By Mr. Tito
Ugh. Road Wild went down, and I feel really bad about finding out what happened. No, I'm not talking about Hogan still's Sting. He lost..fair and square...I'm hurting inside. I've always said that sting never loses fair and square..but he did tonight. I'm eating my words. I feel bad...feel sorry. On to the PDC.


-With Sting losing fairly tonight against the newly aquired Sid, who will probably take time off because of a fake injury or just disappear, I'm hoping this win means something for Sid. He better be champ soon. Having the Franchise of WCW putting him over with a clean loss better guarantee that Sid will be on top of WCW soon. If Sid does one of his disappearing acts, it will become WCW's biggest mistakes in the history of their sport. All I can say is Sid better be the next great thing in WCW. That's all I have to say about that.

-I called it!!! Hogan won tonight, so that means he is NOT retiring! Gotta love all of this hype how it will be Hogan's last match ever, blah blah blah blah blah! He's not retiring, nor will he ever retire! Tonight proved it. Hulkamania lives on. As for Nash, his candyass is getting his requested time off to realize what a arrogant booker he really was. He'll find a way to be reinstated somewhere down the line when he feels like coming back...or will there be a twist tomorrow night, like many have said with the NWO reforming. I really hope not!

-Ack! Harlem Heat winning the titles! Nooooo! Now Booker T, who me and Coolbeans truly feel is a great singles wrestler in WCW, is stuck wrestling tag matches and carrying the team again with his worthless and stupid brother Stevie Ray. Damn shame in my opinion.

-Poor gone from wrestling for good. Oh darn. I will say this, he was probably the best celebrity to come in and try to wrestle. Everyone else didn't care or try to learn how to wrestle. Not saying that Rodman could wrestle, but he was kinda entertaining.


-The great Kirk Huffman really mentioned a great piece of news in his post the other day about the WWF making Jericho a superstar and having a great entrance as way to show the younger talent who re-signed with WCW for more money instead of superstardom what they missed. It was a great way to rub it in really by the WWF, as Jericho's entrance was F'N spectacular! Already, Jericho is showing signs of greatness in the WWF, and wrestlers like Benoit(who finally won the US title though), Malenko, and Uncle Eddie must be punching the wall at a missed opportunity. That'll teach them to take more money and be miserable.

-Well, I am already pumped for WWF The Music: Volume 4! I have Volume 3, which I bought the day it came out, and I loved it!! I have all 3 WWF cds, and since I'm a theme mark, I love them! (I wish WCW would get one soon) Anyways, the playlist for this upcoming one is very unknown, but I'm sure they will have 'No Chance In Hell', The Big Show, and probably Mankind's new music. It should be another great theme cd, and I wonder how far up the Billboard charts this will be. Volume 3 made the top 10, so the sky is the limit for Volume 4. Some say November could be the month this great cd comes out

@Well, that's all I could think up today. I'll attempt to be back tomorrow with yet another PDC in a row. Thanks for reading, and just chill...till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, daily as anyone will ever be, signing off!

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