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Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column!!! Oh my, yet another Monday Night went right by, and you know what the means! Yes, you guessed, the Monday Night Impressions. With that being said, on to the PDC.

Monday Night Impressions

RAW is Jericho

-Hey, an opening interview to start off Monday Night RAW. Of course, stuff is talked, and a brawl starts. Have I ever seen that before? Nah, it was cool though as it set the stage for the rest of the night.

-Hmm, I wonder why Hardy's are involved with Christian. Oh well, good executed match between Christian and Gangrel, with Gangrel winning and possibly joining the Hardy's.

-Interesting interview with the Body, as things got crazy when HHH and HBK were there together. HBK can always get some extra heat.

-Wow, good job Val, as he defeated Jarrett and won himself a pair of puppies.

-Oh my, I loved seeing X-Pac and Kane win the belts...then came the moment of truth. My dream came true! Kane officially joined DX!!!! I about shed a tear for that. I'm so happy!

-Geesh, get Test some prozak! He's crazy, and maybe jealous for beating up the Mean Street Posse. Not a boyfriend I would like a sister to have.

-What the hell was with that Mr. Ass G-TV segment. Strange.

-Oh my. The Rock comes down, saying his usual repetitive BS, and then...the countdown is shown on the screen. My eyes were glued to the screen. The countdown ended, and the effects were spectacular. Fireworks, flashing lights, and Jericho in big letters on the screen comes up. Welcome to RAW is Jericho...he made some great comments that already gets him over, and then the Rock puts him in his place. Whattasegment!

-Bossman vs. Road Dogg..with Al Snow coming out...I should have missed that joke of a segment.

-Rock vs. Big Show was a good match, but Jericho coming down helped him get over even more!! Wow, WWF is doing wonders with him already!

-Oh my, Chyna gets the win!!! I'm impressed...I'm sure there will be a Triple H vs. Chyna match next week..or tomorrow when the TAPINGS happen.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 1
No contests: 0

====$WOW!!!!! What a RAW that was!! I personally thought the WWF lived up to their hype, as the Jericho segment, new Tag Champs and Kane joining DX, and the final match with Chyna winning it was great. No Stevie Richards though..but oh well. I could have done without the Bossman vs. Road Dogg match, but the rest of the show was just too sweet! I'll give RAW an


for the night, but who knows..something besides that Bossman-Road Dogg match could have made it a perfect score...

Professor Frank McHone says: Let's start this by saying that Jericho gets thrown right in with the Rock. This is arguably two of the best mic men in the business. Jerihco had to keep from laughing a couple of times which I found hilarious. Do we really need to see them wrestle? I would just give them mics and let them go all night long. HBK is back too! I was in Heaven during this show. Kane is a member of D-X now. It is just getting better by the minute. Ventura gave a good interview, especially when he was cracking on Hogan's B movies (in which he portrays a Navy SEAL in some of them), his hair or lack thereof, and just Hogan being an old ass. Chyna in the main event! She is one hell of an athlete, and deserves this. Mr. Ass' spot was hilarious also. The ratings were down last week for Raw, but they ran against The Showdown in Sherwood which drew monster ratings. This week they run against my beloved Cowboys (and some team from Ohio, right Tito?). It might affect them again. The Hardys are in the Brood now I guess. I love the Big Shot more every week too. I see two factions of D-X forming. Jerihco in the heel version, and The Rock in the face version. Did anyone else think Ventura had a huge chaw of Tobacco in his mouth other than me? HBK is in great shape, and I think he has one good match left in him. I can hope can't I? Chyna is the number one contender now, that is a bit of a farce, but yet furthers the great storylines (By the way Hogan marks HHH took what is called a chairshot, not those weak things Steiner gave Hogan a couple of weeks ago. Chyna also took more bumps in that match than Hogan has in the past five years). This edition of Raw was the best I have seen in many months and gets a solid


for it's efforts.


-Ahh! Sting handed over the power to WCW. You know Bischoff will be in control, and turn heel yet again! Nooooo!!!

-Vampiro and the boys...getting more over each week. Why are they in the first hour anyways?

-Oh yeah, Dusty making some rules. Joy.

-Damn, I hate the Public Enemy. I'm glad to see the Wild Texas Rednecks beat those no-heat losers.

-Let me say this...Mona sure can wrestle!!

-Oh no, Hulkamania keeps coming closer to reality again!!

-Finally...Benoit, the MOST DESERVING WRESTLER IN WCW, won the United States title off of stupid David Flair. Hey, now DDP will go after Benoit, and wasn't DDP a world champ recently?

-Taylor/Adams vs. Misterio/Guererro...zzz, but good thing Vampiro and Co. came down.

-Damn, Kidman got his..maybe starting that rumored stable with Misterio.

-Wow, Vicious and Delicious..fighting each other. That brought a tear to my eye.

-Brock vs. Hennig at Road Wild..oh please.

-Damn Kanyon cheated to beat Booker T..ain't it a shame, eh Coolbeans?

-Geesh, this Rodman vs. Savage thing is getting out of hand, and to think good old Arliss was the one who set it up.

-Ack!! Hulkamania returned. I'm trying to hold back my emotions....anyways, if WCW thinks that will get them ratings, more power to them..nuff said. You know Hogan can't be beat when he's Hulk. Enjoy this long title reign. Decent main event by the way, but as usual, I like winning main events....

Nitro Phat Stats

Matches: 9
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 2
Disqualifications: 2
No Contests: 1

====$Overall, not a bad night for WCW. They put on a good solid show. Benoit winning the title was spectacular. Not a bad Nitro at all. They get a


for putting on a solid show.

Professor Frank McHone says: Let's start with 75% of the readers favorite part of my segment, Hogan bashing. That's right, 75% of the numerous e-mails I received last week told me to continue so I will. I about puked tonight. Hulkamania has returned in the exact same main event just jumbled that we have seen on the last four Nitros now. Everyone said that the WWF was repetitive, at least it was just on PPVs, not weekly shows. WCW is not going to get ratings with this formula, they don't get it. The wiggle made it's return tonight (by the way, wiggle=ratings). Good to see Benoit get some gold finally, too bad it took this long. I just got to thinking, I got an e-mail last week from a fan who wanted to know if Rogaine returned Hogan's money since he is obviously one of the five men who it doesn't work for. The Cat made a cameo tonight which I loved. Schiviove annoys the hell out of me too. I hate Douglas already for ripping on Flair (he should be burned at the stake in his old Dynamic Dude outfit for that one). Main event sucked. I do have to ask who the hell is going to retire at Sturgis? I say Nash loses and takes the time off he wants, returns somehow in WCW's warped way, blah, blah, who cares. This show sucked after watching Raw. It did not entertain me at all, and was very weak going into a PPV. Nitro gets a


for it's effort, or lack thereof tonight.

Overall, a great night of wrestling..especially the WWF!! The ratings could be down though, as there was a NFL Preseason game between the Browns and the Cowboys. If a golf match took some ratings, I'm very sure this will. That Jericho segment had to produce great ratings..damn.

Wrestling Newz

-Ha, Marc Mero has officially retired from the sport of wrestling. I suppose he's lost his smile during these days where, the person who wears the pants in the family, Rena, is going through her troubles. Also, the WWF released his worthless candyass! I really hated Marc Mero, even when he acted gay as Johnny B. Badd. He was ok when he first arrived, but then he became a stupid jobber who only got pops because of Sable. Oh well, maybe now he can carry Rena's bags to more Playboy shoots....

-It kills me how Dennis Rodman simply doesn't care about wrestling or being a part of WCW. He's badmouthing them so bad outside of WCW, it's ridiculous. It shows how WCW really enforces stuff on who is under contract. He comes in, says what he wants in the ring, and then publicly bashes them. WCW needs to do something, because it's really pissing off Macho, and he's not one to piss off.

@That's it for today. Tune in next PDC, as I will hopefully provide some lovely ratings analysis for ya. So until then, why not chill? This is Mr. Tito, calling it how I see it, down the line!

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