Hello once again and welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll take a look at the ratings and we'll have a nice plate of Daily Apples. Yummy, that sounds delicious.

There were a lot of reviewers, out there, who thought RAW was the best RAW in a long time. What are they smoking? How exactly long is a long time? Excluding the past 2 RAWs, there were some solid shows before that. I take it that many are just comparing last week's pile of crap to this week's one. But to say that it's the best in a long time.... I don't know. How can you enjoy 35 of commercials, 25 minutes of actual wrestling, and 60 minutes of "sports entertainment". To me, that's not a great show, and the WWF was lucky to have some decent comedy in the sketches this week.

I do, however, believe that they did a better job hyping the midcard matches for this RAW than they have for previous RAWs before a Pay Per View. I still didn't think they did a very good job, though, hyping Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin. You should have some physical interaction between the two, but they didn't, just like last week's RAW.

Oh well. I better stop talking about RAW or I'll have no material for Ratings Analysis. On to the PDC.

Thanks again to Joe Green for the second Ratings Analysis banner he sent me.

-RAW is WAR-

First Hour: ?
Second Hour: ?
Composite: 5.2

The Nielsen Media Research is having problems this week, so the rating of 5.2 is somewhat likely to be an approximation because the quarter hours haven't been measured properly yet. But it will most likely stay, and that would mean that the ratings are down a mere 0.2 points. Now, whether that's significant or not, especially with some possible error n Nielsen's part, well, that's unknown until later when the corrected ratings come out with the quarter hours.

I can't exactly do a "Ratings Analysis" without correct ratings, nor can I do them without the weekend ratings, either. Get on the ball Nielsen!

-I think Stephanie McMahon will soon regret telling the world that she had breast implants. Already, it's drawing publicity from the media, and Opie and Anthony, a radio show, couldn't help but ask Stephanie about it. I really worry that some publication will aim at Vince McMahon, as they'll think he put his own daughter up to it. That's what will most likely happen, and the WWF would have been smart to keep quiet about it, if anything. Instead, Stephanie had to make it into comedy and end all speculation about her chest, but at the same time, possibly drawing dangerous attention to herself by outside sources.

I'm convinced that Triple H is a breast-man. First, while he was going with Chyna, she eventually had implants. Hey, if you read Chyna's book, you'll read about the time when Triple H grabbed one of Chyna's busted implants while he was doing her. Anyway, but now, Triple H is going with Stephanie, and she suddenly gets implants! Hmmm.... both have been women's champs, both have high pitched voices, and both want you to think that they are soooo nice in real life.

Well, I'd more or less bet that Stephanie is nice in real life, instead of Chyna. Chyna is the type of woman who just wants your pity, no matter what. She's very conceited and will lie to make herself look good. Stephanie, on the other hand, lacks intelligence when writing storylines and enjoys having the spotlight on herself. Well, that's much better than Chyna, so let's say that Triple H is making out well these days.... Oh yeah, Stephanie will one day inherit the empire known as the WWF, once Vince retires or passes on. Big difference there, as Chyna will eventually be on the streets after the acting fails.

-It's funny that TNN is pissed off at the WWF for a bleeped word. I guess the fact that the word silver spoon mother fucka made them mad. Geesh, it could have been a lot worse. The Rock could have called Booker T a "Fucking Cock-sucka", called Stephanie a "Rich bitch, God damn Cunt", or he could have called Rhyno a "Fat fucking tub of Horseshit"! I mean, Silver Spoon Motherfucka.... that's not that bad. Calling someone a name who screws mothers is a lot worse than being called other things. What the hell am I saying here?

-I think it's only a matter of time before Vince McMahon comes back to television. I believe that they'll do something where Shane McMahon has some sort of powertrip, and then Vince McMahon will run down and attack him. Of course, later, it will be a huge plot to screw the Rock. Yeah, this whole family feud will be behind them once again, and then we'll go through the motions of the family splitting up again, etc. It WILL happen. Right now, Vince is backstage, running things with an iron fist, which is why a lot of the WCW or ECW wrestlers haven't been getting their due lately, or have been jobbing for what appears to be attitude problems.

-If Ken Shamrock does in fact return to the WWF, there's only one man to wrestle: Kurt Angle. The battle of the Anklelock would be a great series of wrestling wars, but do the fans even remember Ken Shamrock? It's been over 2 years since he was last seen in the WWF, and the current fans might not remember him. I'm sure the hardcore WWF fans will remember. It appears, though, that the Anklelock submission is now known as Kurt Angle's submission, and NOT by its originator, Ken Shamrock. It shall be interesting to see on how the fans respond to Shamrock's return.

-You mean to tell me that Buff Bagwell still has a job with MECW?? That's very pathetic. If you give Buff an inch, he'll take a mile, and that's exactly what he'll continue to do for every show. He refused to lose to Steve Corino, thus ruining a possible money match because Corino couldn't lose due to NWA obligations. It's only a matter of time until Buff does this again, and then what? Will the MECW let him have his way again? Is he really worth the money to ruin the booking? Mr. John Collins should ask himself that question over and over again.

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