I enjoyed the match the second time around, better than the first time. Coming into the match the first time, you have such heavy expectations that you don't see everything that it going on. Chris Benoit was rather brutal in the match, especially on the Dragonscrew Legwhip (is that the correct calling?) on RVD, and Benoit was just pounding on RVD's shoulder. I thought it was a good match between the two, and I hope to see a rematch one of these days....

On to the PDC.


-Uh oh.... RAW's rating dropped from a 4.3 to a 3.7 rating. Yikes! Could this mean that the one week of buzz that the WWE had from the wild things tried on RAW is already over? A 0.6 drop is a significant decrease, as last week, they got a taste of RAW and didn't exactly like the new wild style? Well, I have no idea why the drop happened, as I'm sure some WWE mark will give me a bullshit explaination about it later today. Point is that it dropped, and the momentum seems to be shot. Summerslam should be a big show if the WWE wants to pump some life into their product before competing with Monday Night Football, coming up here in September, which is a full month away.

Oh, by the way, speaking of September, this is the LAST MONTH (August) that you'll be reading the Phat Daily Column, as I start graduate school in September. I will cut back significantly then to a weekly or twice a week column, probably a RAW review column, but that's just a possibility. Anyway, just letting the daily readers know of what is to come. Back to wrestling...

WWE Confidential posted a weak 0.8 rating. Why? Not much hyped for that show to get more viewers late at night. The Confidential-before-the-last-one hyped a "Downfall of WCW" edition, but we didn't quite see that, as we saw DX members running around an arena down South where WCW was one day. That's hardly the downfall of WCW. But anyway, Confidential usually does above 1.0 when it has a hot and juicy story hyped on Smackdown. It didn't last week, hence the lower rating.

-Well, it looks as though Sabu is already having problems in the NWA-TNA. Wow, it was shorter than I expected. The Torch reported that he passed out before his "big" debut, and during the match, he oddly forgot many of the spots that were supposed to happen in the match. Let's add that Sabu argued over the finish to his match against Ken Shamrock, as he wouldn't want to lose to Shamrock, now would he? Sabu is a headache, and he isn't that talented to tolerate in a federation. Sure, he does a few good spots in his match, but in between every spot is like a minute or so break. Then, he'll blow several spots and take breaks after that too. I'm sure if I dove through tables, I'd be hurting enough to take a break, but even on the very safe spots, he still does that.

I used to laugh at the RVD vs. Sabu matches, because they'd do a spot in the match, and then you could go to the bathroom because of the long breaks in between each spot performed.

Nothing truly noteworthy on the NWA-TNA show, by the way, except for the fact that the X-Title division rules the world.


Oh man, you gotta believe that Stephanie is PISSED that she lost 4 Canadians to RAW. That's a lot of Canadians. That's a lot of her midcard and upper midcard, too. It seems that the rosters are changing greatly, as Smackdown seems to want to have fresh or newer talent on their show, while RAW appears to be the show of wrestlers from 1998-2000. We'll have to see if Steph makes any steals on tonight's show, and if she does, she should go for more than one wrestler this time around. At least I would.

WWE.com's preview hints that Brock Lesnar upset both Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle on last week's show, which he did, so what is to come of this? I don't know, but I fully expect a Hulk Hogan vs. Brock Lesnar match to occur very, very soon on Smackdown, while his match with Angle will definitely be held back for say, Survivor Series, before Kurt Angle takes some time off train for the 2004 Olympics.

Do you want a Dream Cruiserweight match? Try Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri on for size. That should be pretty good, although their styles GREATLY contrast. I personally think that both are so unique in their styles, and are amazingly agile. Tajiri is usually used to wrestling guys larger than him, but now, he has someone smaller than him to wrestle.

It has the promise to be a good show...

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