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Well, well, well...tis I, the quintessential stud muffin, Mr. Tito. Ha. I can't wait for ECW to make its debut on TNN on August 27th. I'm pumped! Just so you know beforehand, since everyone has been asking, I will have Impressions, grades, and Phat Stats© for the ECW show. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-You know, I truly don't see what the hype is about Berlyn is. He's Alex Wright no matter what gimmick you give him. They could give him a damn mask, make him gain weight, and you would still know it's Alex Wright. I don't see why WCW gave him a worthless gimmick anyways. He was kinda decent for being very cocky, but I suppose a new gimmick could refresh his career, but I don't think so. WCW should save their money instead of having those damn hype segments.

-I'm actually pumped for the new KISS gimmick! Yes, I'll admit it, I mark out for KISS. I've seen them live, and oh my, whattashow! I was surprised when Bryan Adams cleaned house. He's usually known for being a 'lazy as hell' wrestler, but he had so much energy last Monday. Of course, already knowing the rumors about him maybe being part of the KISS Army, I knew he was going to end up that way when the NWO kicked him out of their worthless stable. Great way to get him over already, by having him fight with excitement, and leaving Nitro in a limo. Great set up there. I usually hate musical acts playing on Nitro, but hey, I'm kinda of hypocrite for wanting to see KISS live Monday. Sorry about that.

-According to Huffman's hotline report, Hulk Hogan's knee seems to be just fine. Oh joy, I'm jumping up and down on that news. Yipee. I highly doubt that Hogan will lose this Monday, since his probably in an all time high now that Hulkamania is kinda over again. With Hogan's powerful backstage politics, and Hogan's wanting to be one up on former opponents who have beat him, Sting will unfortunately lose this match. If that happens, that will be two losses in a row for Sting against wrestlers with around 5 moves in their arsenal. But hey, Rick Steiner will probably run in again.


-It's interesting to hear about how pissed Triple H is about having Mankind in the Summerslam Main Event. He's also pissed about the toying with the #1 contender. I suppose Triple H is kinda jumpy now that he's finally going to make it big. Odds are that Triple H will probably win the title, but it's stupid for Triple H to be big headed about it. Triple H, just know your role, and shut your mouth before you become an Intercontinental title contender again.

-I think it's rather funny with the recent rumors about the NFL offering WWF some crazy figure like 100 Million dollars for the WWF to move RAW to another night. If it's true, that means the NFL knows what a force the WWF has become, and also what Monday Night wrestling has become. Also if it's true, it shows what a lack of respect the WCW is getting, but that's partly their fault. Anyways, I doubt there is any truth to this. It could just be one of those 'shit-stirring' rumors that always spread on the internet, or it could be started by the WWF to get some publicity to embarass Monday Night Football again by taking even more ratings away.

-Well, it seems that we are now in Stone Cold's downfall in WWF. Well, this only means he will drop from being the top man, and the Great One, the Rock, will now step into the top position completely now. I hope that Stone Cold accepts his role, as it seems lately that he's been a headcase in not wrestling Mr. Ass and Jeff Jarrett to help get them over. Stone Cold will now always be a top contender, but he won't dominate or hold the title as much. I expect Stone Cold to have more of a limited schedule as well.

@Thanks for reading. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow, with yet another edition of the PDC. So until them, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, the man of the daily column, signing off!

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