The Phat Daily Column has arrived! Last night, WCW tried to impress the world with a brand new Pay Per View. New Blood Rising occurred last night, and the reviews this morning are mixed. So how will the events of PPV reflect in the ratings tonight on Nitro? Can the WWF put on a good show to counter this? WWF has their Pay Per View coming up, and they will try to do something to impress fans to keep watching! Besides, RAW was the "Show of the Week", and they must live up to MY expectations......well, I'm only kidding there. On to the PDC.


-New Blood Rising-

God, what is WCW thinking? David Arquette, A NON WRESTLER WHO DIDN'T GIVE WCW RATINGS WHEN HE BECAME THE WORLD CHAMPION, was involved tonight. It's garbage like the involvement of Mr. Arquette why WCW will NOT gain ground in the ratings. Remember WCW, that's what you are trying to do, WCW.

Alright! Vampiro and the Great Muta are world tag champs now! Forget what else happened tonight, as this is one awesome tag team who will wrestle every night....they will defend it on Thunder, they will defend it on Nitro; they will be at every WCW televised event(besides World Wide), unlike the other guys, Kronic, who came to whatever show they wanted to.

Bret Hart showed up last night, to of course, a HUGE pop from the Canadian crowd. It's still uncertain if he can actually return to the ring. We are supposed to hear some news sometime this week about the future of the Hitman. It would be a damn shame if a senseless injury stops this man from retiring properly.

OH MY GOD!!!! It's a shoot!!!! Yeah right. Anything with Russo on camera is NOT a shoot. Let's try to remember this from NOW ON. Bill Goldberg, who was the surprise of the Great American Bash by the way, told Russo off as he quit the match. It's just getting ridiculous folks. By the way, Kevin Nash won this match, and he's getting his HUGE babyface push! Now will Kevin Nash put over the NEW locker-room leader, Booker T who won last night? He better!

-Nitro Hype-

Tonight, we'll see the so-called shoot garbage with Russo and Goldberg. I thought Russo wasn't going to come on television again? Well, now his ego will allow him to put over himself on television, again, and we'll get an unwilling Goldberg for this angle. SO easy to predict.

WCW would be smart to stack their card tonight to somewhat ride the wave of momentum from the Pay Per View. I remember they didn't capitalize on their last Pay Per View, although they had their "biggest shoot interview of all time" involved. Failure to capitalize on momentum there showed in the ratings recently.

No preview yet, so I have no idea what else would happen!!!


-RAW Hype-

Tonight, we will see more conflicts between Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. The backstage skits are rather funny, but the LONG interviews where they kiss and make up are just torture. I'm sure something crazy, or at least something will happen with Stephanie and Kurt Angle to build up heat for the Summerslam match. Hey, how about tagging up Angle and Triple H like last week?

I'm sure we'll see many more Summerslam matches announced as the WWF only has a handful right now. Of course, the WWF will wait till next week's Smackdown to announce more matches. The Pay Per is JUST 2 weeks away, so the WWF SHOULD make some more matches....or at least you would think, right?

I'm sure we'll see more with Tazz and Jerry Lawler, as their match was officially announced on Heat. Hey, if Tazz wants REAL heat, he could rip on Lawler's age difference between himself and his real life girlfriend, the Kat. Hey, we are in an era of shoots, so it will be OK to do.

DirecTV preview says the following:
Hour One: Stephanie wonders where her heart is
Hour Two: Triple Threat match at Summerslam
Oddly enough, the Hour 1 prediction was easy to call. The Hour 2 thing will most likely have some kind of stipulation added to the match. Hey! I got it! Why not make it a NO DQ match? Can't you just SMELL the buyrate from miles away?

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