Ain't nothing like WCW day baby... Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Today, we discuss Chunder Thunder, current WCW issues, and we will look at the top 5 wrestlers of the week in the Jackson 5. Oh, it will be sooo much fun! Also, I have the return of the Phat Documentary Review after the WCW stuff!! Enjoy!

By the way, thanks for the feedback on both columns yesterday. Many misread the second one, as it was more or less suggesting the behavior due to the fact that only one federation is profitable. But that's ok.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Tito Law of WCW Shows: When Nitro is bad, Thunder is good. When Nitro is good, Thunder is bad.

Well, I really hope that by having Heidi turn on Mike Awesome, that it's the end of this stupid "Fat Chick Thriller" gimmick. Sure, it's sort of funny at times, but it holds back how talented Mike Awesome truly is. He's one of the most skilled wrestlers in WCW right now, and WCW should play off that and not let the "sports entertainment" get ahead of itself. By the way, it's not wise to have a preview match before the Pay Per View. Could Awesome now win the US title?

Oooooh! Booker T shoot! I don't really think that was a smart move by WCW. I don't really think this 'shoot' will be much of a factor in anyone buying the Pay Per View, completely different from Booker T doing something at Thunder before the event.

Other than that, it was just a show playing off the feuds used on Nitro, or just continuations. Nuff said. Nothing spectacular here.


I got hammered with e-mails about Reno's sweet finisher. Everyone said "Nova invented that move, Reno stole it", or many would claim that Christopher Daniels, soon to debut in WCW, was the innovator. Guess what: I don't care. It was a spectacular move, and I don't see no on it. It's the first time I've ever seen it, and I was stunned seeing it. Obviously, whoever originated the move didn't market themselves very well with it. Besides, many other moves are claimed to be originated by Nova, as he still argues about the Swanton bomb. Here's a good one for Nova fans: if this guy is sooo good, why doesn't ECW push him after being in the company many years?

I'm really pleased with the trio of Vampiro, Muta, and Demon. Maybe it's just the Great Muta making this trio successful, because before he arrived, Demon and Vampiro seemed sort of sluggish to me. Now, both Demon and Vampiro are benefitting greatly from the Great Muta. At the Pay Per View, you could either expect a beat down run in, or that Sting will defeat Vampiro, and we might see Sting versus Muta...once again!!! For those of you who call me a 'mark', you ain't seen nothing yet if this feud starts up again.

I wonder what WCW is truly doing with Jindrak and O'Haire, the most talented tag team in WCW right now. They tried to somewhat turn them heel Monday Night. Why?? Because they don't want to take Kronic's heat. Kronic, in my opinion, is just two no selling, stiff shot wrestlers who need to be better about the business. Maybe it's from all of that 420?(Coming to Bad Tito this SUNDAY!)

Believe whatever you want. Hulk Hogan is coming back, no matter how Russo or many others will lie to you. I love how Russo said he was "truthful to the fans", when in the long run, many lies about this man will come out, like how he's going to tend to the needs of Hogan when he returns to WCW.

HOWEVER, Eric Bischoff has seemed to drift away from WCW lately. Bischoff would have been a key part in the return of Hogan....or should we say, the New World Order. One problem with the 4th return of the NWO is that good old Brad Siegal still doesn't want drunken Scott Hall in WCW, since his stupid problems will show up again if he returns. I don't know...I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I strongly feel that Hogan isn't done with WCW just yet.

The Jackson 5

Before I get to this, I saw a little interesting piece that another columnist wrote. This person claimed that EVERYONE was ripping off his top 5 idea. I found this rather funny, since it came out a few days after I started doing the Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 came about when I was brainstorming for ideas for the 'Day' columns. Since I read Cody Monk's column, on, as I have for over a year now, the idea of a ranking list came out. Cody Monk has his top 5 wrestlers in the business, and I really enjoyed reading those. So I figured I could start up something like that, and BAM, the name, Jackson 5 popped into my head.

So for this columnist to 'claim' that I'm stealing this idea is ridiculous. Besides, how can I steal your idea when I don't even read your column? Thanks to many for pointing that part in that column to me. Time to get your ABC's.....

1. Booker T- I'm still considering this because Booker wasn't on Thunder, but since that was WCW's decision, I'll let it pass. I guess since all of the other Main Eventers miss Thunder, it's ok. Booker T won an impressive victory over Lance Storm this week on Nitro, which I predict will set up a feud down the road.

2. Sting- It's a shame that WCW isn't jumping on the ratings since Sting has returned. I find it odd that Sting wrestles a whole lot on Nitro now, but yet the ratings are down. Maybe many fans don't believe that he was severely burned and still looking the same way he did before. Sting wrestled Thunder, and that's a big plus for this list.

3. Lance Storm- From Calgary................................Alberta, Canada. He's still proving why WCW is pushing him in the first place. He's wrestling great right now, took Booker T to a great match on Nitro, and fought Awesome in a decent match.

4. Jeff Jarrett- He defeated Mike Awesome in a good match on Nitro, and he was just on Thunder for the "sports entertainment". I don't think he'll leave this list just because of the fact, even though I dislike him, that he's on EVERY WCW show. He never misses one at all! It's been that way during the shitty WCW earlier this year.

5. Mike Awesome- He wrestled great this week, dispite losing twice. The hopes of ditching the "Fat Chick Thriller" gimmick only helps this man on this list as well. My thoughts: LET HIM WRESTLE!

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Mr. Tito's Phat Documentary Review

Yes!! It's finally back! I absolutely love reviewing media or books! Easily, my favorite parts to do in any of my wrestling columns. Well anyway, today I will FINALLY cover Beyond the Mat. It took me a while, but I saw it, and here's my review:

-Beyond the Mat-

This is the documentary that many wrestling fans have been talking about, and the very documentary that the WWF refused to sponsor. After watching it, I find it rather odd that WCW sponsored it. Besides Terry Funk who they now have under contract, I find no association to sponsor it. It really covers ECW and the WWF. Very strange.

As for the featured wrestlers...... First off, Jake 'the snake' Roberts. It seems that whenever his personal life is shown or talked about, you can do nothing but shake your head. This man had it rough throughout life, dating back to his early childhood. From his relationship to his father, to his drug problem, and to his bad life with his daughter, the Snake has struggled. He's been delt a bad hand.

Then, Mick Foley. They discussed things I've already read in Mick's book, and they showed the Foley family crying during the Royal Rumble 99 match. I'm not saying they shouldn't cry, cause I certainly would if I saw my dad getting cranked over 20 times with a chair.

The Terry Funk segment was rather interesting, as I can't believe he can still walk after seeing his doctor talk about his knees. Damn! I love how he was discussing retirement in the documentary, but right now, he's nothing near it! I will say that the local resident from Terry Funk's hometown was somewhat of a baby!

They also featured wrestlers like Droz, New Jack, and a few others. They also showed Mike Modest, who was a top member from a wrestling school. He received a tryout from the WWF, but the WWF did NOT call him. That's a shame, because Modest came to WCW during the Sullivan era, and looked great in his match with Artist! Where on earth is he right now?

I just liked the parts where it went behind the scenes. Especially ECW. I only heard about that "house" used for ECW promos, but I never believed it until I saw the film. I enjoyed the behind the scenes stuff with the first ECW Pay Per View, Barely Legal.

I didn't think the film was too revealing though, as it was hyped. It had some interesting behind the scenes stuff, but nothing you haven't heard about or read elsewhere. That's really the only strike against this documentary.

Last Word: Overall, I enjoyed the show! Although the hype was that it was very revealing about the world of wrestling, when it probably really means that it that it's revealing to newtime wrestling fans. It would sort of roam from topic to topic as well, at times, which could get confusing as well. I'll give it a


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