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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, children of all ages...Mr. Tito proudly brings to you the Phat Daily Column!!! Ha, welcome back to yet another edition. Oh joy, Road Wild is coming to us! That's right, and you know what that means. The Road Wild predictions of course. Will this be Hogan's final night of wrestling? We'll see on that, and on to the PDC.


-You know it's funny how WCW management doesn't really care about ICP's Violent J using the Moonsault. Hugh Morris keeps whining about how it's his move! Well for one, you didn't invent that move. You don't have a copyright on that move. Also, you have NEVER gotten over with the crowd. Nobody cares about you, and everytime it seems he'll get a push, WCW drops it because he isn't getting any crowd reaction. Gee, Violent J has been getting crowd reaction with Vampiro's group. So if you are getting over with it, and not to mention that Violent J is actually doing a moonsault without really having any wrestling skills, makes it a good proof that it's ok for Violent J to use Hugh Morris's precious move.

Road Wild Predictions

=Kidman/Mysterio/Konnan vs. Vampiro and ICP. I say Vampiro and ICP will somehow disqualify themselves. I don't see them losing since they are so damn over now. Winners: Kidman/Mysterio/Konnan by DQ.

=Chris Benoit vs. DDP. I either Benoit pulling this victory out, or a disqualification, or DDP will win it for Benoit to win it on the upcoming Nitro. Winner: I'm sitting on the fence for this one.

=Harlem Heat vs. Bam Bam and Kanyon. I see Harlem Heat returning to tag team glory, and thus ruining Booker T's future in singles even more, eh Coolbeans? Winners and New TAG CHAMPS: Harlem Heat.

=The Cat vs. Buff. I say that Buff will win this one just to end this ongoing feud. Winner: Buff.

=Savage vs. Rodman. Gee, Rodman won't stand a chance with this probably being his last match and appearance in WCW, ever. Winner: Savage.

=Rick Steiner vs. Goldberg. Duh, this one is too easy to call. Winner: Goldberg.

=Sid vs. Sting. Sting will win this, in order for Sid to pay dues in order for him to actually start winning main events in Nitro. Winner: Sting!

=Nash vs. Hogan in a retirement match, not to mention for the World Title also. I'm sticking to my guns to say that Hogan will NOT retire. I think this internet and hotline hype for Hogan's "final match" could just be a pay per view ratings ploy to get people to buy Road Wild. I think that baby Nash will lose to take his precious time off to whine about his biased booking job to his family. Winner: Hogan.

We'll see how it goes tonight!!!!!


Well, nothing for me to analyze on the WWF today. Darn spoilers are really killing me! Ahhh! I keep seeing other reports posting news from the spoilers, and that bothers me. I keep it quiet because back in the day when I refused to read spoilers, people would either send me those results, or I would see something on a news post telling what happens on RAW. I can't wait for RAW to be live because it will make it much easier on me, and give some element of surprise for once. That way, this annoyance known as spoilers can end.

Oh yeah, I have read Jericho's commentary from his site( From what I read, he seems very happy with the WWF. He said he was very nervous about doing his intro, but he was very happy with the way it went down. He knows he made the right decision about his career, instead of being misused at WCW. We'll have to keep tuned in for Monday to see if the Millennium Man returns on RAW!!!

@That's all I could rig and muster up for today. All news is centered around Road Wild and Monday Night RAW tapings. Joy. Thanks for reading, and chill....

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Take Care, and Watch Wrestling!!!

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