Once again, it's time for the Phat Daily Column. Today, as scheduled, we will look at the "Show of the Week", stemming from the best television that each federation can offer. Who will it be? Heat? RAW? Smackdown? Nitro? Chunder Thunder? ECW on TNN? ECW on TNN, by the way, won it last week, so let's see if it retains its title. Also today, I will have my wonderful New Blood Rising predictions, along with other goodies. On to the PDC.

-Show of the Week-

RAW is WAR- RAW clearly had a great show this week, probably the best one I've seen lately. Where their storylines have been hurting, they put on an incredible "wrestling" show for the "hot" Madison Square Garden crowd. The 3 Way dance between Angle, Jericho, and Triple H was simply amazing, and the Rock vs. Benoit was another classic. Hell, even the RTC was even interesting to watch! Wow!!! I'd say Nitro came in second, with good old Thunder, despite no super talent wrestling, in third. ECW on TNN was the worst, with Smackdown and Heat coming in 4th and 5th.

-Austin Returning??-

Let's hop in Tito's Time Machine for Friday's column.

-Tito's Time Machine-

From Friday's WWF Day PDC: "As for Stone Cold Steve Austin. It appears that he will NOT be appearing at Summerslam. Oh wait, wasn't some kiddie reporter reporting that he'd show up on the Monday Night after Fully Loaded? Anyway, I'm putting my money on the Stone Cold return to be the FIRST RAW EVER on TNN. That's my prediction, as Stone Cold truly equals ratings. What better way to get viewers hooked on TNN RAW than with Stone Cold returning on this night? It seems very logical to me."

Guess what I saw after I posted this wonderful column? News posts everywhere!!!!!! Many kiddies picked up on it as the REAL thing, and many other greedy columnists stole my prediction for their own. Also, many strong news sources just happened to say that the WWF is really considering the return of Stone Cold to be on the first day of RAW on TNN! (September 25th by the way) Very interesting.

I want a cookie!

-NEW BLOOD RISING Predictions-

ROTC Match between Major Gunnz and Ms. Hancock
SMELL THE BUYRATE! Sleeze does sell, but some people like Russo just don't know how to use it properly. He just doesn't make it look good, whereas the WWF makes your eyes pop out of your head when you see it. Anyway, I predict that Ms. Hancock will win...no reason, as the coin toss told me so.
Tito's Pick: Ms. Hancock

Billy Kidman vs. Shane Douglas in a strap match
WCW seems to be really high on Shane as a heel..and that's a good thing because the man can be awesome as a heel(see ECW in 1996-1997 if you don't believe me). Kidman...well, he's just Billy Kidman. You can't advance him no matter what you do. Why put him over when you can't have him elevated?
Tito's Pick: Billy Kidman

3 Count vs. the Jung Dragons in a ladder match
Since I'm on the subject of 3 Count, if you go to a live WCW event, these guys can really get the crowd going. The whole crowd was geared up for 3 Count and Tank at the Thunder I went to. Anyway, I think Tank will be involved, with Evan banged up still, and 3 Count will win. If not, then Tank will interfere.
Tito's Pick: 3 Count....1, 2, Threeeeeeeeeee!

Lance Storm vs. Mike Awesome for the US title
I think Awesome will win this because Storm will then proceed to be angry about losing the gold.....sort of like Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 2000...hmm, now isn't that ironic, don't ya think? Plus, Awesome stuck it through the "Fat Chick Thriller" gimmick, so it's payback time.
Tito's Pick: NOT from Calgary......Alberta, Canada, Mike Awesome

Kronic vs. Perfect Event vs. MIA vs. Jindrak and O'Haire
Ok...here goes: One team should win it, the other no sells and stiff shots opponents, another is just totally lame, and the final one shouldn't have been world champs before Kronic. Guess which teams are which? There wouldn't be 4 teams here if Kronic were to lose. Why destroy your tag division in one night by one dominant tag team? Therefore, I feel the Perfect Event will win the titles again. I don't think they'd be returning to WCW so quickly from the Power Plant for nothing. Plus, Russo loves Stasiak and Palumbo.
Tito's Pick: Oddly enough, the Perfect Event

Speaking of Kronic....be sure to check out the latest Bad Tito at the Phat Pharm, since it deals with wrestling's drug references!

Sting vs. Demon
Poor Sting...he's gotta fight a jobber tonight..on a Pay Per View! What the hell? Next month, yet another Vampiro vs. Sting match on a Pay Per View. I'm sure Gene Simmons is proud of who Demon is now fighting.
Tito's Pick: Sting via Squash

Scott Steiner vs. Kevin Nash vs. Bill Goldberg
I smell lots of trouble for this match. Good thing that Nash and Steiner are good buddies in real life. Bad thing that Goldberg is hated by both Steiner and Nash in real life. I don't think Goldberg will win it, and since Steiner is still sort of on probation for his threats towards Taylor, he could lose. Pave the way for the babyface!
Tito's Pick: Kevin Nash

Booker T vs. Jeff Jarrett
Just for the sake that the "Chosen One" didn't gain any new ratings as champ, I think that WCW will try to ride on Booker's back for a few more months. That's my main reasoning. I think that WCW should really consider changing Booker's finisher for credibility's sake.
Tito's Pick: Booker T

If any matches were forgotten, don't blame Mr. Tito, blame WCW.com!

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