Welcome to the Phat Daily Column. It's Tuesday, and that means the evil critic side of Tito will return! Thanks again to Tyler Riggs and Nick Ponton for covering for me last week. I will return in FULL FORM and I will be picky with each show. After all, that's what a critic is. Without any further introduction, on to the PDC.

If you are attending Smackdown or Thunder tapings tonight, please send in a report!

But first....

Thanks to whoever held up the sign, Sunday Night, at New Blood Rising. I heard reports of 3 signs spotted at this event, and I'm very thankful for this.
Thanks to the individual who help up this sign at Nitro last night as well!

I'm still looking for the one on ECW on TNN.

Odd competition tonight for the shows. They had the always boring political convention to deal with, but this week they were going one on one with Monday Night Football. The football game, by the way, was the Rams versus my this year Superbowl prediction, the Titans. To get even more non-wrestling, I don't like the new uniforms of the Rams. The classic Blue and Yellow looked great, and now they have a Navy Blue and Gold uniform. Yuck!


It's a SHOOT!!!! Run for your lives!! Did anybody else think that Vince Russo looked ridiculous last night? He was going off like a little baby, and I REALLY hope it turned some heads up in Time Warner land. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Let's make Bill Goldberg the evil culprit too. That's all you need him to be: a psychopath! Anything involving Goldberg was just terrible.

It's rather convenient to take 2 days to give the World Tag Titles to the Filthy Animals. Yes, you heard it right since your heroes Kronic REFUSED to lose to the Filthy Animals. See, what the hell have I been telling you about Kronic this whole time?!?!?!? They are two no selling, stiff shotting, and total ego maniacs! At least Muta and Vampiro had the decency to drop the straps to the Filthy Animals.

We're from Calgary.................................................................................Alberta, Canada. New Canadian champs, as Lance Storm broke all rules on giving titles to other wrestlers. But hey, it's a new day here in wrestling, so it's OK. Gee, any NEW fans remember Carl Oulette? Nope. Oh wow, Felix Skipper is Canadian. Thank God he didn't drop the strap to that worthless gimmick known as Quee Wee or however dumbass Russo has spelled it. Yay, Canadian rules screw Awesome again! Joy, Joy, Joy!

Norman Smiley is hardcore champ again. Remember what that did for him last time? He was over with the crowd BIGTIME. WCW then didn't listen to the love of the crowd, and depushed him with Ralphus, making this entertaining talent look like a joke.

God Damn, the Cat cut an awesome promo last night on the Canadians! I haven't heard him rip any crowds like that for a while. It was VERY nice and funny to see the REAL Cat return last night.

Oooooh!!! Ms. Hancock is pregnant!! Take it from the WWF's experience: Mae Young and Terri Runnels pregnancy angles weren't much of a success; more of a joke. Geee, let's predict who will knock Stacy Ms. Hancock off something for her to miscarry. OR, better yet, we'll predict the father, which many bet will be Ric Flair. Although I hate pregnancy angles, that's an awesome way for the Nature Boy to return!

It was rather interesting with Kevin Nash "shooting" at the end with the Scott Hall poster. Nash wouldn't have done that if Hall wasn't coming back. See, I told you he would return, along with Hulk Hogan once again, especially after Russo's system is really starting to look like a big failure. The New World Order is coming back, and there is NOTHING you can do to stop it WCW. If you think $80 million is a big debt........

As long as the whole Sting/Demon vs. Muta/Vampiro produces one more Muta vs. Sting match, then I'll be happy. But otherwise, it's odd how Demon can just flip flop around from side to side. Can we say lack of credibility?

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 0
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Somebody call my momma, that was a terrible Nitro! All of this "shoot" crap is getting way out of hand and starting to NOT make sense with even internet fans. I'm sure the big whigs will get a good look at Russo after this show and really consider why they are giving him so much space. Trouble is coming.... I'll give it a


for such a terrible show. By far, one of the WORST Nitros of 2000. I predict a 2.2 during the second hour.


Another opening interview to set up a Tag Match for the main event of a show. God damn it, could we get any more less original or repetitive?

Hey, it was nice to see Vince McMahon return tonight. It's funny how it was reported he would NEVER show up on WWF TV again. Well, there you go. He straightened up Triple H and Angle to beat the Rock's ass later on in the night.

APA in the bars again. Yay. How predictable was it that Kaientai(sp?) would get killed by the APA in the bar? Of course, it was rather funny to see TAKA to get dropped through that pool light.

Oh my God!! Did you hear the silent crowd for Val Venis? Good lord, get that Intercontinental Title off his waste and put him under creative evaluation. Talk about a worthless wrestler now. They should have had Jericho at least win it, but I guess we'll just let Val have it for 2 more worthless weeks.

Wow! The Steviekick returned! Lita took it, as Steven Richards did it to her on the outside. Usually, the Hardy's work well with anybody, but damn, the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan need some speed and a little more talent. Hey! Put them with T&A so that we can all fall asleep!

Undertaker and Chris Benoit were carrying a good match, but oh no, we had to have a DQ finish. Better yet, Kane turned on his brother once again! Come on everyone, let's all hop in my Time Machine to 1998!!!!

That is FUNNY that Rikishi held in the stinkface longer for Road Dogg as a personal rib. It's eventually leading to Road Dogg and Xpac squaring off, and I can just SMELL the ratings for that one. At least no other wrestlers will suffer at their expense anymore.

Six man match!!! Everybody run in, and let's make the heels look evil!!

RAW is WAR Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 2
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

Last Word: An OK RAW at most, as it had some decent matches, but it also involved the usual boring and repetitive storylines. At least they are solid, without any errors; unlike some other federations. I didn't get much of a thrill out of this show either, hence a


for this week's show. Monday Night Football will pound this show, therefore a 5.5 will be the first hour rating.

Overall, a lackluster night of wrestling.

@That's all for today's edition of the PDC. I'll be back tomorrow with Ratings Analysis. Please check out the Phat Pharm, which as of today, is now running at FULL capacity once again! From today, you will get a column 7 days a week!

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