Welcome back to the column that once again screams 'daily'. It's the Phat Daily Column! Today, as scheduled, we'll hype Monday Night RAW, as I'll give you a RAW preview, Tito-style, which gets out of hand sometimes. Secondly, we'll take a look back at Sunday Night Heat, which I unfortunately watch late last night. Well, it wasn't too bad, but beyond great.

Thanks to the man, Iceblast, you are now able to see and hear former WCW wrestler Steve "Mongo" McMichael taunting the umpire during the 7th inning stretch. Be sure to have the very latest version of Windows Media Player to see it. Click Here for an incredible laugh!

You know what's funny about Mongo? Just look at him now, and how he's "let himself go". Then, take a look at his former wife, Debra, who is extremely happy with her new husband, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I don't know, it just seems that they are nothing in comparison now, despite their close relationship before Debra began working for WCW.

The wrestling industry changes everybody. On to the PDC.

OOOOPS! Before we go on, I want to correct myself. Diamond Dallas Page will be on WWF.com's Byte This! this Friday, not this past Friday. My bad! It will still be interesting to see if DDP responds to any of the backstage rumors, especially heading into Summerslam.

First of all, let's discuss the surrounding crap of this show. Although it was better than the stupid Worm contest last week, Raven and Terri just aren't interesting characters to me anymore. Just throughout the night, Raven kept asking Terri to join the money and power of the Alliance, and it just didn't keep my interest. I mean, the Raven character was flushed during his recent WCW run, and Terri has been around the WWF for a while now. Blah. Let's discuss the matches.

The first match was Hurricane Helms vs. K-Kwik, which wasn't a bad spotfest for the short amount of time it was given. These two pulled a lot of moves in the limited time they had for this match. I was surprised to see K-Kwik get the win, too, for he's one of the nobodies in the Alliance vs. the WWF feud right now. It would have made more sense for another Lightweight, like X-Pac or Tajiri to defeat Helms instead. The win does nothing for K-Kwik, because he'll never get out of the Mtv Heat or Jakked hole.

Next match was the Hollys vs. Mike Awesome and Shawn Stasiak. Pretty fun match, with a nice crowd build up towards the finish. My gosh, this was the first time in a long time that I've seen Crash on television, and I've watched the last 3 Heats, too. Where on Earth has he been? (That's not a rib, but an honest question, in case an audio commentary is dedicated to me, once again) Anyway, Hardcore Holly is just racking up the wins on Mtv Heat, especially over Mike Awesome. Hardcore probably has the best winning percentage against the Alliance.

The next match was Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Lance Storm. Good match overall, as it was oddly given a little extra time than the other matches. Wait, that's not odd since Lance Storm is YOUR Intercontinental Champion. The only problem I saw with the match is that Scotty 2 Hotty just seems to be going through the motions of doing the same moves or gimmicked moves throughout the match. But the crowd still loves him......

The main event was Billy Gunn vs. Rhyno. When Billy Gunn came out for his entrance, he received more boos than cheers, and he's supposed to be the face!! Can you say Negative Heat? Not a bad match here, with a good spot where Billy Gunn dropkicked an incoming Gore by Rhyno. You can see how low Gunn's stock has dropped, because not only did Rhyno kick out of Billy Gunn's cobra clutch slam finisher, but he was immediately Gored afterward to lose the match.

And what does Heat do to finish the show? Why they show clips of what the main eventers did on RAW or Smackdown.

LAST WORD: Eh, it was a better overall show last this week, than last. Last week's show had RVD vs. Jerry Lynn as a standout match, while this week had 4 decent matches to watch for a change. Raven and Terri were better guests than Scotty 2 Hotty, but how hard is that to achieve? Eh, I'll give this show a B for the usual Mtv stupidity surrounding good wrestling.


For this week's RAW, we had no early indication on what could be on RAW, unlike last week when a Shane vs. Rock match was announced. I guess the long term planning for one week has wore Miss Stephanie's mind down, since she only has a few brain cells to actually think.

But we do only have 6 days until Summerslam 2001. With that, we actually have SIX matches already booked for the Pay Per View. Wow, that must be a new record under the Stephanie McMahon booking regime. So what should you expect to see on RAW and even Smackdown? Well, with the lack of originality anymore, expect to see lots of tag matches.

I figure that the WWF will "stack" either RAW or Smackdown with a Rock/Angle vs. Booker T/Austin tag match to hype things. I bet they'll save that for the "Live" Smackdown this Thursday. Speaking of that, I believe RAW will more or less be a set up show for the "Live" Smackdown, so expect lots of promos or interviews to hype that. Joy, Joy, Joy!!!

I bet we'll see a Chris Jericho/Edge vs. Rhyno/Lance Storm match. Either that, or Chris Jericho will have to find a tag partner to fight the Dudley Boys in a tables match. This innovative television writing just baffles me. I wouldn't doubt that we'll see Tajiri possibly tagging up with a WWF wrestler, and X-Pac tagging up with an Alliance member for a tag match, too. Now that wouldn't make sense, but look who's writing television these days. OR, Tajiri will grab a Lightweight wrestler, like a Scotty 2 Hotty, and X-Pac will grab one too, like a Dean Malenko, if that's possible.

And of course, we'll see more with the Diamond Dallas Page/Kanyon vs. Undertaker/Kane feud. The additions of the tag titles from both federations to this feud doesn't excite me, whatsoever. You can say I'm "negative" there, but using a title to add a little extra hype to a feud when a Cage match can't do that is pathetic. Especially the addition of the WCW titles, which haven't been built up as proper titles in the WWF right now. But of course, O'Haire/Palumbo have so many backstabbers and jealous fucks whispering in the ears of the bookers right now that they can't defend those titles at Summerslam, even though they did beat the Hardy Boys last week. But that victory means nothing these days.

WWF.com is hyping Summerslam to be a Double Main Event, as they are going the Wrestlemania 8 route. Of course, Angle vs. Austin or Booker T vs. the Rock will be much better than Hulk Hogan vs. Sid Justice back then. However, it will take a lot to be better than the Ric Flair vs. Macho Man match. Damn, that was a good title match. Anyway, you can expect a ton of television time to be devoted to these two feuds. Hey, did I say anything bad about it yet? Booker T and the Rock will do more talking, though, than most because Booker T is injured right now. Of course, Steve Austin is still sore as well, so it could be nothing but promos, or Rock and Angle wrestling matches with run ins by Booker T and Austin.

WWF.com is also hyping the fact that today is August 13th, since "13" is an unlucky number. No, that means nothing for Tazz, as he's going to be a WWF announcer until one Jerry Lawler decides to take his job back. Just face it: Tazz doesn't have the height for the WWF to ever give him the chance in the WWF.

Also, expect the song "Bodies Hit the Floor" or whatever the hell it's called to be played over and over and over and over again on RAW tonight! Nothing like jamming an already annoying song down our throats.

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