Happy WWF Day! That's right, as today we will evaluate Smackdown, relevant issues within the WWF, and the wonderful Jackson 5. I will say that the new set up with the Days, Ratings, Hype, Show of the Week, and Impressions are a breath of fresh air for me. Before, I tried to cover each federation with several topics, and it was burning me out fast! This new system has kept my mind better for writing, and it's not a hassle like it was sometimes. Anyway, on to the PDC.


-Smackdown thoughts-

Hey, the WWF was original last night.....ok, I'm kidding. They did the usual "set up the main event" interview from the start. Long as usual. Oh wait, I understand the enjoyment of "sports entertainment", so I'll be quiet now.

Typical WWF tonight, as they threw two guys who hate each other, Kurt Angle and Triple H, as a tag team against two other guys. Gee, have they ever done this before?? Oh wait, I should be quiet about repetition. It's not like the Rock and Triple H will go at it, AGAIN, at Summerslam, and it's not like Jericho and Benoit will be fighting, AGAIN, on a Pay Per View. I must not understand anything with the WWF these days.

I sort of like the program with Tazz and Jerry Lawler, even though Lawler is WAY past his prime in terms of wrestling ability. It just seems odd to me that Lawler is sticking up to Tazz, especially when Lawler was chicken of Tazz in 1997 when the WWF invaded ECW. I can just remember Jerry Lawler tapping out one time, in a cage, from the Tazmission. I'm talking hard taps here.

I'll tell you what, the insiders know how to call the Pay Per View matches. Edge/Christian, Dudleys, and the Hardys will go at it again in a ladder match once again. I won't even talk repetition here because these guys stole the show at Wrestlemania 2000. Like that time, they will do it once again at Summerslam.

Matches involving Perry Saturn and Al Snow: SMELL THE RATINGS!


I hope that the WWF makes the right decision about the Intercontinental Title at Summerslam. What do I mean by that? Never in my years as a wrestling fan have I seen a lamer champ than Val Venis. He's soooo boring to watch, and he just doesn't have that edge to make you want to watch him. Hell, even that silicon filled lady, Trish Stratus, can give him heat....and that's bad! Give the title to Eddie Guerrero, and let him do some magic with it. He has a great attitude in the WWF, and he's much more talented than Val will ever be.

Ever since that NASTY powerbomb by the Goodfather, I'm actually starting to like the Right To Censor. The Godfather seemed to be doing the same crap, week in and week out, as a pimp who never really went anywhere, besides the IC title that one time. Plus, he can no longer say "Roll a fatty...for this pimp".....oh wait, that's what Bad Tito will cover this Sunday on the Phat Pharm!

Man, I gotta hand it to bBb, who writes the Superbook on the Phat Pharm. In a column a few months ago, he laid out suggestions for a Stephanie/Kurt Angle storyline, and man do I see them coming true! Congrats to him for this! I do like how this angle is SLOWLY building up, but I, of course, don't like the 15 minute interviews of Triple H and Stephanie making up, but the backstage stuff is classic.

As for Stone Cold Steve Austin. It appears that he will NOT be appearing at Summerslam. Oh wait, wasn't some kiddie reporter reporting that he'd show up on the Monday Night after Fully Loaded? Anyway, I'm putting my money on the Stone Cold return to be the FIRST RAW EVER on TNN. That's my prediction, as Stone Cold truly equals ratings. What better way to get viewers hooked on TNN RAW than with Stone Cold returning on this night? It seems very logical to me.

The X-Pac and Road Dogg "friendly rivalry" isn't such a bad angle, but let's face it, both guys are WAY past their primes. The wrestle the same way each match, and they don't do anything new or spectacular. Why guys have to job to both of them is beyond me. I thought the whole purpose of making fun of a federation, WCW, who didn't put over deserving talent was to NOT do it yourself?

The Jackson 5

1. The Rock- The Rock had a good "wrestling" week for RAW/Smackdown. First, he defeated Chris Benoit at RAW in one of his better matches lately, and he also won a tag match with the Undertaker. Let's hope that the Summerslam 3 way doesn't evolve into another Triple H/Rock feud.

2. Kurt Angle- Kurt Angle is really working well with the Main Eventers this week, especially in the 3 way match. I'm hoping that one of those big guys will put this man over, because he's one of the top stars in the business right now!

3. Triple H- I can't believe how this man can wrestle a good match everytime. I remember when Triple H would be lucky to pull off a good match every once in a while. He performed well as the pissed off heel in the 3 Way dance main event on RAW, and his acting about the Stephanie/Angle situation is just spectacular.

4. Chris Benoit- Continues to wrestle well each week, and again, took the Rock to his limits Monday. His match with Jericho at Summerslam will be yet another war, although he has fought Jericho in many WWF PPVs since his arrival.

5. Eddie Guerrero- The return of the Froggy Splash baby! From his helping of Too Cool and Mamacita, to his tag match on Smackdown, the Latino Heat is back in full fashion again!

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