Welcome, everybody, to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yeah, yeah, it's late, but unless you never understood a clock, you'd know that I have 24 hours to write a column in a day. So as long as I throw one up within that period, that means this column is "daily". Can you dig that, sucka?

Today's column is late because some savages decided to call off from work, and since I'm the man at where I work, they called me. You know, I'm just amazed at how weird people can be. Why drink a lot before you work the next morning? I just don't get it. Why not drink on the nights before a day off? It makes no sense why anyone would get trashed before work.

Blah, more money for me I suppose. On to the PDC.

Wow, take a look at the NEW Phatdown banner. Thanks to Vinnie for making this beast, as it's a nice piece of work. I didn't even ask for a newer, updated banner, and Vinnie just sent it in. I appreciate it greatly.

The new set...... Well, I didn't particularly like the actual set in general, as I felt it was a bit too cluttered and somewhat resembling the Halloween Havoc sets. However, I did like the new lighting of the show, as it made the show look like a Pay Per View event. The new set has to be a bitch to haul around, though. As for the new theme? Although I like the song "Beautiful People", the original Smackdown theme was truly excellent. If there's any show that needs a new makeover on the set and theme, it's RAW. Smackdown looked fine and the theme was already awesome. Oh well.

The first segment of the night was a long promo by Booker T. It was easily his best promo ever, and it built up a lot of heat for himself against the Rock. I'm really glad that the Rock and Booker T are fighting over the name of the move, as I have a certain feeling that they'll be feuding next month, too, over certain trademarks. Perfectly fine with me, as the feud is really taking off. So after this about 15 minute promo, we are treated to another...

ANOTHER LONG INTERVIEW IN A ROW?!?!? I'm sure the "sports entertainment" fans were just jacking off at the beginning of this show. The Rock would then come out and respond to what happened on RAW, what Booker T just said, etc, etc. It then draws out a pissed off Booker T, with a ton of Heat. See, the crowd is cheering more for the Rock and Booker T is drawing mega-heat now. See why it's getting more attention than Austin vs. Angle? Shawn Stasiak would then come down and JOB hard to the Rock, fighting for Steve Austin's honor. Next, the Rock challenges Booker T to a "lights out" match, where the winner wins via knocking his opponent out, I guess.

Although both promos were very well said, having them back to back sort of hurts. For Summerslam, I really hope that if the WWF is doing Booker T vs. the Rock at Unforgiven, they have Booker T win the match at Summerslam. Usually, the stupid WWF writers have the face winning the initial match and winning the rematch as well. Why not have Booker T embarrassing the Rock at Summerslam to draw a HUGE buyrate for the rematch at Unforgiven? But that's just my theory, as I can't wait to see these two fight for the first time in a match.

OH WAIT, they fought last night, for the first time, in a match. The "Lights Out" match wasn't exactly a good decision to book because that could shy fans away from wanting to see Booker T vs. the Rock at Summerslam, especially if they think that the Rock will win since Booker T won last night's match.

Our next match, if you'll call the Stasiak squash a match, was Tajiri/Regal vs. X-Pac/Albert. Holy hell, William Regal is wrestling! You might want to save this match because Regal's injury prone ability doesn't allow him to wrestle much. This match was not bad, with the ending intriguing you because Albert pinned Tajiri. It makes it unknown on who to bet for in the X-Pac vs. Tajiri match, although you should know who to bet on.

The Stone Cold Invitational is next, and what crap it was. Stone Cold Steve Austin intimidating Scotty 2 Hotty was just plain stupid, and the crowd wasn't exactly thrilled with it, either. What? What? What? What? What? I prefer "Cause Stone Cold Said So" myself. After about 15 minutes of crap, Scotty FINALLY attacked Austin with his stupid bulldog or whatever you call it. He tried the W-O-R-M, and Austin immediately got up and kicked his ass. Kurt Angle then showed up, but something strange happened....

Before the match, Tazz came down to the announcer's table and expressed how pissed he was about Steve Austin making an example out of him. So when Kurt Angle came in, Tazz ran into the ring to cheer Angle on. However, Tazz then swerved on Angle, showing that he was still a part of the Alliance. I'm sure that pissed off a ton of ECW marks! HAHA!!!! This would then set up Kurt Angle vs. Tazz, which had a weird promo. Tazz mentioned that he choked Angle out at Royal Rumble 2000, and that Angle has yet to beat him. I do remember, at least twice, of Angle beating Tazz.

Rob Van Dam/Rhyno vs. Jeff Hardy/Chris Jericho was the next match. What is it this week? Pair off Rhyno and Jericho with other tag partners week? At least they're good matches, thank God. One of these days, the WWF will be forced to do Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam, one on one, and it's going to be a thrilling match at that. Pretty good match overall, and I really wonder how RVD vs. Jeff Hardy will go down since RVD pinned Hardy last night. By the way, the hardcore match was eventually made into a Hardcore Ladder match at Summerslam. I'm sure some whiny-bitch will say "oh, there's been way too many ladder matches this year". Oh shut the hell up. Ladder matches are damn good matches, which is why we are seeing more this year than any other times. What do you want? Technical borefests? The WWF tried that, twice, with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, and the second they added a ladder match for the 3rd time they fought, it was a great match to watch. So suck on that.

Next, it's Edge/Christian vs. Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon. CLASSIC Nick Patrick was displayed this week. I don't think there has ever been a ref who has been distracted as much as Nick Patrick has in his career, even when he's not trying to be a heel referee. Patrick was distracted by Kanyon while DDP just drilled Edge with a Diamond Cutter. Earlier in the match, Lance Storm got in a shot and was chased out by Christian. If Christian joins the Alliance, I'm going to cry.

Next match, skipping over the stupid Kane/Undertaker promo, was Kurt Angle vs. Tazz. I thought it was going to be a Lumberjack match there for a second. The match had a lot of moves for the short amount of time it was given. I liked the finish where Tazz had in the Tazzmission and Kurt Angle gave him the Olympic Slam to finish him off. Pat Patterson is really smart at times. (Patterson decides the endings to the matches)

LAST WORD: Aside from the long, yet good promos at the beginning, this show was pretty solid for the WWF and a good hyper show for Summerslam. The fact that it was live and had a new set gave it the extra Pay Per View feel. I really hope that nothing bad comes out of the rushed Rock vs. Booker T match from last night, cause it could hurt Summerslam and shows thereafter if this Sunday's match turns out bad. I'll give this show a B, tying it with this week's RAW.


This week's show had a lot of interesting twists to shape the show's finale in a few weeks. First, poor Greg discovered that he had THREE herniated discs in his back, which is very painful. Poor Greg had to get an MRI, and if you ever have to get one, prepare for one of the worst feelings in your life. At least when I had one before a back surgery one time, I was put into a tube for 2 straight hours and I wasn't allowed to move at all. Oh yeah, not to mention that it's super hot in that tube, too. Greg would then announce that he's done with Tough Enough, which was damn sad. He had a lot of heart and determination, but back injuries are always going to nail you. Everyone was sad, although they are competing, especially his little "brother" Josh.

Speaking of Josh, I have one word for him: whipped! Did you see him backing down when his girlfriend was yelling at him in the parking lot? I guess he's fitting the stereotype of the little child that he looks like. However, with Chris from Harvard, he clearly said that if it comes to the wrestling business or his girlfriend, he'll take the business first. That somewhat proved to me that Chris From Harvard might be the new frontrunner, yet, for the guys. Chris from Harvard would later lose a stupid bet and he had to embarrass himself at Yale while saying "Harvard Sucks". Har Har.

I did like how the contestants were training on the ropes this week. Many don't know that the WWF uses actual ropes for their ring-ropes, instead of steel cables or any stretching material like the other federations. Therefore, it's going to leave a mark! All of the contestants were all marked up.

LAST WORD: Well, we've got something interesting next week. Looks like Vanilla Midget Chris is going to get the axe next week, for we see Al Snow yelling at him for a botched spot. Another male wrestler gets yelled at too, but I don't know who because the preview wouldn't show. The women, Nidia and Taylor are both still working hard, although my money is still on Taylor. Why not take them both? I have a feeling that Chris from Harvard might overcome Maven, little Chris, and Josh since he seems to have the now or never drive in him right now.

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