Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I have to warn you that you could see some errors in today's PDC since I'm really tired. I'm fresh off an all night catfishing contest (where I won 4th place), and I'm a-hurting. I feel like I'm floating right now, sitting here in the PDC office.

I really want to know what is up with Pittsburgh fans. Seriously. For the recent Smackdown taping, the Mellon Arena was no where near a sell out. Many parts of Section C and D were still available, and the whole sections of E and F were blocked off because the WWF couldn't sell those tickets. But for Unforgiven, which will be in the Mellon Arena, it's different...

How so you ask? Well, for an event that's more expensive than Smackdown, it's nearly sold out with only seats in Section F available!!! That's it!! So after not attending Smackdown, the strange Pittsburgh fans get a change of heart and decide to actually go to a WWF this time around. I don't know if the Kurt Angle WCW title victory lit a fire under Pittsburgh fan's asses or if the joy of a Pay Per View has brought fans out of the woodwork. Whatever the case may be, I was able to wait until the day before the event to buy Section C tickets, and with over a month to go, my only option is Section F. Amazing.

I just don't know what to say. Given the price hike on the Pay Per View, I'd say that viewing a Pay Per View and viewing a Television taping are about as same importance, live. With that being said, I just don't understand why the Pittsburgh fans didn't bother going to Smackdown last month. I just don't get it.

Of course, I could go on for days about Pittsburgh fans, like how they only start supporting the Pirates or the Penguins when something "special occurs" (i.e. New Stadium or Mario Lemieux's return). At least they are always consistant with the Steelers, the only Pittsburgh team I dislike. Or better yet, the City of Pittsburgh builds two new sports stadiums after still owing $30 Million on Three Rivers Stadium.

Well, I'm probably rambling now, and I should stop before I possibly get my ass kicked the next time I go to Pittsburgh. It's a nice city, really. On to the PDC.

Wow, lots and lots of news going around the world of wrestling this week. Not only is the WWF making headlines, but some independent action is as well. This week begins the take off, or so Mr. John Collins hopes, of the MECW promotion to possibly present a new wrestling product as an alternative to the WWF. Collins is rounding up talent, and offering a free show, today, to give fans a good taste of what he has in store. Also, the Brian Pillman Memorial show was held, and probably was another success for the Pillman family. The show is held every year in the late great Brian Pillman's memory, and to give some financial support to the remaining Pillmans who are in need.

It looks like the WWF... Excuse me, the World Wrestling Federation has its back against the wall when it comes to fighting against the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the REAL WWF. Apparently, the Worldwide Fund became jealous of the World Wrestling Federation's success, monetarily, and decided to sue over the rights of the name, claiming the original agreement over the letters "WWF" has not been honored. Well, the Worldwide Fund didn't say they are jealous, but it's obviously the case. If the WWF is forced to NEVER use the letters "WWF" ever again, I'd hitch on and extra "W" like the old days. World Wrestling Federation used to be called the World Wide Wrestling Federation until Vince McMahon Jr. thought his federation could be marketed better without a "W". Here's a sick Democrat joke playing off the last sentence: maybe the United States could be run better without a "W", according to many Democrats or Liberals. Har Har, I'm soo funny.

And the injuries keep piling on...... Many WWF developmental wrestlers are suffering injuries, including one Brock Lesnar, who was said to be really progressing lately. Booker T has a ligament injury around his knee area. Just note that Booker T has had knee problems for quite some time, especially on the right knee I believe. Many more continue to fight through the injury bug, in hopes of returning to WWF action sometime soon. Wrestlers seem to be going too hard to keep up with the 2 television taping per week schedule.

On to the awards......

-Match of the Week-

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn from Mtv Heat

Wow, never thought you'd ever see a Mtv Heat match making this listing. Well, since this match was *that* good and better than anything on RAW or Smackdown, here we are. Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn have fought some tough battles, but never in a WWF ring with more space and more flimsy ropes than they are used to. Despite that, RVD and Jerry Lynn delivered like they always have.

What's even better is that it FINALLY showcased Jerry Lynn's talent, while elevating Rob Van Dam even more with the victory. Now what will be made of this? Well, we don't know because Jerry Lynn is slightly injured right now to make anything of it. Most likely, Lynn will receive Essa Rios treatment. Rob Van Dam, on the other hand, is a star that's shining so bright that it's very hard to even contain it.

Their match was edited for time purposes, since Mtv does extra commercial time than any other channels, I believe. Some say it was cut because RVD and Jerry Lynn pretty much out-performed anyone who has ever wrestled a Heat match, let alone what has been on RAW or Smackdown this week. There's also a dirty rumor going around that WWF officials cut the match's length because they feel that midcarders, such as RVD and Jerry Lynn, don't deserve the time for long matches.

That sort of arrogance will only lead to terror and destruction of a federation. But my hat is off to this week's Match of the Week in RVD vs. Jerry Lynn. Great job!

-Best Tag Team-


I might as well throw this one out. Basically, there's a two way tie because not much tag action occurred on RAW to even have this catgory being legit. The two way tie is between Kane/Undertaker and DDP/Kanyon, who both won tag titles this week. However, Kane and the Undertaker win the award since they didn't have to cheat to win their titles.

I still insist that it's a shame that the tag titles were whored over the way they were on Smackdown, and the tag team cage match better be the BEST DAMN tag team cage match ever for the title emphasis placed on it.

-Surprise of the Week-

Tajiri's Lightweight Title Win

Usually, it takes a lot to get a title strap off of X-Pac. He's known for somehow receiving lengthy title reigns, in which everyone lays down for him, yadda yadda yadda. Well, for this week, X-Pac showed that he remembered how to wrestle as a Cruiserweight, and fought Tajiri to a good, but short, Lightweight match.

And this match featured lots of martial arts and some high flying, along with a dramatic ending. X-Pac tried to come off the top and Tajiri sprayed him in mid air on the way down with the mist. Usually, when the referee sees a wrestler using mist, he calls for the bell, but not this time. After the mist, BOOM, Tajiri nailed a kick and became the NEW WWF Lightweight Champion.

-FINGER OF SHAME of the Week-

No Austin - Angle Interaction on RAW

Obviously, there isn't much to choose for this category this week, so I'll get a little picky. Kurt Angle and Steve Austin are supposed to fight in the main event at Summerslam, and they didn't even come near each other on RAW is WAR Monday Night. Instead, Kurt Angle was booked in with Chris Jericho to take on the Dudleys, while Austin did a stupid angle/match with Matt Hardy.

Instead of having Angle save the day after Lita was stunnered, there was nothing. It sooo justified Matt Hardy tagging up with Angle on Smackdown, too (sarcasm). I mean, when you're fighting 13 days away, you should AT LEAST be seen in the walkway, scouting an opponent or something. At least!

Thanks to Jesse Ziter for the Jackson 5 banner. This one is sort of a futuristic type banner, as I'll have some actual Jacksons on next week's banner supplied by another person. But damn good work Jesse!

5. Kane: Great company guy and one half of the WCW tag champs now.

4. Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho: Both equally good this week.

3. X-Pac: Could the old and motivated X-Pac be returning before our very eyes?

2. Tajiri: Great wrestling week for the Japanese Buzzsaw, and congrats on the Lightweight title win.

1. Rob Van Dam: See down below.

-Wrestler of the Week-

Well, 3-0 records for one week, while defending your title, should normally categorize a wrestler to achieve this top honor (if you call it that). However, Rob Van Dam is proving to be a big time player in the WWF. Not only has he proved to be a great worker for the WWF, both in the ring and in the locker room backstage, but he's actually made the Hardcore division something worth noticing.

His match against Jerry Lynn was a work of art, nuff said. It won Match of the Week honors, and I could keep telling you how good it was. But for RVD's next two wins, it showed that the WWF has confidence in RVD's ability and his connection with the fans. Achieving a win over Kane really proved that mark, because the WWF doesn't book Kane to lose unless they need to push a wrestler in the right direction. Some will say that it wouldn't matter since RVD won a tainted victory. Well, I say bullshit, BECAUSE RVD IS PLAYING THE HEEL!!!

The same goes for the match against Edge, although Lance Storm did interfere a bit too long to help RVD win. It somewhat takes a lot to beat Edge, too, especially from newcomers. Main eventers have their way with Edge all of the time, but not those below him. Therefore, it's showing that RVD is indeed moving up the ladder and that he's taking the ball and running with it. It's damn good to see this.

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