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What time is it? PDC time!!! That's right. Welcome back to another edition. Well, I swear, I might as well stop doing Monday Night Impressions, because each week every claims I'm either a WWF mark or a WCW mark! Ahhhh! Make up your mind people. That's all I ask. I try to be fair, and if the WWF pisses me off, you know REPETITION and LACK OF MATCHES, then you'll hear about it. If the WCW pisses me off, you know WEAK MIDCARD MATCHES and TOO MUCH OLDER WRESTLERS IN THE SPOTLIGHT, then I'll rip on WCW. Damn it, I gave Nitro a good solid B. Ack! Let's look back a few weeks ago when Nitro had Goldberg coming back. I gave them a higher grade than RAW. In fact, I think it was last week that I gave the shows the same grade!!!! Geesh. I get the same stuff every week. "You F'N blah blah blah mark!" Geesh. Just always remember that this column is opinionated, and it's of MY opinion and my opinion only. If I see something I don't like, I'll mention it. Just that simple. With all of that being said, on to the PDC.


-Well, the RAW spoiler shows are out. If you thought this week's RAW had surprises, wait till you see this week's RAW. I would say everything about it, but hey, I remember when I didn't read the spoilers, and when someone would ruin the show for me. So I'll keep my mouth shut. All I can say, is that WCW better read those very very carefully to plan their show better. If not, RAW will once again show Nitro who their daddy really is.

-Good old Stevie Richards was indeed backstage for RAW is WAR Monday, but the WWF is probably saving him for a future event. Many suggest that he'll end up with the Blue Meanie again like he used to be back in the day at ECW. If you don't remember those two from ECW, they were hilarious. They imitated many wrestlers or other figures, and they were great as part of their Blue World Order. It's hard to say how the WWF will use Stevie, whether they will push him or not.

-The WWF was really impressed with the reaction that Jericho got from fans not only in the arena, but on the net as well. That entrance was one of the best that I've ever seen done by any federation, and his speech was great! The fans were cheering him when he came out, but he transformed his cheers to boos or "Rocky" chants. Jericho will be more utilized in the WWF, and it has already been proved Monday. We'll see what he does next this Monday.


-Is the retirement match at Road Wild vs. Kevin Nash Hogan's final match ever? Well, that's what RUMORS are saying, which I personally don't believe. Here's why. For one, poor baby Nash wants his time off so that he can recover from being a loser, so having Hogan retire Nash would make that time off seem reasonable and Nash can somehow return in the future. Two, do you really think that Hogan can sit down and watch a show without not wanting to be there? Wrestling drives this man people, and without it, he's nothing to himself. Wrestling is his life, and without it, he's miserable. Hell, he announced he would retire on the Tonight Show, but did he? NO. Finally, how could you walk away from a great crowd response you are getting after all of these years. Just the hint of Hulkamania somehow drove fans crazy, and when it came back, everyone went nuts!! Of course, there is the notion of Hogan retiring while he's on top. Also, his knee is getting worse each time he wrestles, and he seems to get hurt more nowadays. Even with those reasons that could make him retire, I still don't see it. In my opinion, Hogan will NEVER retire.

-Oh wow. Apparently, the WCW wrestlers are getting jealous already about the crowd reactions of Vampiro and company. Wow, it shows that Vampiro is truly becoming a force along with ICP and Raven. It shows that they are really getting over when wrestlers in WCW become jealous of them. Maybe that's why they were pushed back to the first hour, because they generated interest when they were 2nd and 3rd hours. Why not share the spotlight?

@Well, that's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. So until then, keep yourself alive!!!

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