Whoo! Finally, the Tito is done with school.......well, at least for two weeks. Anyway, good old Thunder was on, and we will cover it since today is "WCW Day". Also today, I will present my thoughts on WCW as a whole, not hole as some people refer it to, and I will then give the Jackson 5 to the top 5 wrestlers this week. Now, won't that be fun?

But first....

Thanks to the man, the myth, the legend Tony Bell for the sign at Thunder last night. As always, I appreciate it very much. This was big 40 actually.

I don't want to go off on a rant here, but many of those wonderful "bashing" columnists rip me for having these signs at the events. They claim that it "strokes my ego" and whatever else. Um, I don't think so. It's just rather cool to see someone hold up a sign in your honor. I'd be fine with only one sign held up in my honor, let alone 40. I'm just honored that anybody would even think to hold up a sign with my name on it. I DO NOT think I'm a God for having so many. I'm just very thankful for what I have.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Gee, Team Canada? Wow, anything more, then we will have an exact copy of the 1997 WWF. Oh wait, Vince Russo wrote ALL of that, remember? Lance Storm is MUCH better on his own rather than having a group do his evil bidding. At least Lance Storm is willing the Cat, isn't that right Mr. Rougeau?

Nash vs. Booker T at Fall Brawl? All I can say is that Nash better show what a great company is and put over the younger talent! Since Nash has this new attitude towards actually working, why not test him? Let's see what a great team player he is, and have him put over Booker T cleanly. That way, we can see if he's a crazy ego-maniac like Goldberg or Steiner.

Tito's Law of WCW Shows- If Nitro is bad, then Thunder is good. If Thunder was bad, that means that Nitro was good.

Yikes, this law failed this week! Nitro was absolutely terrible, and Thunder was just as bad...maybe worse. Gee, shouldn't we be playing off good shows after a Pay Per View? It only makes sense.


As I was saying above, Kevin Nash should show you what a company man he is by losing to Booker T. It seems that Nash is actually in good shape now(first time ever in WCW), and he wants to participate a lot again. Well, many say this is just for when his contract expires next year, and he's LOVE to join the WWF again. Anyway, Nash should put over Booker T because it would show the whole locker room that he's willing to work hard. Nash wants to be a leader back there, but past problems and LOTS of time off have hurt him. Hey, you never know, if he remains the hard worker he is right now(well not that hard), then maybe Brad Siegal will make a call to his drinking buddy, Scott Hall, to come back.

A new argument about Booker T is going around the net. I see that many writers consider Booker T as a weak champion, or should I say, "lameduck" champ. How can you say that when he has to work with an unwilling Goldberg, and when he has to fight Jeff Jarrett all of the time? That's just my opinion, as it takes TWO to tango, especially with the Goldberg case. Let's just see how this new rivalry with Nash does.

Yuck, this new Demon/Sting vs. Vampiro/Muta is already churning out some bad matches, and that's not a good thing since 3 out of 4, and sometimes 4, can perform very well in the ring. I have no idea where this will lead to, but...

Many of us "old school wrasslin'" fans criticize guys like me for wanting a Great Muta vs. Sting match soooo badly. Well, duh, especially when these two put on some rough matches in their day. Sure, that was 10 Years Ago, but look at both wrestlers now. Both can still go in that ring, and together, they can still put on a great match. Just give it a try, especially since anything you do with the feud won't generate any interest. So why not?

Don't listen to anything in the media or anything from WCW about Hulk Hogan. It's all a work, so don't worry about it!

From CM's post earlier, Miss Elizabeth was released from WCW. If you remember, she had this weird contract to where it would come up every few months and it would have to be renewed each time. Very odd. Well, anyway, WCW just decided to not renew it since herself and her real life boy friend, Lex Luger, are currently being held off television for "attitude problems". However, good old Luger has a guaranteed contract, so he's NOT getting released anytime soon. I think that WCW should bring back Luger and force him to job like they are doing at the houseshows. All of this punishment comes at Luger not willing to work with a weak lower carder named Chuck Palumbo.

The Jackson 5

Note: This is hard one to do since many happened to miss Thunder, and there really wasn't much wrestling this week.

5. Lance Storm- Wow, this was the first week that Lance Storm looked really bad for WCW. With the aid of many Canadians, Storm looked as weak as he was with Justin Credible as an Impact Player. Put Storm on his own, and he'll do fine. No need to make him look like the Canadian Bret Hart and have others protecting him, like the Hart Foundation.

4. Big Vito- No, he did NOT make this list because he rhymes with Tito. He wrestled well this week, winning both of his matches on Thunder and Nitro. He's been stepping it up lately, hence the spot on the list! Now if he could only get some new tights......

3. Mike Awesome- Talk about the product of BAD booking! Mike Awesome had Lance Storm defeated twice this week, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, we had to have Canadian rules. Hopefully, Awesome will get some recognition sometime soon.

2. Jeff Jarrett- This punk grows on you each time you watch him. Argh!!! Jarrett fought Booker T to two good matches this week, especially the one on New Blood Rising. Let's see if the "Chosen One" can work with other talent besides whoever is World Champ.

1. Booker T- He's getting screwed by Goldberg-Politics, but he's still looking positive as the World Champ. Hopefully, this program with Nash will be beneficial.

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