Welcome to the late-late edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll look over Smackdown, the WWE's hottest show right now, despite the ratings hardly ever showing that.

A couple of things I want to address today. Yesterday, I went to the joint Backyard Wrestling event by the WXW and the VWF. It was very fun to attend, and despite several dangerous moves attempted and some weapons being used, nobody came out injured. Everyone had fun, and hell, everyone is anticipating the next because it was a great time.

Which brings me to my point. Throughout the years, I've grown sick and tired of all of these so-called "wrestling experts", newsletter idiots, and wrestling promotions bashing Backyard Wrestling. What the hell is seriously wrong with it? They wrestle because they want to have FUN and to emulate their heroes, just like someone would do from watching basketball, baseball, football, or even hockey. I seriously hate when people mention that backyard wrestlers "aren't properly trained to wrestle". Why should they? When playing tackle football, a point made by Mick Foley one time, is anybody properly trained to do that, especially playing that in a backyard? NO they aren't, and I'm sure if you compare stupid injuries from padless tackle football and backyard wrestling, it won't even come close.

Sure, there are a few nutcases out there who purposely dismantle each other, but that's probably less than 10% of the backyard feds still out there. It's not hard to figure out how to gimmick a weapon or a table, and you can make any move look brutal without "proper training". It's bullshit to even say that those in Backyard Wrestling are wasting their time. What else do you want them to do with their lives? Maybe go out partying or start trouble instead?

Backyard wrestling is good for the following reasons: it spawns creativity, it's fun, gives younger people something to do, and it gives firsthand respect to the backyard wrestlers to what the REAL professional wrestlers do on a daily basis. But yet Backyard Wrestling is hated by those who don't truly understand it, while they ignore other things that is done in society that's much worse.

That's funny that the WWE is possibly negotiating with Howard Stern for something. That's sad, and we should congradulate the WWE for scraping the bottom of the barrel. Now don't get me wrong, I like Howard Stern, as I listen to his show and watch his E! shows often. But his prime was several years ago, and he appears to be an afterthought in pop culture right now. The WWE has had enough of T&A and vulgar stuff to even have an angle with Howard Stern even matter at this point, and his radio show wouldn't help publicity that much. The WWE should use their money elsewhere.

I found it funny that TSN, Canada's RAW provider, didn't even edit Mini-Dust getting attacked by the Island Boys on the latest edition of RAW. On the 2 previous RAWs before this, the Island Boys attacks of Mae Young/Fabulous Moolah and Lilian Garcia was edited off RAW shows for Canada. But Midget attacks are allowed? Domestic abuse issues aside, as I was disgusted with the WWE for the attacks on women, but midgets attacks are OK in TSN's book? What about the viewers who are either midgets themselves or have their own disabilities, who watch RAW everyweek in Canada? I just don't get it sometimes...

Ok, enough ranting before I fill a column up with some random rants. On to the PDC!

Oh wait! If anyone knows the name or knows where to find the La Parka WCW entrance theme, somehow contact me in the Ask Tito forum about it below. I've downloaded one with crowd noise, but I'd LOVE to have a full, clear version of La Parka's WCW theme. I know it's a form of stock music and that ESPN's NHL 2 Night plays it all of the time.


The show started off with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar coming down for an interview to hype Summerslam. Lots of boos when Lesnar ripped off the Hogan shirt! Oh man, I'm sure Hogan enjoyed watching that at home. After talking crap, Rikishi came down, since he's fighting Lesnar later, and attacked! He threw Lesnar out of the ring, and Stinkfaced Heyman. Let's give it up on pushing Rikishi, people.

The sixman of Hardcore Holly/Shannon Moore/Hurricane vs. Chuck/Billy/Rico was solid, with Rico wrestling well in the match. I have to wonder what would happen if the WWE seriously pushed him as a singles wrestler. He was the guy that Cornette was most high on of the WWE prospects at Ohio Valley Wrestling, and given Cornette's credentials, that's a good backing. Matt Hardy ran in after some brawling after the match, and hugs former homeys, Moore and Hurricane. That could get good, but the lame backstage segment with Hardy talking to Holly, Moore, and Hurricane forcasted the future for Matt Hardy.

Rey Misterio vs. Kurt Angle at Summerslam? I like that very much! It's amazing how quickly they are pushing Rey Misterio, as he's been placed above the Cruiserweight division now. Yikes! I thought he was coming in to help that division?

Next, it was Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry. Aside from incentives, Mark Henry actually makes more money than Kurt Angle from his contract. That is very, very scary. Hell, Henry probably makes more than 90% of the WWE. Yet another match with Henry doing power moves and Angle selling them as if he was dying. At least Angle beat Henry cleanly this time instead of the lame DQ finish we saw a few weeks ago. Still, Henry was put out there to be made to look good against Angle, despite the many other better wrestlers in the locker room. Damn that contract he signed! Afterward, Rey-Rey attacked Angle. I hope Angle wasn't told to blade for Mark Henry.

Rikishi vs. Brock Lesnar was next. I'm sorry, but I just can't stand to watch anything associated with Rikishi. His gimmick is beyond overdone here in 2002, and I don't care much for moveset right now. I REALLY dislike the loads of Paul Heyman interference through in every single Lesnar match. How are you going to push Lesnar as an unstoppable badass when you can't even let him win the matches fairly, against upper midcarders or all people? Looks like someone's booking him to be a big failure as World Champion.

Boy, that Funaki interview was worthless. Why even bother to put on a bad segment when you know it's going to be bad? I can't see how Funaki resisted touching Nidia, though. Since Bautista or Batista attacked D'Von, will that mean he'll be sent to RAW to reform the Dudley Boyz?

Torrie Wilson didn't look too bad in the ring against Nidia here. She hit some moves and didn't screw up on anything. Maybe Torrie is getting some advice from fellow model-turned-wrestler Trish Stratus? Oh man, to be the referee of this match... Not bad at all, and it had such a dirty ending with Jamie Noble clotheslining Torrie to help Nidia win. Bastard.

Good tag match with Rey Mysterio/Edge vs. Chavo Guerrero/Eddie Guerrero. Family reunited, already. Man, I miss those "Eddie Guerrero is my favorite wrestler/cheat to win" t-shirts. Ah, those were the days. I didn't like the ending, but I guess you have to hype the Pay Per View? After all, RAW and Smackdown are informercials for Pay Per Views. It used to be the other way around a few years ago. "OH MY GOD!!! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN ON RAW/NITRO!" Those weren't the days. Summerslam looks so nice right now.

Excellent main event with Chris Benoit and the Rock. Some rough chops delivered by Benoit. Kudos to the Rock for taking them, despite having some major breast reduction surgery years ago. The Rock hit a very good Dragonscrew Legwhip on Benoit during the match, to which I say "bravo"(although Benoit could have just sold it like a champ). I didn't like the ending here, either. It was more ridiculous, because Rocky was in the Crippler Crossface FOREVER, and he just shrugged it off at the end and quickly Rock-Bottomed Benoit for the win. Come on......

LAST WORD: I don't know, this show just fell short for me. Two good matches to start off and a decent six man at the beginning, but it seemed dry elsewhere. Maybe it was from Mark Henry and Rikishi, two wrestlers whom I personally don't care for seeing? Maybe it was for some of the weak promos or dry backstage segments? I'll go


(C plus) on this show, meaning it was slightly better than average, but it had its problems. Plus, I really disliked some of the endings to the matches. Tell the Rock to sell a devastating submission hold and don't let a hot match have a bad ending, like the Guerreros vs. Mysterio/Edge match.

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