Welcome everyone, back to the Phat Daily Column. Today is Sunday, and there is NO Pay Per View to hype, whatsoever. I could take the day off. It is one of those worthless days in wrestling, when there's no Pay Per View to hype. Too bad Sunday Night Heat wasn't any better, or I could hype that.

Wow, I really got hammered with Planet of the Apes emails, especially after I made a page discussing the ending. On Friday morning, I saw Planet of the Apes again, and I got a better feeling of the ending. I'll update the Apes page in the near future. To access the ending theories for the Planet of the Apes, Click Here.

While I'm on the subject of Planet of the Apes, I just want to say that if the WWF a heel like Tim Roth played for General Thade in the movie, they'd make a lot of money. Damn he was intense! Of course, maybe he looked tougher when he had Marky Mark to slap around. That can get anybody over.

On to the PDC.

-Wow, it didn't take long for the REAL Buff Bagwell to come to MECW. Last night at the Philly show, Buff apparently did not like the way he was booked, so he complained. What was Buff booked in, you ask? Well, Bagwell was booked to LOSE to Steve Corino. However, Buff insisted that he should NOT lose to a guy like Corino, in which the match somehow got changed because owner John Collins probably gave in. Since the ending was changed, Corino couldn't wrestle because a non-sanctioned loss could put his relationship with the NWA, since he is the champ, in trouble. So since Bagwell didn't want to lose to Corino, the match was changed to Jack Victory vs. Buff Bagwell, and Corino was held off the show for the Philly fans to see.

I just knew it wouldn't take long for Buff to attempt to take advantage of the newly run MECW. Buff's ego and attitude problem are a cancer for any wrestling federation, no matter how many chances you give him. The WWF is the only federation with the brains to even consider releasing Bagwell, and Mr. John Collins should consider spending his money on a wrestler with a better attitude. Hell, Buff Bagwell isn't even that good of a performer. I'm sure you could find some young prospect who would attract much more attention than Buffy.

-The reviews are in, and it looks like MECW had a successful first night. Of course, I'm wondering if the fans enjoyed it because it was a free show or if they'd want to pay for this kind of wrestling? You can enjoy a hell of a lot more when something is free, rather than paid for. Nah, the show featured a lot of the loved ECW talent that the WWF didn't want to pick up, along with other independent stars, and some legends. Time will only tell if MECW will, overall, capture the heart and essence that ECW once did with the Northeastern fans.

-I read the report on Shawn Michaels signing autographs at a ticket sale for a WWF house show in Winnipeg (Click Here to read it). It's good that he's at least doing promotional things for the WWF again, but I highly doubt that HBK will return to the WWF, anytime soon. HBK's Wrestlemania 17 return was supposed to be big for the storylines, in which Michaels would be involved with the WWF for an extended period of time. I believe HBK was actually going to do a program with Triple H, or something of that nature. That's why the WWF didn't hesitate to put Triple H with Stone Cold after Wrestlemania, since they had no idea what to do with the Game without HBK around. I believe that the only way you'll see HBK is if he somehow hammers out his problems with the WWF, and clears up what happened last March, when he came to a Smackdown "unable to perform", to what extent that meant.

-Did anybody happen to catch WWF.com's Byte This with Diamond Dallas Page as the guest? It was on this Friday, and I didn't see any reports around about it. I'd really like to know what was said, because a lot of rumors about DDP's so-called "attitude problems" are surfacing in the WWF lockerroom. I'd like to know what he has to say about the situation. I just think that DDP is one of the targets of a widespread jealousy among WWF wrestlers right now, who couldn't do anything to attract attention to themselves by WWF writers. Either that, or it's the Undertaker complaining, for he's only happy when totally dominating wrestlers other than Triple H, Steve Austin, or the Rock. Anybody other than those 3, the wrestlers must look bad for the Dead Man Walking. If the problem with DDP was so bad, then why did the WWF just put a tag belt around his waist? Thank you.

-I think it's quite sick of everyone to constantly ask Jerry Lawler if he'll return to the WWF now that he's split up with his wife, Stacy. Sure, it's a juicy question because Lawler did quit the WWF when his wife was released, but have some decency. If Lawler wants to come back, he'll do it, and probably not on the basis that he no longer has to negotiate with his wife. Lawler will do it because he really wants to announce for the WWF, and that the WWF's announcing teams haven't been as consistant ever since he left, period.

-Tajiri, too stiff in the ring? That's what some reports are saying, to which I just laugh. It's funny things like this only come out when a wrestler receives a push or a title belt. In this case, Tajiri has received both, because he's a better worker than many of the complainers. Hell, the WWF even gave him a title belt off of X-Pac, which usually takes a heck of a lot of confidence on their part to do, since X-Pac can get his way with WWF bookers at times. So, no, Tajiri isn't having problems, but the locker room sure is with their ridiculous jealousy.

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