Welcome everyone to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we have a nice fresh serving of Daily Apples, once again, and we'll be hyping some Smackdown too. I know you just can't wait for that.

It's funny how the comments about me change all of the time. I've actually been sort of appreciative lately towards wrestling, while many others have been nearly 100 times more negative than me. But do they have columns or message board posts dedicated to them. Ohhhh noooo, only Mr. Tito gets that sort of bullshit. So hence, it shows you how credible the "All Mr. Tito says is negative stuff about wrestling" argument truly is, because most are just aiming at me to make themselves look good.

I should just pick one day where I'm just a total asshole in a column. I mean, I should just rip everything apart one day, even if I like it. Ahh, messing with the readers' heads is a fun thing.

On to the PDC.

-Wow, it's amazing that the Invasion buyrate was uncovered and released for the public to see. WWF Invasion scored a 1.6 buyrate, and is said to be one of the best buyrates for a wrestling event in history. I think Meltzer said it was the 4th highest? But anyway, the point is that this is a success, and it was released for everyone to see and for the WWF to eventually gloat about. But they couldn't get cocky for the previous 3 months, now could day?

Which brings me to my next point. The Backlash, Judgment Day, and King of the Ring buyrates were NEVER released, and they are so buried that even the very inside sources can't get a hold of them. But wait, the Invasion buyrate is floating around, and the WWF made no attempt to cover that number up. Could they be protecting something? Especially the Backlash and Judgment Day buyrates, which has Triple H, Stone Cold, Kane, and the Undertaker headlining the cards. Looks like the WWF is covering those guys' asses to prove that those 4 must be pushed to the moon at all times, even if it really does hurt the company as a whole. And it did hurt the company as a whole, and the WWF would be still sagging if the Invasion angle didn't come to save the day.

-Not that I don't want to see Kimberly on WWF television, but I think her move to not join the WWF is a good thing. Why? Well, the storylines are already ridiculous, and to have an obsessive Diamond Dallas Page just suddenly have a wife by his side in the midst of the Sara fights wouldn't make sense. That's all the idiots writing the storylines need is something that doesn't make sense that they didn't create.

-I think it's quite funny that the HWA, a WWF developmental territory, is having a WCW Invasion of their own with the huge influx of WCW Cruiserweights (among others) coming in. That's pretty funny. The HWA inherited many of the great Cruiserweights who entertained us with the great Cruiserweight Tag Team division, like Kid Romeo, Jung Dragons, Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias, Jaime Noble, Elix Skipper, Kwee Wee, and many more, and also, I think the guy who was EZ Money (Jason Jett in WCW) will be there as well. EZ Money or Jason Jett was really becoming a peak performer in the last 3 weeks of WCW, and I hope something good comes out of HWA with him.


SMACKDOWN IS LIVE this week!!!! So what does that mean? Well, it means that the WWF booking staff has a few extra days to really slack off, giving us no matches to look at or talk about. D'oh. The writers are probably getting together around 2 pm to write a show that comes on 6 hours later, which decides the fate of the shows after that. Isn't that amazing how unorganized they are about long term planning? Thankfully, they don't have much to do since this is the last show before Summerslam.

The only thing that lame WWF.com is hyping is the "Austin Invitational", which is going to be a test for all of the young wrestlers of the Alliance. So is Steve Austin just going to Kick-Wham-Stunner all of the wrestlers? I bet you that it's a trap. Austin could start beating the shit out of his Alliance members until a compassionate Kurt Angle runs down to save the WCW/ECW wrestlers, only to get his ass handed to him.

I still say that the "Live" Smackdown will run Steve Austin/Booker T vs. Rock/Kurt Angle. However, if it doesn't happen, it's because both Austin and Booker T are still injured and that they want to save any extra bumps and bruises for their performances at Summerslam. I've heard conflicting reports that Austin is healthy, but I don't know... When he's wrestled lately, he's been in total control of the match instead of taking any bumps.

But most of all for Smackdown Live, they'll have a new set and new theme music. God, that's a bad decision. How about giving RAW is WAR a new look and set? That show seriously needs a makeover. Smackdown's current look is very fresh and the music is still awesome for that show. If they WWF thinks that regular viewers are getting sick of the current look, then they are stupid. Smackdown's ratings drop when the show's content sucks, if they haven't figured that out yet. I know I have.

I guess you can look for an updated Smackdown preview to be on LoP later for the announced matches, sort of like how RAW is everyweek?

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@That's all for today. As you can see, I have the scraper clearly at the bottom of the barrel to write today's column. I'll be back, tomorrow, to discuss Smackdown and Tough Enough. I enjoy reviewing those shows. See you tomorrow!

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