Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Today, we've got Summerslam 2001 to discuss, as I'll provide some hype towards the show and, of course, my official predictions. Also in today's PDC, I will attempt to predict the future of the WWF, in terms of storylines, ect.

Just from putting together my own analysis this past month, I think I can somewhat predict what may happen all the way up to Survivor Series 2001. At least I think so, and I'll discuss it later on in this column, using my opinion to the best of its ability (whatever that means).

So let's hype some Summerslam already. On to the PDC!


Let's hop into the Time Machine to see how this show developed........

The main focus of Summerslam started at WWF InVasion, especially with the 5 on 5 Brawl which saw Stone Cold Steve Austin turn on Team WWF to join the "Alliance". He mainly turned on Kurt Angle, which resulted in Angle turning mega-face, and Austin playing the top heel. Eventually, Angle would challenge Steve Austin after a mini-feud with Booker T.

But before, long term plans had Rock vs. Austin at Summerslam for the World Title, and NOT Austin vs. Kurt Angle. Thanks to the influx of WCW and ECW talent, the WWF was able to push back their so-called "money match" of Rock vs. Austin to another Pay Per View, which I'll discuss later on in this very column. When the Rock returned on July 30th, everyone expected him to go after Steve Austin. A week later, however, as Rock was discussing Steve Austin, Booker T arrived on the scene, and a new feud was born.

Rock versus Booker T has developed into a hot feud, in which some trademark fights, like the Book End vs. the Rock Bottom, has entered the fight. Before, both wrestlers were always compared to one another when they were in separate federations, and the WWF seems to have found a way to express that. This feud has pretty much overshadowed Austin vs. Angle, despite it being the Main Event at Summerslam. Despite the "Lights Out" match that we saw on Smackdown, we've never seen Rock vs. Booker T, ever in our lifetime. It's original!!!!!!

Other matches or feuds... Well, it appears that the WWF lost confidence in the DDP vs. Undertaker match, so they ripped off the tag titles from the current champs, and slapped a cage on the ring to force a tag match of DDP/Kanyon vs. Undertaker/Kane. This feud is likely to continue after Summerslam... Other midcard matches were just basically slapped together this past month, as usual with the stupid Stephanie led booking committee.


HEAT MATCH: Lita/Jackie vs. Ivory/Stacy Kiebler/Torrie Wilson
I still don't see much sense in turning Ivory, but I guess she has to do something while under WWF contract. I see the 3 "Alliance" ladies cheating to win, and hopefully forcing one another to "pop out" during a point in this match. We can only pray.
Tito's Pick: Alliance Women

Spike/Acolytes vs. Dudleys/Test
It wouldn't make much sense to turn Test heel and to have him immediately on the losing team on the next Pay Per View. Plus, it seems that the APA's stock seems to be wearing thin as Faarooq gets older and more banged up.
Tito's Pick: Test/Dudleys

Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno
Well, Rhyno was on a hot streak for tag matches this past week, which means he'll most likely job to Jericho tonight. Rhyno even scored a pin on Jericho during the RAW match, which should tell you the winner. Look for Stephanie to attempt to interfere, but only cost Rhyno the match. Who knows, maybe Steph will actually connect with the screwjob, and Rhyno may win. I'll still go with Jericho though.
Tito's Pick: Chris Jericho

Hardcore Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam
Again, a big "screw you" to those who complain about seeing too many ladder matches by the WWF. Obviously, this match will be a show stealer, but the more intriguing part will be who actually wins this match. My guess is that the WWF will test RVD and give Jeff Hardy the win in this match. I'm thinking that Rob Van Dam would then win his Hardcore title back on a later date, say on a Smackdown or a RAW. Plus, Jeff Hardy did the job on the last Pay Per View.
Tito's Pick: Jeff Hardy

Lightweight Title: Tajiri vs. X-Pac
WCW Cruiserweight title? What's that? This match is very mysterious, in that Tajiri never pinned X-Pac, or X-Pac never pinned Tajiri in any tag match this week. Usually, that helps to tell who might win the match at the Pay Per View, but you just don't know. With that notion, you could say that X-Pac didn't want to do the job until the Pay Per View, and I'll agree. Besides, X-Pac likes to win more on television, with more viewers, than he does on PPV.
Tito's Pick: Tajiri

IC Title: Lance Storm vs. Edge
I think that this whole Christian situation is being made obvious, by the WWF, to hide the fact that Edge might win the IC title tonight. I don't know, but the WWF usually swerves without much hint of what may happen, and it just seems to obvious that Christian is going to turn. I'm thinking that Christian would turn AFTER the match, instead of during, to set up a possible Edge vs. Christian war over the IC title. I don't know, but I put my money on Edge anyway.
Tito's Pick: Edge

Steel Cage Tag Title Match: Kane/Undertaker vs. DDP/Kane
Oh boy, nothing like the 2000 version of "Age in the Cage". And I'm not referring to Diamond Dallas Page, who at the tender age of 47 (I think), can still go in the professional wrestling business. It's the Undertaker who is the old fart in this match, who will be very limited in movement for this whole match. He'll gladly stink it up. He'll suck sooo bad that he'll be rewarded an additional tag title.
Tito's Pick: Undertaker and Kane

Booker T vs. the Rock
Besides RVD vs. Jeff Hardy, the given match of the night, this match should be truly excellent. Both guys, I think, are going to bring it, and they WILL be given time to actually develop a match. Now an intelligent decision would have Booker T defeating the Rock to set up a rematch at Unforgiven, since I think the WWF is going that route. However, the protected Rock and the stupid writers would have the Rock win the match, but only to get attacked by Booker T afterward, to "get his heat back". God, that's the worst method of thinking for any kind of booker, and the WWF certainly does it for all of their feuds. The Lights Out ending should tell you the winner, plus, you never bet against the Rock unless it's Triple H or Steve Austin against him.
Tito's Pick: Rock

World Title: Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle
A good match by all means, but nothing we haven't seen before. I sense that Kurt Angle might win the WWF World Title to set up a rematch for Unforgiven. Again, I'm basing this on my thought process (if there is one) that the WWF wants Rock vs. Steve Austin at Survivor Series 2001, so austin could come into that show as a 2 month champion, despite losing to Angle at Summerslam. But with the Rock back, you never know.
Tito's Pick: Kurt Angle

But don't just take my word for it. How about checking out the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show for a FULL Summerslam Preview show to be up later today. Bill and Shawn will provide you with their own insight and predictions for the matches, too, only in Real Audio form. CLICK HERE to Listen to the show!

WWF Future, as Tito Sees It

As of right now, I believe that the long term plan is to have Rock vs. Steve Austin at Survivor Series 2001. Why? Well, I think that the original plan wanted to have Rock vs. Austin at Summerslam, but with the success of such wrestlers as Booker T and Kurt Angle, the WWF decided to push the match back. Survivor Series is a better place for the match, anyway, because that show always has that weird intrigue, thanks to the famous Montreal Bret Hart screwjob in 1997. If you haven't heard of that, please rent Bret Hart Wrestling with Shadows or Survivor Series 1997, because I'm not explaining it again!!!

Anyway... So what does the WWF do from Summerslam until Survivor Series? Well, for Unforgiven 2001, the next WWF Pay Per View after Summerslam, I have a feeling that we'll be seeing some rematches. The Rock vs. Booker T feud is very red hot right now, and if Angle wins the World Title, then you have a rematch, right there, with Austin and Angle again. Those would be two good rematches for the WWF to use since they actually would have purpose behind both.

But for the October Pay Per View, things become tricky. My guess is that Steve Austin will be World Champ after winning the title, back, at Unforgiven, and he'll need a fresh opponent. I seriously don't think that the WWF would go with Angle vs. Austin part 3, but you never know. Austin and Angle would have fought so many times at this point.... My guess, is that unfortunately, we could be seeing an Undertaker vs. Steve Austin match, for the World Title, at the October Pay Per View as a filler match to prepare for Survivor Series. That's my only guess, which makes me scream for another Angle vs. Austin match. I'm thinking that the WWF will do this just to fill up a Pay Per View, and that Vince did originally have his sights set on delivering an Austin vs. Undertaker match for King of the Ring, until plans changed. Vince doesn't forget things like this. I'm thinking that we could see a Diamond Dallas Page vs. Rock feud during the month of October, which would be VERY exciting. I'm guessing that Booker T would fight Kane, or maybe fight the Undertaker, with Austin taking the month off on the Pay Per View, or maybe rematching Angle, again.

Again, I'm thinking that Rock vs. Austin is the Survivor Series main event, no matter what. But a BIG X-Factor (No, not Albert) comes into play, and his name is Triple H, coming off a knee injury. So where will he be used for the show? Well, it's very unknown, especially since his storyline wife, Stephanie, is a part of the Alliance. I'm guessing that the Game will join the WWF since the Alliance is actually top heavy, a little bit, with Booker T, DDP, and Steve Austin. I wouldn't doubt that we COULD see a Booker T vs. Triple H match, which would only rule very much. Maybe DDP vs. Triple H?

These next few months could be very interesting for the WWF, and the month of November will be the one to watch out for, especially when Triple H makes his return. Now granted, this is just the main event scene. So what about the midcarders? Geesh, look for the continued booking on the fly for them, as the main event scene seems to be really hogging up more time as each week goes by. Now I'm not saying that the main eventers are doing a bad job, but just that they are taking up over half of the show now their interviews or backstage segments. Plus, Stephanie and the rest of the writers don't appreciate midcard talent like Vince Russo used to. That's one of the few qualities good about Russo is that he somehow tries to write up something for everyone. Notice how I said "tries", meaning it wasn't always good (ex: Mark Henry and transvestites)

But keep an eye out for the outcomes of tonight's matches and just sit back and see how Survivor Series will shape up. Yeah, sure, Unforgiven and the October Pay Per View (No Mercy?) will have some meaning, but Survivor Series has that unmatched hype and tradition that those other two shows can't match. And again, with Triple H coming back, especially into a world where new wrestlers have come in and somewhat stolen the show, things are going to get interesting, and I really want to see if my predictions come true or not.

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@That's all for today. Wow, that was a fun column to write. I hope you enjoyed my look into the future for the WWF, but note that all of it is speculation. My Time Machine only goes into the past, and NOT the future, to which I can't predict anything pefectly or even close at all. Just based on the news that I've read, television that I've watched, or from whatever else I've gathered, that's what I see in the future for the WWF. We'll see if it comes true.

That does it for today's Phat Daily Column. I'll be back, tomorrow, with my Summerslam thoughts and some RAW hype if I can think something up. Thank you very much for reading, and have a good Sunday.

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