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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Yipee, the ratings are in!! Did WCW get any more ratings this week? Did RAW drop any? Well, why not find out now! On to the PDC!

RATINGS Analysis

WCW Monday Nitro!

First Hour: 3.9
Second Hour: 2.9
Third Hour: 3.2
Composite: 3.333333333(repeating)


First Hour: 6.4
Second Hour: 6.8
Composite: 6.6

Head to Head

RAW: 6.6
NITRO: 3.05

-Well, lots of fans were watching wrestling this week. Both federations jumped in ratings, and it seems that oldschool and newschool Hulk Hogan fans watched Nitro this week. Why the weak first hour for Nitro? I remember looking at my watch around 8:05, and they had a commercial!!! You should at least go to the 10 minute mark! Anyways, RAW had a nice turnout of viewers even though it was a TAPED show. Jericho and the week before Summerslam must have attracted viewers. WCW, to attract more viewers, needs to have MUCH better endings. That ending to the Sid-Hogan match was a joke. I'm glad the fans threw trash into the ring. WCW better have a clean win next week with Sting vs. Hogan...ugh, if Sting did a clean job to Sid at Road Wild, what will stop him from losing to Hogan fairly? Hey, I got it! Rick Steiner is going to run in!!!!


-I told everyone that Hogan wouldn't retire yet! Let's see here, he's fighting Sting this Monday on Nitro. He'll have to wrap that knee some more to wrestle that one. Hogan needs to do something about that, but like I've said before, his heart is in wrestling. That leg will have to fall off before he quits. Sorry to say this, but I think he's got Sting's number next week...UNLESS, Sting pulls a swerve on us! That's right. For weeks, I've heard rumors like mad that Sting could turn heel. Usually, an unexpected heel turn always grabs attention, and for Sting, the only true Face in WCW, to turn heel would be absolutely shocking! I wish, however, that Sting would become Blond Sting to fight Hogan. Battle of the Oldschool! But hey, like I said up top, Rick Steiner will probably ruin this main event.

-Now what on will happen to poor baby Nash. Well, he's lost to Hogan, AGAIN, only this time he's 'retired'. Nah, he's just taking his precious time off. Now that he has the time off, he can play that Monster Truck game! Ha. Anyways, some reports already say that he'll come back with another wrestler that has been taking his precious time off as well. Of course, it's Scott Hall, and they are rumored to re-takeover WCW. Gee, been there, done that, so I don't think I'll care when it happens.


-Oh joy, Mr. Hughes is receiving a WWF tryout. Yay, the man who wrestles with shades on and a suit. He was in the WWF as Curtis a while back, but it didn't really work out. If he kinda impresses the WWF, he will probably be used as some kind of a Bodyguard. Hey, maybe protect Shane McMahon. It's a thought. He could wrestle Chyna for the right to be Triple H's bodyguard. That would be funny.

-Damn, I heard all kinds of comments on Chyna from non-wrestling fans. Some people said that they were flipping through the channels, and they were shocked to see a female wrestler kicking ass and taking shots against men. I was impressed as well, and I'm sure the WWF was too. I'm sure you will see much more of Chyna in the future, but who would lay down for her? Triple H would rather be IN Chyna, so he doesn't mind losing to her. What about everyone else? I hope they do, cause she's tough as hell!

The Warrior

-Yes, I've heard about the Warrior's statement on his webpage. He's not to thrilled with WCW or WWF, but he said good things about ECW. Hmm...maybe he and ECW could do business? My advice to ECW: NO, DON'T DO IT!!! Warrior will be there one day, and gone the next! He's a headcase. Sure, he can generate great crowd response, besides WCW, but it's not worth ECW's extra money they have to shell out for him, nor is it worth having him no-show for an event. He can get a reaction, when used properly. I'm sure ECW would do a good angle for him, but do you see the Warrior being hardcore? Dream on. It's best for ECW to spend their money on younger, talented wrestlers, and that waste of space.

Factoid: Yes, it's back. This one I got from this week's TV Guide, profiling WCW and their wrestlers. Exact quotes from the Sting passage: "Talent Scout: Bill Goldberg's route to the WCW began, in part, when he joined one of the health clubs Borden(Sting) co-owns with Lex Luger". Take it as you will, Sting is somewhat involved with Goldberg's WCW entrance. That's cool, so why does Goldberg not pay back a favor to Sting by actually jobbing cleanly to him? Hope ya liked that comment. :)

@That's it for today. I'll attempt to be back for yet another PDC. Why? Cause I'm daily. So until the next installment, why not chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, proving what daily is by doing 144 consecutive columns in a row, signing off!

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