Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. The Ratings are in! Who came out on top? Did WCW gain anything from their Pay Per View? Did the WWF stomp them once again? Was Monday Night Football a factor? All of these questions and more will be here to day in the PDC, so on to it!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 2.7
Second Hour: 2.1
Composite: 2.4


First Hour: 5.2
Second Hour: 6.5
Composite: 5.85


RAW: 5.2 Tito's Pick: 5.5
Nitro: 2.1 Tito's Pick: 2.2
Nitro vs. Heat: Heat: 2.7 Nitro: 2.7 in first hour, 2.4 composite, 2.1 second hour

Lower End Shows

ECW on TNN: 0.9
WCW Saturday Night: 0.9
WWF Livewire: 1.1
WWF Superstars: 1.2

Good old Monday Night Football gave wrestling the business, although their numbers remain slightly down from the 2nd preseason game last year. So both feds were equally affected, or more or less WWF fans enjoy their football. You notice that? WWF loses large chunks of viewers during sporting events, and Nitro always remains in the 2.0 area. What does that mean?

WCW has a solid base of viewers who will always get them a 2.0 in the ratings. Now if they could only build off of that. The WWF ones, seem to be more trendy since you see rather large changes in ratings depending on the competition that night. Then again, the proportion of a 6.0 loss of viewers is probably the same than a fed with 2.8 ratings of viewers. Whatever. But the big thing with these ratings is the fact that WCW did NOT generate any interest coming off a Pay Per View. What does that tell you? That these "shoot" angles are NOT working, and that something else, and immediately, must be done.

WWF didn't exactly pull through with the Monday Night Football, especially when the game ended as the second hour started. 6.5 is still a decent rating, but with no competition? 5.2 is also rather low for any RAW with competition. Maybe they put on a weaker show?

Heat tied the first hour of Nitro, but beat them everywhere else, so I guess Jim Ross has something to brag about this Friday.

Yikes! ECW on TNN and WCW Saturday Morning tied! I'd say they are promoted the same way, however, Saturday morning is WCW's 3rd ranked show on cable, whereas ECW on TNN is ECW's top show. Yeah, and just wait until ECW gets on USA(if the actually do), and we'll see how bad they will destroy this wretched Saturday Morning show.

Livewire and Superstars continue to be around the 1.0 area. When the WWF product is HOT, then the ratings of these shows really go up. I still say Livewire is MUCH better than Superstars, no matter how you debate me.

Thunder Preview

Remeber, if you don't want the preview, ignore what's inside the bars.
Kronic workout...
Jindrak/O'Haire vs. Filthy Animals
Great Muta vs. Demon
Storm, Skipper, Oulette vs. Misfits in Action
Special match made after MIA vs. Team Canada
Special announcer's match!
Carl Oulette vs. Vito

I'd rip on the WCW "shoots" much more today, but Ryan Boyd spoke so well about it in his latest column, the Smackdown. Click Here to read it!

Also, be sure to check the WrestlePalooza Audio Show for some great wrestling commentary by Bill Edgar and "Shooter" Shawn Valloric. They will have a show this evening for you to enjoy! Go ahead and check out their most recent show too, covering New Blood Rising and the Monday Night Shows!

Click Here to Listen to the WrestlePalooza.com Audio Show

Feedback that Ass up!

This is a new section to really answer many e-mails at once. I'm just going to use the most asked questions for this area. Here we go...

In your latest BAD TITO, you ripped the drug references, but why not the beer or cigarette references?

Well, the whole point of the Bad Tito(Click Here if you haven't read it yet) column was about Drugs, and nothing else. Actually, it was aiming at illegal drugs that children, who don't know better, could pick up on. You know, the RVD 4:20, Kronic, Godfather's phrases, and so forth.

Since those drugs are illegal, remember, I was just aiming at those references because they shouldn't be displayed for little children who don't know any better, or NON users of the drugs who can't stand seeing drugs as a fun thing on a WRESTLING SHOW. That's the point of it.

As for the alcohol and cigarette usage. Yeah, the same exact argument is made for these two as well. Wrestlers are role models, no matter what you say. If a teenager who sees the Sandman bash beer cans off his skull, what would stop him from doing the same? Stone Cold, the most popular wrestler, drinks a whole lot of beer too.

It's all bad, and this "sports entertainment" angle of wrestling is bringing new things into the sport. New rules are being made, and you are now allowed to get away with much more, since society keeps adjusting itself. Wrestling lives off the changes, and they are now allowing the drug references to be a regular part of their show. Yet, I find it extremely funny that those wrestlers who do the references are thrown into rehab a bunch of times.

But anyway, the purpose of Bad Tito Sunday was to examine the troubles of having the Drug References. I was NOT, and I repeat, WAS NOT, ripping on the usage of any readers or wrestlers. If they want to do anything like that, then it's their choice. Many barked at me for this, which I guess is understandable since it's a very sensitive subject. Why do you think it was Bad Tito and not this column!

Also, many jumped on me for ripping the Drug References, but not the domestic abuse on women. Hello??!? What have you been reading? I'm the first to jump all over a federation when they do it. Doing a whole column on that would be just repeating what I've said in the past. Like the drug/alcohol/whatever references, it should have no part in wrestling.

And no I am not a charter member of the PTC. I watch wrestling for the entertainment, and I guess I just don't get excited when I see a woman getting attacked or seeing someone openly promote drugs. Sorry, it's not my bag baby!

What can be done to save WCW???

Fire all management. Nuff said.

How to fix WWF Staleness???

Really, it's just a matter of competition. Any other federations care to step it up?

@That's all for today's column. Hehe, I hope you've enjoyed "Feedback that Ass up!", as I hope to make it a regular feature for frequently asked questions. So until then, check out Twisted By Design!

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