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Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, I just love Tapings. Since I DO NOT post taping results in my column, nor do I give my opinion on them, it creates very hard material to write about on the WWF. I think it's rather sad that has spoiler results on their news report, well at least that so called new twist for Summerslam. Nice element for surprise, eh? Well, anyways, on to the PDC.

Teen Choice Awards

-Yes, I did watch this strange award show. Anyways, it had some rather interesting categories. It had best hissy fit, best hottie, and other strange stuff. It had a Best Professional Wrestler section. Presenting the award was the guy who played Mini Me in Austin Powers, and Debra McMicheal. The nominees were: Bill Goldberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and The Undertaker. That's cool..but wait. Does anyone see something wrong with that picture? 3 WWF nominees, and only one WCW nominee! Is that fair? Is the program to bias vs. the WWF? Well, it was on FOX, and the owner of FOX really hates Ted Turner. Maybe that's the reason, BUT, the nominees were selected by 17 Magazine. Since the WWF is more popular at the moment, maybe that is why there were 3 WWF wrestlers nominated. Still, I see unjustice! But oh well, the award winners were presented with a Surfboard upon winning, so I guess that award didn't mean much.


-Oh my. Looking at right now, I'm shocked. The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith has signed with the WWF!!! I thought this whole time, about him coming back to avenge Owen was rumor. I can't believe it. I guess he was truly serious about coming back. I wonder if he's fully recovered yet? Anyways, what on earth can he do with the WWF now? Also, I'm very sure that the Hart family, who is suing the WWF, isn't very pleased that their daughter's man is making a comeback with teh WWF. I'm wondering how the WWF will use him. This one is strange, and we'll have to see how it plays out.

-Interesting situation with the tag teams. Everyone has already posted that Mideon and Viscera will tag up to become Tag Champions. That's not true, as both wrestlers are designated at Corperate Ministry Jobbers. I really highly doubt that the WWF would even consider those two as tag champs. Look for Kane and X-Pac to hold the titles for a while. The WWF is really impressed with Kane's recent work ethic, so therefore, a possible long title reign. As for X-Pac, the WWF is really happy with X-Pac, but the truly don't know what to do with him. He's a little small to become a World Title contender, which is what he really wants. As for the Acolytes, it's hard to tell what their future is, as I thought they would hold the titles for a while to establish them as one of the top heel teams ever. Oh well. As for the Hardy Boyz. Well, they will once again work their way up the ladder, because the WWF wants them to mature as a team a little more. The tag division right now isn't too bad in the WWF.


-Everyone keeps insisting that Bret Hart might show up this Monday. I've always heard sometime in September, but who knows anymore. I'm wondering though. Think about this. If Hogan wins this week, he'll probably eventually fight Bret Hart, and drop the title to the Hitman. BUT, if Nash wins, you really think Nash will be willing to lose the title to Bret Hart? Hell, Nash had to do the J.O.B. everytime he had to wrestle Bret in the WWF. I highly doubt Nash, as one of the head bookers in WCW now, will lie down for Bret, even feeling for Bret because of the tragedy.

-Oh joy. The recent rumor mill is saying that Dustin Runnels, or should I now say Dustin Rhodes, is going to show up at Road Wild. Yay. That means it will probably be the plain Dustin Rhodes, the man without a gimmick. Yes, that's right, and he can now bore us to death again! I wasn't much for the Goldust angle, but at least it brought heat to the man. Acting gay pissed fans off, and that garbage always started a good feud. That's long gone now, as we now get to watch Dustin Rhodes bore us again. Joy.

@Well....that's all for this installment of the PDC. Gotta love sloooow news days. I wish Monday would come soon, because WWF stuff is hard to do when you refuse to reveal any spoiler results! So until the next column, why not chill? This is Mr. Tito, serving up another consecutive daily column, signing off!!

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Take Care, and Wear Sunscreen.

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