Thank God It's Friday. Ok, I'm overusing the cliche like many other wrestlers do with their own catchphrases, but still. It's been a long week for myself, and I'm glad to have some Rest & Relaxation coming up. Today, we have "WWF Day", which means some Smackdown thoughts, opinions on the current state of the WWF, and the wonderful Jackson 5. On to the PDC.


-Smackdown Thoughts-

Gee, yet another WWF program with an opening interview. You guys REALLY wonder what I'm talking about when I bitch about repetition.

Wow, Triple H and the Rock fought. Have they ever done that before as a main event?

This whole show was poorly booked in my opinion. What purpose does the Perry Saturn/Terri vs. Kat/Rikishi do for either Saturn or Rikishi? Unless I missed something on Heat, I'm not understanding this. I guess Rikishi and Saturn could make a decent feud, but it's odd to start it from a match like this. I guess the Kat was involved since she was on the cover of TV Guide. Yeah, we must let her on so that the other Divas, who are on WWF TV more, won't complain.

The rest of the show was just there. At least the WWF remains confident in their Hardcore champ, Steve Blackman....well, at least Shane McMahon, the main pusher of Blackman, is. Big win over Benoit tonight. Only real impressive thing from this show.

Gee, all ECW on TNN needs to do is to BARELY impress me, and they will win Show of the Week!


Apparently, some WCW Wrestlers MIGHT be heading the WWF's way. It's like the WWF can take handfuls out of the bargin bin too, because those multi-million dollar wrestlers will come at a low price now. Out of the ones they are releasing, possibly, coming up, I only see the WWF taking the following:
Diamond Dallas Page
These two are constant hard workers when they are NOT injured. I'd LOVE to see a DDP vs. the Rock match. Kanyon would be a great one, given the right gimmick. Under the right conditions, I see the following getting into the WWF:
Hulk Hogan
Bill Goldberg
These two must OBEY everything the WWF tells them to do, or else. These two are timebombs in the locker rooms, and they should NOT get a push to the top, especially Hogan. I'd love to see a Hogan vs. Vince McMahon match. Goldberg would be a HUGE draw in the WWF, especially with his personal "shoot" comments. However, the following are TOTALLY SCREWED if WCW releases them:
Buff Bagwell
Scott Hall
Lex Luger
I probably forgot someone, but that's ok.

The thing about all of these guys is that the WWF don't really need any more talent right now. Sure, they can pick or choose and make the WWF that much better. I think just DDP and Kanyon would be great additions, and the other guys can go looking for work at FOX, ECW, or join that Superstars of Wrestling tour in Australia.

Wow, interesting stuff with the Big Show. Let's go through his WWF career, shall we?

1. The Big Show entered the WWF coming off his heaviest weight ever in WCW. WWF gives him lyposuction(sp?), and immediately puts him into the Corporation. WWF blew it by having him job to Stone Cold very early in his career, and then turning Big Show face.

2. Then, as a face, his career went NO WHERE! He joined the Union, and was completely lame as a face. Hardly got any pops, and wrestled horribly.

3. After slightly feuding with Undertaker, Big Show turns heel and joins the 'Taker. Wrestling in better shape, the Big Show seems to be wrestling better now. However, the Undertaker tears his groin(OUCH!), and Big Show is left without any direction.

4. Next, Vince Russo leaves, and Terry Taylor takes his place as a creative assistant. Taylor makes the WORST ANGLE in WWF HISTORY with cancerous father angle, and then the Bossman turns into Big Show's worst nightmare. It gave Big Show some direction, but in the long run, his career could have been really screwed here.

5. The push happens with the Big Show winning the World Title at Survivor Series. After being a lameduck champ, defending the title on the undercard, Big Show is then thrown at Triple H. After a second try, Big Show loses to Triple H, and his title reign is OVER.

6. After doing nothing, the WWF finally gets something right and makes him get angry at the Rock. They did a great finish to the Royal Rumble 2000 with him and the Rock, and their feud was heated and good. Then came Wrestlemania 2000, and the Big Show looked terrible in his outing. However, weeks before laid the foundation for another gimmick just on the rise.

7. The fun loving Big Show now appears, as he has crazy gimmicks going for him at different times. A big highlight was his Hulk Hogan impersonation. Not a bad gimmick, but in the long run, it wasn't taking him anywhere. Injury occurred to him here, and it was at a point where he was in his best wrestling shape since 1995 in WCW.

8. Big Show returns to Shane's side, where he seems to be in his best physical shape ever. However, Big Show is in terrible cardiovascular condition, and just became "weak minded" for the sport. Therefore, he has been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for a program.

So there you have it. Hopefully, the Big Show can get back on track in the WWF, and I'm sure the WWF farm system will definately help him out. I'm sure the attendance for those independent shows just went up!

The Rock for president? Why not run now? He would be MUCH better than the current idiots running for election. How about them political apples?

Ok, no Conan and Triple H review because I guessed that Triple H would be the second person to be interviewed! Argh! Wrestlers are usually the second guests since wrestling still has this label of not actually being as big as it actually is. Oh well, maybe I'll catch the reruns some day. If Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was out ragging on Triple H, then I'm really going to be upset.

The Jackson 5

5. Eddie Guerrero- Somebody give this guy the Intercontinental title, and quickly!

4. Chris Benoit- Still wrestling great! Too bad they wouldn't let him wrestle the Undertaker longer on RAW.

3. Kurt Angle- I can't believe I ripped this guy when he first started. Angle did some great acting this week in the Triple H and Stephanie situation, and wrestled great on Monday Night. The WWF has some real stock with this guy.

2. The Rock- Good lord, it's obvious that by the way the Rock took it this week, he's going to retain the title at Summerslam. Way to lay down for the team Rock!

1. Triple H- He is still the Game-A. A win over the Rock on Smackdown, along with beating up the Rock on RAW earns Triple H the top spot. He's acting good on television too during the backstage stuff, and not botching up like someone would in WCW.

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